Myolie plans to leave Raymond after she got rejected, but Fred tries to keep her.

Fred: Miss Yin, what’s wrong? Where are you going? If Jerng Moon (Raymond) comes back and finds you missing, he’ll go crazy.
Myolie: He won’t. I told him that I’ll marry him and he didn’t have any reactions. I think it’d be more suitable for me if I leave here.
Fred: How could that be? Is it because he’s under a lot of pressure preparing for the competition that he’s gone crazy?
Myolie: I’m the one who is crazy. If it were me, I’d probably do the same. He used to be so nice to me, yet I left him, but now, everything is different and then I return to him. He already gave up on me.
Fred: No, why would he? If he did, why would he take you back here?
Myolie: Maybe he just did under impulse back then. Maybe he suddenly remembered the thing between Vincent and I. Honestly, what man wouldn’t mind? But I don’t blame Hiu Sing, I just have to blame myself for not valuing him in the past. I took it upon myself.
Raymond: Ji Kuai, you can’t leave.
Myolie: Let me go, leave a bit of dignity for me.
Raymond: No, I won’t let you go. Didn’t you say you were willing to marry me? If you run off, who will marry me?
Myolie: What did you say?
Raymond: Previously I was in dilemma because I will have to fight Vincent. I was scared that I’d lose. I’m scared I won’t be able to look after you, and can’t give you happiness- but I’ve thought it through. Since I love you, I definitely can’t lose. No, I should say, I won’t lose. I will prove to you I love you more than he does, and value you more. Ji Kuai, wait for me. Once I defeat Vincent, we’ll get married.

I’m starting to like Myolie again. She’s really sweet with Raymond and I think the background music really helps.

Ellesmere goes to find Yoyo again and gives her a rose and a poem which he wrote for her. He confess his love for her, but she rejects him again because she is already in love with Derek, who appears. Understanding this, Ellesmere leaves the couple.

When Derek is drinking wine by a bridge, the three ‘fakeos’ go finding him blackmailing him for more money (or they’ll tell everyone that he was the one who was behind the fake drugs) Coincidentally, Ellesmere sees everything including Derek killing the three guys off. When Derek notices Ellesmere, Derek tries to kill him as well, severely injuring him but Ellesmere manages to escape. Ellesmere runs to find Yoyo pleading for her help and decides to take her away with him because of what he saw Derek do.

Yoyo starts begging Ellesmere not to reveal Derek’s doings. He becomes really angry that she was still defending him and she threatens him with a knife!

In the struggle, Ellesmere gets stabbed! The Police Captain comes in and seeing the scene, he covers up Ellesmere’s mouth, killing him off.

Later when Raymond is informed from the Japanese Dojou people that Ellesmere has been missing for days, he starts to get worried because Ellesmere didn’t have many friends in the Captial either. He thinks of the girl he mentioned before so decides to find Yoyo and ask. Raymond appeared surprised to see Derek with her and the two deny that she has even met him before. Raymond decides to find out about the relationship between the two and about their past.

On the other hand, when Vincent overhears that there has recently been a lot of mountain thieves especially from the route to Melissa’s hometown/countryside, he gets very worried for Melissa’s safety and decides to make his way there too. Vincent follows them back to the Country side, protecting them all the way, but he doesn’t come out to see them or let them know. awww…so sweet~~

Melissa kept sensing Vincent’s presence ^^

At the village, a group of men tied up a boy and start beating him up because he ‘stole’ something, just like how they used to treat Vincent when he was a little boy. The other villagers couldn’t do much but watch because the men had power in the village and Kenneth’s mother stopped Kenneth from causing trouble for himself. Kenneth’s mother mentioned the scene reminded her so much of when Vincent was a little boy 🙁 Luckily Vincent comes out and saves the poor kid! :D Vincent is so cool!!

The boy turns out to be an orphan and didn’t have a home or a family. He has been left on the streets with no one who cared about him and was often picked on =( Vincent feels really close with the boy because they share a similar past and decided to accept him as a disciple, to teach him Taichi and to look after him, ^__^ aww..this is so cute! They also end up naming the boy “Mo Hai” (Feather boy?) and the little boy was really happy too!

//I really like how they made reference to Vincent’s past and that they’ve returned back to the village where everything started. The one who has changed so much is Vincent =)

Selena receives the news that Myolie will be marrying Raymond and they were all really happy for her. Even though Vincent didn’t say, it was obvious the reason he came back to the Country side was because of Melissa. Everyone wants Melissa and Vincent to get together, and Kenneth even hinted to him that it would be like one family- Vincent, “Mo Hai” and Melissa <3 I liked watching the scenes with Vincent looking after the boy. So sweet. He is caring for the boy like how Master Kwan did for him and brought him up.

Vincent giving “Mo Hai” ‘s his first hair cut, just like Master Kwan did for him~~


Selena and Kenneth set up an opportunity for Melissa and Vincent to talk to each other, but Vincent doesn’t end up saying anything and Melissa continues to wash clothes XD While Selena and Kenneth were spying on them from a distance, a snake appears (and scares Selena?) making Selena gives birth to her baby boy! Luckily Melissa was there and helped her deliver the baby 🙂 They decided to make the boy Melissa and Vincent’s godson because the two helped Selena give birth=) Vincent promises Melissa that he’ll stay with them in the countryside to help raise the children up together 😀 sweet! Vincent chose Melissa over Taichi <3 and decide not to return to the Captial. ^^

At first Melissa was really happy, but then she knows that Vincent deep down actually really wants to compete for “Wah Mang Wui” leadership to help Taichi be known to the world.

Melissa tells Vincent that he should to go back to the Capital, where he should be. Vincent tells her he won’t leave her anymore, but Melissa reassures him that he won’t, because she promises to travel back to the Capital with him, and be by his side to support him all the way!! yay! aww… <3 So sweet! I feel so happy for them! After the fight, the two will return to the countryside and live peacefully away from all the fighting.

At the end of the episode, Power decided to fight for the “Wah Mang Wui” position on behalf of a different Sect! He vows to defeat Raymond because he couldn’t stand him anymore and what Raymond has down to the Sect (Chong Long Pai). Raymond tried to persuade him to come back because he doesn’t want to fight against him (Dai Si Heng) and even offered to give up his position to him! However, when Power asked on a condition that he would also leave Myolie, Raymond refused, making Power even more angry. To Raymond, Myolie was more important to him than Chong Long Pai which he could easily gave up. This reassured Power that has made the right choice to leave the Sect and defeat Raymond~

3 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 20”

  • chibi says:

    oh wow wow, Vincent and Melissa are getting back together =D =D =D Hope they do win it and live happily ever after.

    And yes, Myolie suddenly changes back to normal too..which is a bit odd, but ok tvb.. I’ll just accept it and not question, lol.

    Yoyo and Derek story seems intriguing too… wonder what that’s about.

  • FaNNy says:

    i just loved this part when vincent and melissa got back together!!! how vincent was secretly protecting her =] hehez xD

  • Kes says:

    Great… a loyal friend like Ellesmere just HAD to die????
    why oh why? – hehehe… jep.. I think I’m one of the few Ellesmere fan ^^

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