August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 16

In this episode, Louisa deliberately lures Krystal out by pushing a statue onto Krystal’s son who ends up in hospital. Upon hearing the news on the radio, Krystal rushes out to see him and she falls for her trap. Once again, Krystal’s character really annoyed me for sneaking to the hospital! Sunny’s bodyguard stopped her from going out, yet she refused to listen! she ends up going anyway~ Lousia has already taken the boy away and the two sisters have their confrontation talk. I find it so wrong that Louisa blames her “ruined” wedding on Krystal, ‘thus she must die or she’ll never live in peace” What kind of logic is that? Louisa ends up blowing the whistle to alert the police of finding the escaped criminal and starts chasing Krystal when she started running away. They bump into Krystal’s adopted mother who attempts to stop Louisa, and in the midst of it, Louisa pushes her off to the next floor and dies! Krystal witnesses this and becomes so shocked that she faints. Now being captured again, she was sent to the hospital where they realise she has become mentally impaired…

Sadly because of Krystal’s recklessness, her adopted mother dies! What makes me more angry is the fact Louisa killed Krystal’s adopted mother, yet no one saw! She could make up any story to tell the police..

Louisa and Krystal’s confrontation at the hospital

Krystal witnesses her adopted mother’s death

The other prisoners realised that Krystal has been captured again =(

Krystal’s imaginary world while she has gone insane. She imagines the whole family getting along happily and that she has officially married to Sunny. Sunny’s mother has also accepted her as her daughter in-law and her adopted mother is still alive. Lousia and Leila are also there holding hands and they brng along their favourite grapes for thie family picnic.

Louisa continues to find Krystal at the Mental Hospital, hoping she would die.

Krystal captured. Leila is sadden that she can’t recognise her..

2 Responses to “[Phoenix Rising] Episode 16”

  • katey says:

    lol, I knew you’d be angry at Krystal. I was as annoyed as you were when I watched episode 16.
    I’m amazed at Louisa for getting to be more shameless! Killing is like taking candy from a baby for her!

  • jackit says:

    OMG Krystal is getting soooo annoying, and I’m only on episode 8 here in canada.

    I think Louisa thinking that she cant be happy while Krystal is still alive reflects how her adoptive parents thought they would die if louisa gets married.

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