Hey everyone!

Sorry for the slow updates these days, realised I haven’t blogged for a whole week now! But yes, my exams are finally over so I’m back to do more updating and blogging! It’s been a year since this blog has launched so I’ve been looking for a new layout change to keep things refreshing. Unfortunately I haven’t found one suitable yet ^^; so I guess I’ll just have to stick to this one for a while longer. I’ve also been wanting to make a new banner, since the Steps one has been used for a month already! I’m still wondering who should be featured hehe..

Brief thoughts on the current series I’m watching..
The Ultimate Crime Fighter

I’m currently up to episode 26 of The Ultimate Crime Fighter and I’m really finding Kevin’s storyline very exciting XD I can’t wait to see more of it ^^ I find it quite convincing lol (esp Kevin’s ‘partner’) I also really like Natalie and Yuen Biao’s father/daughter relationship and everything Yuen Biao did for his daughter, but it was also really sad watching it as well because we know the truth before he does. It’s like we’re taking part in lying to him yet we see how much he puts his life at risk for her…awww…such a good father..

Moses and Gigi’s relationship seems so mucked up. They’re arguing so much these days it just doesn’t seem like their relationship will work out. They still love and care about one another, getting jealous when the other is with Kevin/ Yoyo. Still, I felt this type of problem existed from the start of their relationship because it was in their different personalities. Gigi can become really annoying a lot of the time (and not giving him some personal space) and I can see why Moses can get frustrated with her. Similarly, I just don’t feel Moses loves Gigi enough. He doesn’t seem very sensitive to her feelings. The two don’t seem to understand each other..or maybe its the difference between men and women.
Word Twister’s Adventures

Up to episode 11 for Word Twisters Adventures and I’m enjoying the series at the moment. Its enjoyable to watch though I’m not really hooked onto it. I like the cast and characters and the elements of romance so far. At first, I quite liked Charmaine and Michael together because how they fell in love was quite romantic lol But then later, I’m really disliking Michael’s character and growing more fond of Jordan Chan’s character. He’s quite funny and silly..very childish and spoilt but I don’t see evilness in him. Even though he can be quite immature at times, pulling pranks and the alike, he just acts like a kid that needs to grow up. At the same, I feel he’s more innocent and is actually a ‘nice’ person, unlike Michael who is always scheming and selfish. I also like it how he loves his mother so much, listens to her and pretty much does anything for his mother (other than give up on being a lawyer)~ he is always getting punished lol Hence, I look forward to Jordan and Charmaine’s characters getting together <3 They're pretty cute, always arguing with each other, yet at times can get along really well. I also liked how Jordan pretty much lets Charmaine do anything she wants after they got married. He lets her sleep in a separate room. Charmaine doesn't fulfilled her duty as a wife or daughter in law, doesn't do any house chores or anything at all...but Jordan's mother still treats her like a daughter-in-law (the part where Jordan's mother prays, pleading the she would be cursed instead of Charmaine if the curse was to come..). What more can Charmaine ask for..? Even though they 'faked' the wedding Jordan still claims Charmaine as his wife and gets pretty jealous when he sees her with Michael^^ He knew Charmaine and Michael were lovers and let them be, but when other people started saying things about it, he actually takes action ehhee.. Suki just appeared in the series. I'm not too fond of her character, but if she keeps Michael away from Charmaine then I'm happy lol

10 Responses to “What’s K been up to?”

  • chibi says:

    Nice wrap up on Word Twister’s Adventures, hehe..

  • vivi says:

    i’ve just finished chapter 12. Suki is SOOOO annoying,i actualyl dislike her character ergh. Micheal is nice. i agree with you Jordan gets nicer and ncier throughout and i think he secretly beginning to love char, esp when on the scene where that girl and boy jumps off the cliff (forgot their name) and Char turns towrds micheal and holds him rather than Jordan, we see Jordan look a bit jealous there…………..=)
    I skimmed through the next chapter and i wont leak any spilers here just yet lol.
    nice sum up off the sereis though, i always check ur blog! =) keep it up!

  • Jadedreams says:

    I think the problem with Moses and Gigi is they don’t really know how to compromise. I think Gigi’s character gives too much to Moses and thus she has high expectations when it comes to romance/love from him, while Moses takes her for granted. So for Moses, it seems like Gigi’s demands/expectations is suffocating him, while for Gigi, she feels neglected/not loved because Moses isn’t as expressive for his feelings for her. I think they’re a very cute couple, but Gigi could be very irrational at times.

    only watched eppie 1 of Word Twisters Adventures, and it’s not very interesting for me to continue.

  • sehseh says:

    Yes, WTA is quite fun to watch though it doesn’t come with exciting cliff hangers.
    At first I don’t like Jordan’s character, but find him getting more adorable as the series progressed.

  • FaNNy says:

    to K: i no right! i love jordan’s character a lot now! michael is sometimes really selfish. as for suki, i feel really bad for her, and she dies in ep.14 =[ i really love jordan’s mom/kara a lot!! =]

  • vee says:

    i feel that moses doesnt care much for gigi thats why she is close t kevin. but kevin is improving !!

  • Lizzy says:

    Cute banner!! I just finished tucf!! The ending episodes are full with excitement! I’m shocked for everything what happened!

  • kes says:

    I was finally able to watch WTA.. OMG I just love the serie.. and Jordan and Charmaine are really cute together (later in the drama) .
    Like so many other. I liked Charmaine and Michael in the begining … then late I just root for Jordan ^^
    Even though I root for Jordan and Charmaine I still hoped that Michael wont turn evil (typical TVB) and yes… It never happened. ^^

  • kes says:

    Crap.. Did I just made a SPOILER in prev comment??
    soo sorry!!!

  • TC says:

    I agreed with JadeDream’s comment; tt gigi gives moses too much space to the pt tt Moses always gets his ways without even asking-like when they were out on a date, she encouraged him to leave just bcoz a friend had called him for help. I think gigi is too nice to moses hence he takes her love for granted. I simply love the way moses expressed his jealousy whenever he found out gigi/kevin together. Soo cute!

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