At the beginning for the episode, Melissa is helping Kenneth mend his clothes and the two share a little talk with each other. Selena overhears from outside and becomes jealous. Selena becomes disappointed when she realises that Kenneth has yet to figure out what to do about the situation. She expresses to him that she doesn’t mind sharing a husband with Melissa if it comes down to that, but she must be the first wife, considering she became his women first and because she doesn’t want her life to be like her mother and for her children to suffer like she did.

After talking to Master Kwan, Kenneth tries to suggest to Selena that it doesn’t matter who is the “big one”, or the “small one”, they are equal and that they shouldn’t compete and Selena becomes upset again by his words. A rat suddenly ran by and scares her and she grabs onto him.

” You told me not to compete , but I actually don’t know how to compete..I just want to live in a clam state, following you for the rest of my life with an official title.”

Kenneth: I know, I really understand
Selena: I’m not actually asking for anything, I just want live in security.

Selena and Kenneth end up sleeping with each other again (in broad daylight at the hotel… what the heck??) where Melissa walks in on them! Shocked and upset for seeing the scene, she runs away and Kenneth chases after her with Selena following behind. Melissa breaks down and starts crying on a bridge where Myolie sees her and attempts to “comfort” her.

Myolie: Don’t cry.
Melissa: Don’t worry about me.
Myolie: Is it about “Fung Nin” (Kenneth) and my sister’s thing?
Melissa: Even you know..everyone knows except me.
Myolie: Just let it be. Love comes when it comes, and leaves when it leaves. No one can control it.
Melissa: You don’t don’t understand..I don’t have anything left. I only have this family, and now I don’t even have this family anymore.
Myolie: Well you actually only want a family. You don’t want “Fung Nin” (Kenneth). You don’t have to marry him to be a family, brothers and sisters are also one family.

Did Myolie really feel sorry for her?

Vincent arrives at the scene (He was meeting Myolie there to give her herbs for her face) and Kenneth and Selena come from the other side of the bridge.

Vincent walks up to them and when Myolie notices him, she runs up to him and asks about giving her more herbs, but Vincent ignores her and pushes her hand away from him. Vincent is really angry for what Kenneth has done and hurt Melissa.

Kenneth: “Song Ching” (Melissa) don’t cry, I’m bad, it’s my fault. I don’t know how “Chui Kiu” (Selena) and I turned out like this.
Vincent: How did it turn out like this?
Kenneth: I..
Vincent: I don’t care what you do with other people. I just need you to say one sentence, do you want “Song Ching”? …Fung Nin!

After no response, Vincent pushes him onto the floor.

Vincent: How can you do this to “Song Ching”! She’s been a horse/cow for your family all these years. She’s been so nice to you, and you do this to her!?
Kenneth: I know that I’m sorry to her, but I don’t know how it turned out like this.
Vincent: She came thousands of miles here to find you , and you..say you don’t want her?
Kenneth: I didn’t say I don’t want her.
Vincent: Then tell me, what do you want plan to do?
Vincent: I what? I haven’t beaten you enough?
Kenneth: I know I’m wrong, it’s my fault. I’m sorry to Song Ching, if you want to hit me then hit me. Song Ching, if you feel that by hitting me you’ll feel better, then you can hit me too.
Vincent: Nonsense! What’s the point hitting you? I want an answer- Song Ching and her? Who do you choose?
Kenneth: I didn’t say I didn’t want Song Ching..

Myolie interrupts and tries to pull Vincent away “Those are family matters, we’re outsiders, we shouldn’t be saying anything, we should just let them be-”

Vincent: No!(Vincent pushes Myolie away). If he doesn’t choose Song Ching today, I won’t go.
Kenneth: I won’t ‘not want’ Song Ching.
Vincent: You said it. If you do anything else to hurt her, I won’t let you get off it.
Vincent turns and walks off and Myolie chases after him

Myolie: You care so much about other people’s matters, what about mine?
Vincent: What?
Myolie: My medicine..
Vincent: Oh.. sorry, I was too busy yelling at “Fung Nin” (Kenneth) that I forgot. (Vincent passes the bag of herbs to her)
Myolie: What’s the point yelling at “Fung Nin” for? There’s no right and wrong when it comes to love. You’re not the person so you wouldn’t understand.
Vincent: I don’t know things about love, but I know as a man, you need to take on responsibility. If there’s revenge, you must take revenge. If someone helped you, then you must return that favour.
Myolie: Then why are you helping me deliver the medicine? Is it because we have gratitude or hatred? Do I owe you, or do you owe me?

Vincent: I told you before. I didn’t kill “Wong Sun” because of you. We don’t owe each other anything.
Myolie: Then what about my face?
Vincent: That’s because you got hurt because you wanted to save me, so I should treat it.
Myolie: And then..?

Vincent moves his face closer to hers to look at the cut and Myolie becomes shy. (I think she thought that he was going to kiss her?)

Vincent: Hm..the cut is almost healed, after this dosage of herbs it shouldn’t leave a scar. You don’t have to worry.
Vincent walks off.

Kenneth, Melissa and Selena are sitting on a table in silence, when Melissa starts pouring tea in two cups. She decides to step out of the triangle and let the two be together. Having time to settle down and think about it, Melissa realises that Kenneth doesn’t owe her anything. The wedding was arranged by Kenneth’s mother but she hasn’t actually asked if he was willing or wanted to marry her, and in return, Melissa felt she should marry him to repay their family for taking her in. She may not be about to repay the family, but at least she can let Kenneth choose who he wants to be with..

Melissa decides to leaves them~ (what I found annoying was how Kenneth actually asked Melissa to help him explain to his mother -_-) and decides to bid farewell to Vincent. She thanks him to standing up for her back then and Master Kwan offers her to stay for dinner before she leaves. Melissa cooks the meal and the two enjoy the food a lot. Since Melissa had no where to go, they asked her to stay with them and “help cook every meal” ^^ Yay! Melissa has a new “home” and Melissa gratefully agrees 🙂

Master Kwan continues to train Vincent. Last time he got him to chop up wood and wash the clothes. This time he is asked to catch Tofu or hold onto it without breaking it. Taichi sure is interesting hehe..

The opponent’s leader on the non-asian side are allied with 2 of the Chinese officers (one played by Ai Wai and the other being the man Myolie initially begged). I knew these two would be traitors... The English man tells the two that he must win the competition and asks them to help find out what level Vincent is at and how powerful he is. They deliberately send men to test Master Kwan’s ability and learned that they were not even able to touch him. In fear that Vincent will win the competition, they sent men for a sneak attack on Vincent, injuring his hands so that he cannot compete! His hands would not be able to punch within this month, yet the competition was faster approaching. If he loses in the competition, Vincent would have to die..

When Myolie learns of what had happened, she runs to find Vincent and sees him punching the tree. She tries to stop him from hurting himself and tries to convince him to run away and not compete.

Myolie: Stop!!
Vincent: I won’t lose!! I won’t let them get what they want!
Myolie: What’s the big deal about winning or losing? Your life is the most important thing! They did those things, it shows that they’re not playing by the rules. Even if you make it on the stage, it won’t be a fair game. They want you to die! They want you to die whether you win or lose, then what’s the point in fighting? They’re the ones who didn’t follow the rules first, why do we still have to play along with them? Why don’t we just run away and not fight?
Vincent: You want me to run away? That means I admit defeat!
Myolie: From the start, it’s already impossible to win. They’re just changing the method of executing you, treating you like a monkey and watching how you will die. Why do you still have to stay to satisfy them?

//Do any of you actually agree with Myolie? 

Vincent is persuaded by Myolie and decides to leave the city. However, Melissa manages to convince Vincent to stay and not to give up.

Melissa: Mo Ma (Vincent), you’ve been able to survive this long until this day, what were you relying on? It was because you wouldn’t admit defeat. It’s this breath. It’s this breath that made you withstand until today. You lived at the mountains yourself this long, what day didn’t you think the possibility of losing or dying? You’ve made it until today, why give up now? If you leave now, not only do you lose in the match, you lose yourself and you’ll always have to live a life of hiding and running away and can’t lift your head up as a person.

The day of the match arrives..

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 4”

  • FaNNy says:

    myolie in this episode. annoyed the hell out of me!! she shouldnt have convinced vincent to go…and i so totally DO NOT agree with her =.=

  • Jessica says:

    So far out of watching a few episodes i find Myolie character to be annoying, nosy, and also cold hearted..all she care is bout her self (from what i seen) yeah and kenneth i think he cant really be a man..i mean he always studders and act all lost and innocent when comes to confessing..esp. infront of Selena..he always trys to avoid Selena…
    (All this is my opinion so far..but as before IM STILL WAITING FOR RAYY TO SHOW UP…!!) yikes..

  • chibi says:

    lol..Myolie’s character sounds sooooooooo annoying! She’s so selfish and arrogant.. so much for comforting someone. She makes herself sound so significant and knows so much about “love”. What does she know? She just acts on impulse and expects everyone else to work the way she thinks.

    hehehe.. nice to see Vincent stand up for Melissa and take her in =) I liked the part where he ignores Myolie and the herbs part on the bridge, eehehe

  • Tiffany says:

    hmm in my opinion, I think selena should be paired up with raymond instead. they had good chemistry in “Face to Fate” ?

  • VWaterlily says:

    Oh my GOD! I MISSED this episode. How could I miss it?! I have GOT to find it. GOT TO!

    Too many things happened here for me to miss it. :O

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