Raymond’s father ends up dying in the midst of fighting Vincent due to a heart problem, so when Raymond and the others arrive, they all thought that Vincent was the one who killed him! The whole group of them starting beating him up and it turned into such a mess. Most of the disciples there were all badly injured and Vincent again looked like he could have died. He managed to run away into a forest but the fight continued there again as they all chased after him. Luckily, Master Kwan arrives and protects him…Master Kwan is so cool..no one is a match for him ^^When Master Kwan was fighting Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok, he noticed that he was using the same fighting technique as the one who had killed Vincent’s parents!

The police arrive as well to handle the situation and they decided to examine the cause of Paul’s death and arrest Vincent until then. The results showed that it was because of a heart condition that developed due to over practicing/training in martial arts..When Raymond came to face the reality (and also knowing that Vincent is not good enough to defeat his father), Raymond apologise to Vincent for mistaking him and some of the other disciples aren’t happy with Raymond’s actions…

Aww..poor Raymond =( He is suffering from the loss of his father while the other disciples are already arguing over who should take his place as the new leader..how can he RIP?? Luckily Myolie was there to comfort him. Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok encourages him to take on his father’s position and that he should set aside other matters, i.e Myolie. He also tells us that he used to have a family, but for this Sect he left his wife and daughter and years ago, there was a landslide and believes they have died…I have a feeling his daughter might be Melissa because in the opening themevideo, we see him hugging her.

Raymond’s 3rd Si-Sok believed that Power was the more appropriate candidate for the leader position because he was the eldest disciple (“Dai- Si-Heng”), instead of Raymond even though Raymond is the leader’s son. So in order to decide who would become the leader, they decide have a competition to prove who is more worthy..

While Power is practicing, Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok goes to talk to Power and starts persuading him to deliberately lose to Raymond. He tells Power who much Paul loves Raymond and wants him to take his place and wants to fulfill his wishes..If Pauls’ own son doesn’t take his place, it would look like he doesn’t know how to teach his son. He implies to Power to give the position to Raymond temporarily and that later on when Raymond shows he is not capable, they would re-elect him… I want Raymond to win because of his skills..not because Power deliberately loses to him =__= That’s unfair to Power and it’ll just cause more trouble in the future. I don’t think their 2nd Si-Sok had any intentions of giving the position back to him and is merely deceiving him =__=

The day of the fight arrives..


On a side note…A Melissa and Vincent Moment XD

Vincent was tied hanging from a tree, practising his Taichi and Melissa wanted to let him down to rest because she couldn’t bear seeing him suffering. When she unites the ropes, Vincent falls and the force drags her towards him and she crashes into him and they both fall over XD

Awkward Moment. Vincent is helping Melissa put on some ointment on her bruised arm.

// There was a scene which looked a bit out of place, where Vincent is practicing his Taichi and Raymond’s SubThemesong is playing with the lyrics actually printed on the screen..like a MV.

4 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 8”

  • FaNNy says:

    omg!!! i loved the melissa and vincent moment so much!!! episode 13 is FILLED with their moments, one of the best episodes yet =] hehez.

  • chibi says:

    Oh, cool summaries yet again. Poor Raymond.. his character is getting it bad. I hope he’s able to redeem himself.

    and..teehee…for the Vincent and Melissa moment. I hope stuff actually happens in the story, apart from them just getting together XD

  • KTVB says:

    To FaNNy: Looking forward to episode 13 =) I hope Raymond and Myolie moments will last longer too. I really only want to see Raymond happy :3

    To chibi: In regards to Vincent and Melissa, Vincent is training his Taichi most of the time (which I usually skip in my summaries) and Melissa is always there to help him with it. A lot of the time Melissa’s casual comments or actions ‘enlightens’ him~

  • fanoffung says:

    I dislike the 2nd si-sok for manipulating Raymond. Agree that he should not collude with Power to deliberately lose to Raymond.

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