Moses continues to deal with Kwok Lun, trying to keep him pleased, yet not let things get out of control. We witness a very interesting power-play here, whereby it continually shifts from one to the other through dialogue and gesture. It’s quite an interesting watch actually- though a bit worrying. My only comfort comes from knowing Moses shouldn’t die anytime soon since it’s only episode I know, that’s kind of cheating but hey it’s TVB.

Anyways, let’s get started on [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 12 synopsis!

Since Charmaine’s rejection, Kevin has learned from his father the reason behind Charmaine’s decision. However, unlike the past, he understands running away is no longer a viable option. He realises Moses is still only in the early stages and will need all the support he can get. Once things have stablised, he will confess to Moses his true feelings for Charmaine, and hopefully receive his blessings to officially be together!  Charmaine and Kevin are overjoyed and are very hopeful 🙂

Charmaine and Kevin

Suddenly, a masked man in black jumps in to kill them! Kwok Lun shortly arrives with his guards, capturing the intruder and instantly killing him. (err..he loves killing people before they can explain themselves, doesn’t he? Who is this masked man? Something very suspicious going on here…) While he’s here, he dobs the pair for illegally developing a romance! Charmaine and Kevin deny any affection and explains why they were there at that time. The two are sent to Moses, who attempts to brush it off as a minor issue, but Kwok Lun persistently tries to get Charmaine into trouble (and making up fake evidence). Although Moses wants to help them, it has become difficult keeping Kwok Lun content.

Michelle, Susanna and Tavia seek Mary’s help, but even her capability is limited. Eventually after much negotiation, including sacrificing some of Moses’s properly/land to him, Charmaine escapes death penalty. However, she is required to undergo hard labor for a month as punishment (same position as June).

After a short encounter with Michelle and Yi Kei, Susanna receives a box of food from Michelle, who says Mary asked it to be distributed between them. After randomly grabbing one out of the two boxes, she heads back into her room, where she starts eating it. Tavia walks in chat to Susanna when she starts coughing out blood! The food she consumed gave her poisoning!

Susanna is poisoned

Initially thinking it was Susan who wanted to poison Mary (who coincidentally gave the food away), Mary confronts her. However, Susan suggests otherwise by swearing to the gods, that if she did such a thing, she’ll be struck by lightning, convincing them all she wasn’t the one behind it. All these years Susan has been in charge, never has an incident like this occurred, until now. She questions Mary’s ability to discover the truth and gives her 5 days. If Mary cannot find the real culprit, Susan will again be put in charge of the House of Proceedings, and replace all its members with new people. haha, even Susan knows the Palace proceeding people are all jealous and scheming people..

Mary and Susan

Everyone suspects Michelle, as she’s the one who gave the food to Susanna, and they all know how she feels about her. Michelle seeks Yi Kei for help as a witnesses but she becomes ignorant, not interested in interfering. Michelle is left feel pretty vulnerable and worried. Meanwhile, Kara and Rosanne tell Susanna Michelle is probably the culprit and for the sake of everyone and herself- just place all the blame on her. That way, the mess will be over and they can all be free from trouble. Wow, these two look so evil and selfish here (just look at them)….However, Susanna refuses to place blame on her as there’s no solid evidence to prove so. Tavia is nearby and hears the conversation. I wonder if this will change the way she sees her? 🙂

Susanna, Kara and Rosanne

Tavia and Susanna seem to be on good terms, as she has been giving her opportunities to work on specific projects. Tavia shows her the finished product to Susanna who compliments and praises her good work. This instantly brightens up Tavia, which was really nice to see! It’s these little things that can make someone’s day and go a long way 🙂 Suddenly, as Susanna was eating food again, they make a discovery! It turns out it wasn’t the food, but the chopsticks which caused the poisoning!

Tavia and Susanna

With this knowledge, Rosanne is soon caught out, since she was the one who gave her those chopsticks! I actually had suspicions than Rosanne was the one behind it! How? I’m a psychic 😉 Nah, I recall from the beginning of Episode 1, when it shows what happens in the future, Rosanne is I knew she would do something which revokes her title. No one else seems to be rather suspicious so it kind of gave it away. Did anyone else notice and figure it out too?

Truth is revealed

All in all, what an exciting episode! I love it when there’s a case to be solved, it keeps the suspense going 🙂

Another evil one down :D! What are your thought on Episode 12? Please drop a comment and let us know!

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18 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 12”

  • kinki says:

    Personally, I found this chopstick poisoning story plot quite interesting!

    I know it’s not Michelle cos she doesn’t hate Susanna this much to have to kill her. I thought it was Susan cos she just want revenge on everybody.

    I always thought the 4 Heads were unite and ‘good'(at least not this hatred level to kill each other off) until this point.

    • chibi says:

      I agree! Who would have thought chopsticks could cause poisoning? O___o I don’t think anyone would have traced back to the time when Rosanne gave them as presents.

      Indirectly, Tavia solved this case 😉 It was because the chopsticks caused a reaction to her hair piece she created that they were able to discover the truth.


      • kinki says:

        Yeah, I thought chopsticks back then were made out of wood. So I was thinking how could it contain poisonous material?! Anyway~ I still buy the plot! =D

        Yeah, and AGAIN, Tavia didn’t get rewarded for her good deed.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I didn’t expect Rosanne to be the one all behind it. the scene where Rosanne gave the heads the chopsticks, I only noticed that Susanna gots hers before the other two heads and I thought it was jealously… Who knew it was poisoned? At least this shows that Susanna is someone that won’t let anyone take the blame if they didn’t. I hope Michelle will make up with Susanna. Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

  • Rowena says:

    Thanks Chibi!

    I have a question, you know how Rosanne had given the other three chopsticks, how long ago was that from the actual incident? Cause I mean, unless those chopsticks were made only for “special occassions”, shouldn’t Susanna have used used those chopsticks and been poisoned prior to the food eaten (given by Mary)?

    Man, i had my money on Susan!! LOL I was sooo sure it was going to be her. Well, I got proven wrong!

    Oh, I have another question, with Kwok Lun and Moses struggle for power, is the only reason why Moses becomes so tolerant of Kwok Lun’s nasty-ness, is because he “gave” them their rightful titles in the Palace? Surely Moses and Mary would have suspected that Kwok LUn was the one behind killing the Emperor?

    • chibi says:

      haha yeah! We all thought it was Susan or first it made a lot of sense, but if TVB really did that, the whole case was solved too quickly and the excitement would have died- since Mary suspected Susan instantly!

      In regards to the chopsticks… I can’t exactly remember the time she gave them either XD (I thought the scene wasn’t very important so I never wrote about it in the blog)

      But maybe the reaction isn’t supposed to be “instant”, but one that occurs after several usage and exposure to the poison. I’m guessing, anyway ^_^;

      And…. I do think it’s because Kwok Lun was the one who gave them their titles. I think they are aware since previously he told them he will organise everything, and get rid of Edwin. Moses and Mary make no note nor talk about Edwin’s death, so I’m really not so sure. I’m sure they do know the will was faked though..

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    there might be one evil down but i have the slightest feeling there may be many more evil ones out there

  • rockandpebbles says:

    I found the part when michelle, hor wai, susanna and kara slammed their chopsticks/bowls on th table when rosanne denied that she was th one which poisoned susanna funny

  • fiona says:

    LOL!! yah, I noticed that Rosanne was missing in the 1st episode too, but I didn’t know it would happen so fast:it’s only episode 11!!! wow…I was so surprised that Rosanne was the one who wanted to kill Susanna!!! why would she do that though???…I didn’t think she hates Susanna THAT much!…

  • fiona says:

    besides…did anyone notice that michelle looks like she’s gonna be seung gong later? in the first episode, they said she was zhong seung gong????

  • engsamnang says:

    The drama so interesting. I don’t find this drama got heavily but more interesting each week,focus on thriller, suspense and dark plot. i wait kind of that style for long.MYSTERY CULTURAL COSTUME DRAMA BTROC MUST WIN BEST DRAMA

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