Rosanne begs for mercy, but after giving her the cold shoulder, she explodes in anger and hatred. All she ever wanted was to become the Head of Palace Proceedings, and seeing as Susanna has become a threat she wanted to rid her. She laughs insanely and hastily kills herself to avoid any torturing. Wow, how ugly :/

Charmaine is working hard elsewhere, who seem to be getting along with the other girls. June suddenly approaches, saying Charmaine deserves to be punished, degrading her character along with Tavia. Charmaine gets upset when June starts insulting Tavia, and speaks back at her. I thought this was a nice change as we don’t see Charmaine talk back very often! June deliberately knocks into her, pushing her onto the ground. Her hand smashed right onto a stone, which leaves it in a serious condition! She then pours water all over her! What a bitch!! This made me pretty angry, but what followed was even more of a shocker..

Charmaine and June conflict

It turns out Kwok Lun told her to do so, in exchange for a higher position. Being the villain that he is, Kwok Lun turns backs on his words, and not only dobs her into Moses for harming Charmaine, he tortures her to the point she’s barely recognisable!! What an awful scene! Surely what she done was very wrong…but to be punished this cruelly brings evilness to a whole new level (Frankly, I’d rather die..) This shocks both Moses and Kevin, who are both suspicious Kwok Lun is the one behind it. Moses asks June if someone ordered her to do so, and to not be afraid to speak the truth. However, June has been muted by Kwok Lun! He essentially does all the talking, completely accusing June for her evil-doing and is sent away. Kwok Lun is definitely one to fear. Well, I’m sure June is gone for good this time..and has no one to blame except for her own selfishness 🙁 What an eye-opener!

June beaten up by Kwok Lun in Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Charmaine is in tears realising she cannot move her hand, which could potentially be disabled for life. All her talent would be gone to waste making her feel like a worthless person 🙁 Tavia stays by her and tries to comfort her.

Charmaine crying

Does anyone else find Charmaine’s crying face really.. awkward/funny looking? @_@

The doctor has found a possible solution to heal Charmaine’s hand, however, the method has never been used before and could be dangerous. Kevin offers to be used as an experiment, but his hands were too different. Tavia volunteers to be the guinea pig in order to save Charmaine. If the test goes wrong, she too, could end up being disabled. Despite the fear, Tavia remains certain it’s something she wants to do. Charmaine is her closest “sister” and is willing to do anything for her.

Tavia and Moses

While going through the procedure, Tavia passes out from the overwhelming pain. However, Moses stays by her side, rubbing her hands and encouraging her to stay strong when she couldn’t move her fingers. She becomes touched and very happy when Moses gives her a safety charm expressing his concern. She continues on with the procedure and the operation runs successfully.  Moses grants Tavia a little break from working and gets the privilege of staying at Mary’s place to rest. She becomes overwhelmed with joy of not only saving Charmaine, but because Moses seems to have noticed her. I can’t help but wonder if Tavia had something else up her sleeve… Did she honestly go through it for Charmaine, or did she see this as an opportunity to leave an impression on Moses? She has been eying him for a while now and I find it a bit hard to believe it was all genuine, hmm.. What do you guys think? Did Tavia do it whole-heartily for Charmaine and nothing else, or was her main goal Moses?

Upon hearing Charmaine will be undergoing the operation, Michelle and Susanna offer her methods to ease pain. Charmaine uses this chance to bring them closer, saying if they can both sing and play a song for her during the procedure, she can tolerate the pain. This song of course, is “Wind Mill“, and although they’re both embarrassed to sing, the two eventually agree to play a duet.

Susanna, Charmaine and Michelle happily

As a result, Susanna and Michelle’s relationship starts to mend because of their love for Charmaine. I wonder how long this will last? XD I got fooled last time in episode 6 when they seemed like best friends again. I’m not too hopeful this time but progress is better than nothing!

At the end of the episode, Hor Wai and Mary discuss a possible candidate to replace Rosanne.. Who will it be..? I’m pretty sure there’s many bitches eying on this position, no doubt! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Hope you enjoyed this synopsis. What are your thoughts on Episode 13? Is Tavia being genuine or is this all working out as planned? Did Charmaine receive too much screentime, or does she deserve every bit?
Leave a comment and let us know 😀

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Special Message from Chibi:

Hi guys! As you read this message, I am probably at the Sydney airport or am already on the plane to Hong Kong! Yes, I’m taking a short vacation, and probably won’t be at the computer much (I’ll be shopping :D). So if you don’t see a reply from me, it’s not because I’ve forgotten about you! Please do keep those comments coming- I will be replying to them when I can (or on my return). What does this mean for the regular [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] summaries? Hopefully nothing because…*drumroll* I’ve written up a lot and have scheduled them to be posted while I’m away! So yes, you will still get my written up blog entries 🙂

Funny thing is, I may even be watching [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] when I’m in Hong Kong! haha. Anyway, take care!

32 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 13”

  • An Pham says:

    OMFG i cnt believe your going to hong kong and not take me along. that’s where i want to be when i grow up…..omg you have to get me a souviner. now back to the post. awwwwhhh i felt so srry for june, eventhough she did wrong, i didnt think that she deserve all those punishment… was actually kinda scary. oh and i though charmaine crying was quite good so idk wut you tlking bout. i heard she can cry whenever she wants and stop at w.e. time she wants. that’s pretty impressing. i was just to act that out in the mirror but yeah. that didnt go to well. i just keep having the same facial expression. who knew being an actor is so hard. but isnt it funny how people would do anything for charmaine. i mean really she’s just a maid and the two procedding have to really play her a song while undergoing her surgery…..but yeah. id next eps might be a shocker for you. ohhh and i appreciate how you already written some of the post and just not post it yet so we can still read it while your in hong kong. so thanx

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for your ongoing support and for the kind comments 😀 The posts will be spread over a few days so they may show up a bit slower than usual- but it’ enough to cover until I get back anyway 🙂

      Junes punishment was scary indeed o___o Totally creepy and cruel..!

      In regards to Charmaine crying, I meant she just looks funny when she cries, not saying she can’t cry, or that the tears are fake. I just don’t like the look of her face when she cries. Tavia on the other hand actually looks good while that makes any sense.

  • An Pham says:

    oh hey i just notice im the first one the comment again. YESSSSSSSS ^_^ (it’s usually that kiki…urghhh…hahahha jkjkjkjk)

  • cooldudejohn says:

    HONG KONG!!! I’m going there in december after term finishes… I would be shopping too!!! Have fun!! Well, with Beyond, I think that (after being up to episode 22) Tavia is half-heartedly doing it for Charmaine but another half is all part of her plan…

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    OMG chibi u lucky cookie, i wanna go too u sholdve told me then i could have packed myself in your suitcase… im going there soon too. I think at this stage Tavia was doing partially for Charmaine and a little bit for her plan but majority for Charmaine as for june i dont think she deserved that kind of punishement even though she did deserve some kind but not that much… =)

    • chibi says:

      June mustve learnt her lesson this time 😉 Funny how no one in the show would have felt sorry for June (since no one actually witnessed her like that eg Susanna, Charmaine, Tavia) It would have been interesting to see how Charmaine and Tavia would react seeing June like that. Charmaine gets to feel sorry for herself and no one else (and not feel guilty about what happened to June, either)

  • Rowena says:

    Aww Chibi!! You’re from Sydeny? Wow! I’m from Melbourne

    Anyway, this ep was intense, especially when June came out all battered and bruised. Quite disturbing. Hrm, in regards to Tavia, because we all have seen the preview at the start, it’s clear that Tavia has some inner motive, but I think at the same time, a part of her might actually fall for Moses?

    anyway, have a great time in HK!

    • chibi says:

      Hello fellow Aussie XD

      Interesting point about Tavia actually falling for Moses. I’m quite unsure at this point..but it’s possible! hmm…I’ll need to watch more to find out 8D

      And thanks! HK was great ^_^!!

  • Gillian says:

    Thanks for posting the recap…

    As for your qn… Tavia did help Charmaine with some sort of ulterior motive… Cause there was this part before she tested the needles where she went to pray. Besides praying for the test to be successful so that Charmaine could regain the use of the hand, she also said that it would be to pave the way for her to rise up. Maybe she just wanted Moses to notice her or to at least get promoted…

    • chibi says:

      I guess there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be promoted along with helping a friend.. I mean no one is completely pure, and wanting something a bit more as a bonus is normal. It doesn’t make her evil or any less “good”. If it was the other way around, TVB would probably make Charmaine wholeheartedly want the best for Tavia unconditionally. (Well, she does anyway).

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! 😀

  • jane says:

    OMG!!! I can see that Tavia is beginning to plot her rise in the palace!! She helped Charmaine out because they are so called “sisters” but she had her own agenda and had an ulterior motive.

    As for June, I thought she was a bitch for doing what she did to Charmaine but beiing tortured by Kwok Lun is just too much. He is pure evil!!

    Also I just want to say I really enjoy the Kevin and Moses moments together. They are good to eachother as Kevin always help Moses out and Moses is just trying to be a good king!

  • kinki says:

    June’s ending was brutal to watch. Yucks~ =0

    I think Tavia helped Charmaine because of both: 1) she wants to help her dear sister and 2) she wants to grab the emperor’s attention! Which one more, I dun really (wanna) know, (luv Tavia)! >3<

    Dun know if you guys know, but this series was originally called "Lau Saam Ho" which is the name of Charmaine's character. I believe they changed the name and a bit of the story plot (I learned this from the 2009 sales presentation clip) and became what is the series now. I think they added a lot more screentime for Susanna & Michelle and especially on Tavia. So I dun think Charmaine's having too much screentime, maybe because she's great to watch. =D I also bet Tavia will have more scenes when she becomes a concubine (+ screens with Moses and fights with Selena).

    oooOOO~ Chibi! I am jealous!! I so wanna go on a vacation myself! Maybe you can even attend some of the BTROC promotion in malls you shop at during your trip!! lol~ Bon voyage & Have fun!~ =D

    • chibi says:

      O_O I had no idea the story was initially called “Lau Saam Ho” the idea..scares me (Damn! That would make it sound like Daai Cheung Gum O_O)

      hehe, thanks for sharing 🙂 (And thanks for sticking around kinki!)

  • fiona says:

    hmmmm…won’t the BTROC in HK create spoilers for you??? haha. anyways, really, i think Tavia just wants to get Moses…actually, you can see a plot starting to form in tavia’s brain…I know she’s starting to be evil and everything, but I am seriously HOPING that Tavia isn’t actually that evil…she just wants the best for her best friend…but obviously, that’s not gonna happen…

    • chibi says:

      Yeah.. didn’t occur to me that if I missed a single episode (which I did) then any episodes after that would become spoilers. Very sad, lol.

      I also hope Tavia won’t become TOOOO evil..but I’m not sure that’s really..the reality XD Damn.

  • asdfghjkl says:

    I actually agree with some of you guys because i think she is actually helping out Charmaine & doing something to grab Moses attention . & YES ! June’s scene was horrible , she was way over tortured ( that doesn’t make sense , LOL !). Even though she was evil & all , she didn’t need to be punished that bad , especially the muting part , kind of scares me , & shows me how much Kwok Lun wants to take over & all . Anyways , in a way i think Charmaine is getting a little too much of the screen time , but i think it’s probably because later when Tavia is a concubine she’s possibly going to have more scenes like some of you said . I stopped at episode 16 ? it was amazing so far . I heard about some of the next part to it & it seemed interesting , so i’m looking forward to it .

    WOW ! I’m really jealous & i’m not even going to lie , urgg , i wonder when i can go to HK ? like never , but i hope your trip is fun ! & i bet it will be =P

    • chibi says:

      Good to know everyone feels the same way towards June.. We hate her, but not THAT MUCH O___O

      And thanks, I had a great trip ^_^ Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have plenty opportunity in the future to visit HK 😀

  • 'Muff says:

    I don’t think it was entirely June’s fault she landed herself in that situation.

    I mean, if she’d refused Kwok Lun’s offer, he’d probably make sure she’d get a hard time. And he used torturous methods on June to force her to own up to being solely responsible for Charmaine’s injuries.

    Ugh, the fact that he muted her was so horrible. June might have been a petty little **tch, but she didn’t deserve such trauma. 🙁 It was quite sad seeing her get dragged away like a dying chicken from the room.

  • empty says:

    hi ! (: i think Tavia is doing this to gain attention from Moses , when she is praying , you can feel that , or rather , her speech , indicating that she wants to gain power , not really for charmaine . When she’s in Mary’s chamber , you can see , she has really changed (or maybe it’s in her all the time ) 😛 just my thoughts ^^ love ur entries hahah.

  • melody says:

    i think Tavia had an ulterior motive when she agreed to experiment for Charmaine. Tavia says that Charmaine is her good “sister”, but deep down, I think that Tavia wants to get rid of her. Because everyone just likes Charmaine for who she is while Tavia has to scheme to get people to notice her or pity her or like her.

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