July 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 8

Nancy Wu appears as a new prisoner who is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. She was imprisoned as a result of injuring her boyfriend after she realised that he was two-timing and seeing another women. I quite like her here. She’s able to stand up for herself so isn’t easily picked on. She often uses the baby as a threat to the officers there. Krystal is nice to her and seem to take care of her, so in return, she treats her nicely too and they stick out for one another while in jail.

Even though Louisa is the evil one, I didn’t seem to mind her taking revenge on her adopted parents because I hated them too. I do feel sorry for her that she has to pretend she likes her adopted parents, facing her adopted father all the time. When no on is around, she’ll express her hatred and anger towards him, justifying that they were the ones who caused Krystal to go to jail (rather than her own selfish doings). Seeing that Krystal’s adopted mother was unable to look after Krystal’s son (due to old age) and as a way to “repay” Krystal, she offers look after her son as her own and Krystal agrees.

I liked the last moment of this episode because Leila and Jack overhears that the doctor has been testing drugs on Krystal and that in fact she doesn’t have cancer at all! In the midst of fighting, the ring Louisa had given the doctor drops out of the doctor’s pocket!

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