*Warning: Contains Ending Spoilers*
The Life and Times of Sentinel Ending


  • The 2 hour finale was really exciting to watch!!
  • I really like the last episode because it was really suspenseful and action packed. All the truths were revealed; all Kenneth (Fuk Chun)’s evil doings/scheming- all the people he killed; Grand Empress’ deeds & changing the will; Steven (Lip Dor Bo)’s true identity
  • Natalie (Gwai-Lun) finally realises Kenneth never loved her and reconciles with Elaine (Man-Kwan) (although Elaine can no longer can move or speak)
  • Selena(Ji Ying) and Steven share some really sweet scenes and risk their lives to save each other as they try to escape from the palace together
  • In the 2 hours, 50mins of it was the palace scene where Kenneth was trying to take back his throne. A lot of it was shown in episode 1 and I was sitting there anxiously trying to find out what was going to happen! I know Steven has something up his sleeve but I didn’t know what it was. I sat there watching Steven “help” Kenneth and reveal the Grand Empress’s wrong doings and revealing the will Sunny had written!  Everyone was going against Power Chan (Hong-hei Emperor ) as Kenneth has successfully manipulated and bribed everyone; his 5th brother Tsui Wing ( Sheung-Ning) , his father in-law’s army; Evergreen; Stephen Wong’s father etc
  • Just as Kenneth was about to sit on his throne; the biggest  secret and  twist to the story was revealed which turned the tables: Steven is actually the 4th Prince whom the Grand Empress thought she had killed when he was only a baby. He was also the “Tai Zi”, which meant he should have been the Emperor all along.
  • It was also a very emotional scene; watching how show grateful/shocked/guilty the Grand Empress was to realise who Steven really was (coming back to protect Power after all the bad things she did to him); the devastation and denial written all over Kenneth’s face(I still pitied him); the saddness Steven showed- the truth  just shocked everyone- such impact!
  • That part was so awesome!!! I was so shocked/surprised/impressed with what I was seeing!! I never thought I’d feel this satisfied from an ending episode. I didn’t see it coming at all – I was just overwhelmed by everything
  • I thought it was really sad how Steven had to suffer so much through the series to come to this conclusion…he finally freed his vengeful heart which he couldn’t let go of through the series
  • While the awesomness was happening; it suddenly occured to me that this truth made Steven and Selena brother and sister  🙁
  • When Kenneth was going to suicide; Steven stopped him by grabbing onto the blade with his hand >< then slapping him across the face to wake him up and to make him realise they were all one family-the whole “family” thing was so touching!!
  • Steven leaves the palace; leaving his 3rd brother Power to continue as the Emperor; the Grand Empress realises all her wrong doings but Steven forgives her and shows her he no longer hates her. He bids farewell to her and calls her by “Grandmother” -very touching scene. He made me no longer hate the Grand Empress either…
  • Power gives two cups of wine to Kenneth- one supposedly having poison and the other not. Kenneth thinking they both  have posion in them anyway drank both of them. It turns out neither of them had poison as Power wanted to let him off. Kenneth and Natalie are let off together in a far away place; living a normal life. Their son is kept in the palace as Power did not want the son growing up like his father.While Kenneth laid on the grass in the open, he happily daydreams and calls Natalie by “Man-Kwan”(Elaine). Poor Natalie…what can she do though if he doesn’t love her =X
  • After all the mess that was happening in the palace; it was finally brough to an end and I could feel the relief and peace again.
  • The only thing that was left a bit sad was Steven and Selena’s pairing. Steven finds Selena who thought she could spend the rest of her life with him. In the last 5 mins of the series, Selena gets killed by her servant on the streets just before Steven got the chance to tell her >< She ends up dying in his arms. I felt this was TVB’s way to “resolve” Steven and Selena’s relationship. I know there’s more to life than love, but while it is a sad ending; it might be more sad for her to face the truth. At least she died, without knowing she could never have been with him; which she revealed was her biggest wish… : ( Still so heartbreaking though!
  • One year later..I think Steven turned into a monk..(At first I thought Kenneth’s character was quite tragic..but I don’t think he can compare to Steven at all) I felt really sad for his character..what does he have left..?
  • Overall,I really enjoyed watching the series for its storyline and characters. Another series to add to my like-list of 2011  😉 I thought Steven and Kenneth were brillant in their roles and sad that Steven will be leaving TVB 🙁 I really hoped the series would get good ratings ><
  • The ending was brilliant!- probably the best/satisfying TVB ending I’ve seen in a very long time!
  • What did you guys think of the ending?


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  • 12345 says:

    I liked the ending but I had to say I was pretty surprised by the identity of Steven. The only problem was that selina and Steven couldn’t get together in the end. It felt like the production team had to think of a way to put an end so they just killed selina. I really liked Kenneth during this series and he did some brilliant acting. Eventhough he plays the villain he still has a lot of sympathy votes and he is still pretty likeable. I really enjoyed this series. So what do you guy think about this series?

    • KTVB says:

      Steven’s identity was really good-It wasn’t forced and fitted in the storyline well. I just re-watched the part in episode 19 when Steven’s parents were dying from the poison; and they mentioned there “there’s one thing we forgot to give you other than the shoe; you were wearing this gold lock around you when we found you” At that time, it was in a blue bag, and Steven was too busy trying to get them to leave while they could. I should have picked it up then!! XD

      The Grand Empress revealed that gold lock meant a lot to her; she also gave a similar one to Kenneth’s son which meant it wasn’t to “lock” him up (like Kenneth first interpreted it to be early in the series)

      The only thing I found a bit weird was Steven’s Mute dad acted as though he really was his son! (although he already knew he was the 4th prince) I think it just comes to show how loyal the “Kei” family really is in protecting the royal family; and fulfilling the Kei family’s duty of being an Sentinel/Imperial Guard.

      If my understanding is correct, Steven’s real mother was married another man, and remarried Sunny?- Hence the Grand Empress didn’t like her? As a result, she didn’t want the 4th prince (“Tai Zi”) to become the future Emperor; hence ordered Ben to kill the baby (Steven)…However it turns out this baby she wanted to kill; ended up being the one coming out and saving/protecting Power from Kenneth. Very well written indeed 😀

      • witnap says:

        i think Donggo Consort was someone’s concubine before she was a consort, thus The Grand Empress kinda despised her when Shun Zhi wanna make her into an Empress, because the Grand Empress said she was not from a ‘clean’ background or something.

        And the fourth prince plot was so overwhelming and outta blue, but make sense…

        And Kei Family is really loyal to Shun Zhi

      • EY says:

        I felt that was wierd too!! How Steven’s mute father treated Steven as if he is his own son. I understand about the loyalty, but the mute dad was never directly involved in any palace duties, so comparing the mute dad and his dad (Steven’s grandfather), I would expect mute dad to be alot less loyal. Plus, mute dad didnt really take care of Steven for many years, why is he so uptight about Steven then? I guess I can only say that mute dad was happy because Steven as the 4th prince is still very much alive, not because of any familial ties.

        • lve87 says:

          I wonder if the Mute dad’s wife knew the truth that Steven was not their soon or did they also had a son but the son died or some thing
          and I think that the mute dad was probably told by his dad to treat Steven as his own so he was happy to see that the fourth price is still alive and that the baby he wants treated as his own is still alive

        • KTVB says:

          Yea I agree. He would have only had the baby about one years old. The Kei family’s loyalty towards Emperor Shun Zhi is really strong. Pretty touching; sad they were killed by the Grand Empress…

  • lve87 says:

    I cheated and went ahead and read this but I am still waiting for the English sub of the movie so I can actually see what is being described from the Ending Spoilers*
    I wonder if Power Chan (Hong-hei Emperor
    finally really loves Elaine (Man-Kwan) or if he is only trying to just keep the women that Kenneth (Fuk Chun
    loves by his side

    • KTVB says:

      I think Power really loves Elaine- he doesn’t seem like someone to keep someone by his side to make someone else angry/jealous.

      If he hated her that much; he wouldn’t be so attentive towards her; and make her Empress. Besides, Elaine never betrayed him

  • lve87 says:

    what a great ending for power then now he has his empress by his side even though she can not move or talk any more ( hope she loves him in return

    • KTVB says:

      Elaine’s character accepts fate the way it is; since she is the Emperor’s concubine; she will only be loyal/faithful towards him. However, no one can replace Kenneth in her heart; and while she lays there unable to speak and move; all she thinks about are her days with Kenneth…

      Sometimes it makes me wonder if there’s any point in keeping Elaine alive… I’d rather her die but still give her the title of Empress; rather than an Empress who can’t do anything…

      • lve87 says:

        true because if she is Empress her job is to watch over all of the emperors other concubine but she can not do that since she can not movie any more
        but I think that she can not movie or talk any more the emperor spend more time by her side ( i really want to watch the english sub part because I was looking at a tvb site where power was sitting by Elaine’s bed side he was in tears he said some thing that made tears roll down her face wonder what he said

      • EY says:

        This is the part where i felt Kenneth was a little heartless. All these while he talked about how he loved Elaine, their happy times and everything he did was for her, but in the end when Elaine became paralysed all Kenneth knew was how to make use of Elaine’s misfortune to create a big mountain out of a molehill to get the other officials standing at his side. He wasn’t even remorseful of making use of the woman whom he claimed he loved the most. That disappointed me quite a bit.

        • lve87 says:

          I think power loves elaine yiu ( his now empress more then Kenneth does what does every one else think

        • KTVB says:

          yeh!!! He only had one crying/guilt scene and that was it. He never went to see her after that; he just used that to his advantage as if she didn’t mean anything to him!

      • Snow says:

        totally random lol but in real history, elaine’s character, third empress of kangxi died the day after she was made empress. its because of her sadness in losing her daughter that deteriorated her health

        • KTVB says:

          lol thanks for sharing that fact XD

          So why did Selena’s mum put throw her away in the well? Was she already going a bit psycho back then?

        • Snow says:

          ugh now to think about it, i kinda forgot some of the plot lol. i rlly wasnt that interested until the last 5 episodes of so x) the baby was like crying non stop and it annoyed the mom who’s also vexed over something else… her son or kenneth (whom she took care of) not being selected as King? some clarify lol~

  • bluebear says:

    I really loved the reveal of Dor Bo to be 4th prince too! I could understand why he would become a monk due too all of the evil he has witnessed. Still I hoped he could have reclaimed his place in the palace, could have been Hong Hei’s right hand man, and reunited with the only family he has left.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..that’s the only family he has left. It would be a different story if he left the palace to be with the girl he loves; unfortunately it doesn’t work in this case..

  • lve87 says:

    So if Dor Bo is the fourth prince he’s not Kei To-ting’s grandson and
    Kei Man-cheong’s son then how come the monk said he was

    • KTVB says:

      The monk, like us, thought he was Kei Man-Cheong’s real son…
      Kei To-Ting saved the 4th prince and let his son raise him up as his own, so only Kei To-Ting & Kei Man-Cheong knew the truth.

  • Lizzy says:

    This is one of TVB’s best ending for all TVB series in recent years. Love how it is not rushed at all and how everything was unveiled in the right pace.

    I know they cut the ‘suck away poison’ scene, because the themesong MV got a shot of that scene from another angle. I find it very touching what Zhi Ying did for him, she really loved him.

    Initially I didn’t really understand the parting scene. Why did Dor Bo have to leave, when they finally could have freedom after so much troubles to escape?

    I love how the court scene wasn’t draggy at all, even though it last more than an hour. I knew Fuk Chuen wouldn’t become the emperor (TVB won’t change the history like that, especially when it’s about Kangxi, the most popular emperor in history), but I seriously didn’t know how.

    When it turns out that Dor Bo is the fourth brother. I was really shocked, didn’t see that coming at all…

    My favorite scene in this final episode is the moment that Steven stopped Fuk Chuen from committing suicide by grabbing the sword, and how he slapped him with his bloody hand. It was so sad/impressing/touching/shocking/etc…

    Then I realized why Dor Bo has to leave Zhi Ying (the parting scene). He already knew he was her brother when she hugged him that time. No wonder he cried so tragically.

    Zhi Ying’s death was so unexpected and sudden. Initially I didn’t understand why they had to kill her, having a minor character to kill her for a reason that doesn’t make sense. But then I realized that this was the best ending for Zhi Ying.

    Dor Bo becomes a monk in the end. He lost his whole family (stepparents, the so-called real parents {Felix/Chris}), suddenly got new family members (the emperor, grand empress dowager) and he lost his love who he’s his sister. I would collapse and become crazy if I was him. But choosing to be a monk is definitely the best. Just like his master (‘strange monk’ Lau Kong) and his biological father (Sunny).

    • KTVB says:

      I totally agree with everything you just said Lizzy! I rewatched scenes from the finale knowing that Steven knew the truth before his departure etc with Selena :< sooo sad!! I wonder what would have happened if Selena didn't get killed >< Probably the best she didn't know :<

      • EY says:

        somehow, scenes where 2 lovers suddenly realise they are brother and sister just reminds me of korean dramas.

      • Lizzy says:

        Sorry for my bad english (I notice many grammar mistakes)… When I was typing the comment, my mother rushed me to eat dinner. I wanted to finish the comment before leaving my computer, so I just typed and typed without reading back.

        I don’t know what would have happened if Selena didn’t die, maybe she would’ve become insane….?

        In my opinion, this is the best ancient TVB series this year!

        • KTVB says:

          It reminded me of “Demi Gods and Semi Devils” when all the girls who liked Duan Yu turned out to be his sister. The girl he ends up with wanted to suicide (although it turned out they weren’t siblings)

          I think Selena would have died knowing that truth too..

      • Lizzy says:

        Oops, just realized that TVB only aired two ancient series this year (so far). The other is Relic of an Emissary. In my opinion, Sentinel is (much) better. And you?

        • KTVB says:

          I like Relic and Sentinel a lot! 😀 Probably equally in my heart eheh

        • EY says:

          Somehow, both Relic and Sentinel had some sort of the same plotline.. betrayals and brotherhood. And I wonder whether anybody else noticed, Frederick Cheng appeared in both dramas as some low rank guard too.

  • Ella says:

    The ending was definitely jaw-dropping for me. I was like “holy shit, WTF just happened?!” when Steven stopped Kenneth from sitting on the throne.

    Who would have thought that Steven turned out to be the 4th prince, who was long presumed dead by everyone throughout the entire series? In the earlier episodes, in flashback, Rosanne Lui’s character (Sau fei – Selena’s and Tsui Wing’s mother) was suppose to have killed Oceane Zhu(Dong Ngok fei) and the baby using voodoo dolls or something.

    But anyways, the ending was good, really surprised that Steven turned out to be the missing 4th prince.

    It’s too bad however that Selena dies without knowing the truth that Steven is her brother, considering that, he’s her only family left after she chose to leave the palace (and the royal family), and after her adopted father (Cheung Kwok Keung) was executed and the other people who whom she grew up with were anti-Qing dynasty activists and they hate her guts for being the long-lost princess. The servant that killed her at the end said she was the one who caused Cheung Kwok Keung, the leader of the group to be executed. It might be sad for her because she loved Steven as a lover but still, she’s alone without family after all the chaos and leaving the palace. But I guess it’s better ending this way, having her died.

    The series was pretty good. I thought Oceane Zhu’s character as Dong Ngok fei (Sunny’s favorite consort) was really pretty when seen in the flashbacks. I was surprised that her voice was dubbed in the series considering that her Cantonese improved significantly since the time I first saw her in drama.

    My favorite scenes in the finale were the ones where Steven stops Kenneth from sitting on the throne, where he reveals his true identity as the 4th price to the entire court leaving everyone’s jaw-dropped, the scene where he stops Kenneth from committing suicide, slaps Kenneth to wake him up, and called him brother for the first and last time to remind him that they’re all one family, and also the scene where he and Power were talking after the entire ordeal and how Power told him he would gladly step down and give him )Steven) back the throne, and when the guard came and Steven told him to address him as ‘Dor Po’ and not by the title of prince.

    I also like seeing how Power, as Hong-Hei was such a good brother to Steven (and the end), a good brother to Tsui Wing, and even Kenneth despite all the crap that has been happening with the country, and all the crap that Tsui Wing and Kenneth had given him. He did a great job playing the role of Hong-Hei emperor. Watching him playing the emperor reminded me of when Steven played the same role in Duke of Mount Deer series back in 1998.

    • KTVB says:

      Steven being the missing 4th prince was just brillant. I watched all the promotional clips for the series after it ended (because I couldn’t get enough of it XD), and noticed Steven constantly emphasising his “identity”, up until the very end “there’s another identity” XD. They also suggested Selena and Steven may not end up together (although that’s quite broad XD) They also mentioned in promos tha Katy’s character (playing Steven’s cousin) liked him too. Not that significant to the story in my opinion- think they could have just passed as close family.

      I think the truth would be too painful for Selena to face. She’s not alone either given that she can always return to the palace to see her mother and brother when she wanted to. What she wanted the most was starting her own family with Steven :< I liked that palace scene so much! 🙂

    • EY says:

      I have to agree, Power Chan acted exceptionally well too. He had the poise and the wisdom as an emperor. When he is with Elaine, i truly felt his happiness and how blissful he looked. When he is fretting over some imperial issues, I liked his serious look. Power is pretty man in this show. >.<

      • KTVB says:

        I’ve been reading at forums and seems like a lot of people disagree; ie think Power isn’t manly enough; complains the crosses his legs etc XD

        Although at times I do feel I don’t sense too much of the royalty auora around him, there are times I really do. I like the “kind/good-hearted” engery he gives out as the Emperor and he seems quite thoughtful and intelligent.

        • EY says:

          I dont think he is manly like how Kenneth nor the 5th brother is, i.e sword wielding and fighting battles type. But when he say yes he meant yes and no meant no. I would probably say that he is firm, especially when he is angry. I get scared when he starts pointing his finger at his subjects, haha!!

        • 12345 says:

          I dont think he portrayed Hong Hei good enough. He was one of the best king through out history and it kinda ruined the image. Hong Hei was meant to be very clever, fair and kind hearted. I couldnt sense this from Power’s acting

  • lve87 says:

    I think there is a twist in this movie because from the movie duke of mount deer 1984 or 1998 Dong Ngok fei) and her soon dies
    and in that drama there was never a grandma from the royal family shown just a Empress Dowager

  • lve87 says:

    I was just wondering if any one was waiting for English sub like me

  • lindsey says:

    i havent watched this serie yet, but I’m wondering, so steven & selena fell in love with each other but they were brothers & sisters? if so, thats so sad 🙁

  • lve87 says:

    question I looked on wikipedia to see if there was any information on Tongjia Manyun (Imperial Honoured Consort) of Kangxi Emperor but it did not list her name in there just his other empress and
    Consorts so is she a fictional chacter in the story or did she go my another name ?
    I hope that the English sub for ep 21-25 will come out soon I don’t like waiting

    • Snow says:

      u mean man kwan played by elaine yiu? there is a real life character in history

      • lve87 says:

        yes I do mean her because I did nto see any information on her
        where did u see information on her
        and was it in English
        because I wanted to see if the things that happend to her in the movie really happend to the real
        Man Kwan in real life

        • Snow says:

          i saw it on chinese wikipedia. i actually posted a bit about the real life history on one of the comments above lol :))

        • 12345 says:

          In these show they use real people in history but the story line are made up mostly.

  • Snow says:

    i agree the finale is awesome, 2 hours but i never felt bored watching it 😀 which is a huge contrast to the first 10episodes or so, i felt utterly bored. it slowly got better for me and the last few episodes made me really anticipate them.

    i do think the female cast is a bit weak here, and the show primarily focuses on the males, whom the actors gave solid performances, but i cnt say any of them r exceptional. n i still cnt quite get used to stephen wong with the moustache lol. he has quite a baby face.

    the part with natalie silently crying while kenneth utters elaine’s name instead of hers is quite heartbreaking.

    • KTVB says:

      hehe Kenneth and Stephen Wong with the moustache look a little weird XD

      Yea I think the female cast is a bit weak too especially the one who plays 5th princes’ wife XD I didn’t like the servant which came into the palace with Selena either. She was too manly and unnatural. While I thought the Grand Empress did a decent job; I felt it would have been much better if Susan Tse played that role instead.

      • EY says:

        Dont talk about their moustache. Everytime when they had a close-up shot of Kenneth’s face, I cannot help but focus my eyes on his moustache instead of his entire face. It is irritating and disturbing. XD

      • Snow says:

        oh yes exactly. christine kuo (the 5th prince’s wife)’s dubbed voice was such a distraction, i thought she kinda improved in her cantonese already but i guess in ancient series, they have to be really precise in pronounciation? and lily ho (the servant) is just very unnatural to me… also the time she played the mean girlfriend in Sister Fa.

  • lve87 says:

    i wish there was a English site about her in real life
    because I am Vietnamese and I do not understand (Chinese )

  • misstila says:

    Such a sad episode =,[ the scene when her father sacrificed himself to save zhi ying was so depressing.it was the only tvb scene that made me cry =/ why is dor bo and zhi ying’s lives so messed up -___- i think selina should win an award from this drama and steven ma too i really hate the tai fei tho

    • KTVB says:

      But Zi Ying’s father “deserved” to die though… he did try to kill the emperor afterall..

      • misstila says:

        yeah but the sad part was how despite of everything he had always loved her and treated her like a real daughter and the part when they looked up to the sky and she remembered when her father said: father will always protect zhi ying. =[ too many ppl died x__X

        • KTVB says:

          but he did kinda secretly plot to suicide with her to take revenge on the emperor.. I think that was always his intention from the start. He used her the whole time…

  • Ri says:

    Safe to say we can all agree that this was a SPECTACULAR ending! other than the part where they conveniently killed off Tze Ying, everything else just wrapped up so nicely. And I love love love how it didn’t seem rushed or implausible or ridiculous (something TVB does very well -.-) There were actually hints of To Po’s lineage thruout the show but of course, we only notice it once we see the ending 😛

    First of all, WHAT. A. TWIST! I was like omg, what, what, WHAT?! I, too, knew that To Po had something up his sleeve but I would never have guessed it was this! And when he took out the gold padlock thingy i was like OMG! TO PO’S A PRINCE! It really has come full circle, how To Po’s life ties in to the royal family and all. So well-written, and I bet NO ONE saw it coming! I also liked how To Po told Power not to change the palace records because *nerd mode* historically, Prince Rong died and well, stayed dead. I totally love how the writers used that and tied it into the story!

    That whole scene in the Taihe Hall was so dramatic and suspenseful! It went on for almost and hour but didn’t feel draggy at all! Felt a flicker of pity for Fuquan when To Po revealed that he was the fourth prince. Like you could see all hope drained from him, just as he was about to take the throne. Ching Hor Wai (the actress who plays the Grand Empress) did a great job portraying her shock and regret when she found out, like all those years of scheming and plotting came back one full circle and smacked her in the head.

    I felt sad when they did the montage scene of everyone who died in the show because it’s true, so many people died thanks to the Grand Empress and Fuquan 🙁 But the saddest scene for me had to be when Fuquan was crazy thinking he’s the emperor and Natalie was still there to take care of him. He calls her Man Kwan and she just accepts it, like surrendering to fate. So sad! 🙁

    All in all, I really enjoyed this show. Didn’t at first, thought it was another Steven Ma olden days show but it’s one I would definitely recommend. I’m guessing Steven Ma will win some sort of award for this show, because his contract w TVB is ending and rumour is tht he wants to leave, probably due to not receiving much recognition for his body of work. He’s not exactly big star material but have to admit he’s a solid actor. oh well Wayne Lai wasn’t big star material either (always side characters, albeit shining in them) before this and solid acting did him plenty good, so who knows! I know Kenneth will probably win something this year – he’s being heavily promoted, and has already been in 3 prominent evil roles this yr and will be in 36 Hours On Call, tho I still love him best in A Fistful of Stances 🙂 Still think he shoulda won My Fave Character for tht role!

    • KTVB says:

      YES!!! I loved how everything was nicely revealed and explained! No major questions or unresolved issues. When I reflect back there were hints here and there but I’m glad I didn’t figure it out while watching it because it wouldn’t have been as surprising! 😀 I did remember Dor Bor’s parents mentioning the gold lock before they died though XD I rewatched the scene where Chris Lai went back to see the Grand Empress and he said to the “weird monk”, “I have to go back to save the family; I can’t just care about the baby and not anyone else. Maybe its fate. Please help look for my son so there is someone to carry on Kei family”. Watching it the 2nd time made me think he didn’t value the baby THAT much, but I guess it’s still reasonable. Seeing how moved he was when he was able to see Steven again was so touching- like his real son!! Another hint was when Grand Empress mentioned Dor Bo looked familiar (when she first met him), but she didn’t say he reminded her of “Kei Do Ting” (which also supports the fact he seemed familiar to her, but didn’t know exactly in what way). Any other hints I missed out?

      Only after Dor Bo revealed his true identity did it really make the Grand Empress reflect on all the mistakes/wrong doings..the whole “cause and effect”; how eveyrthing she did create the mess that she faced at the end. There would have not been any other way the Grand Empress would have realised what she has done.

      The part where he told Power not to “record anything” reminded me of “Step in the Past’ where everything that mentioned Louis Koo was ‘erased” and never mentioned again xD I like how they left history the way it was as well 🙂

      I loved watching the Grand Empress in that scene too!! You explained it well “like all those years of scheming and plotting came back one full circle and smacked her in the head”. That scene was classic XD

  • Mui says:

    Did Power ever found out about Kenneth and Elaine past relationship? Did they clarified it somewhere in the series? i don’t remember XD

  • Marcus.F says:


  • Marcus.F says:

    Hey chibi not sure about this but I was surfing thru wikipedia and saw “War & Beauty 2” coming out on February 12 0.0

    • Chibi says:

      haha, not sure why you’re addressing this to me, but yes a War & Beauty 2 is going to be in making 🙂 Cast still not 100% confirmed though.

  • Marcus.F says:

    Well it’s under “green lit” anyway so maybe not

  • Jessica says:

    OMG!!! the ending is so sad 🙁 I cried like so many times :'( Hong Hei is so nice! The ones I see Power’s character I like Hong Hei and Police 977 in Twilight Investigation the most.

    What I think is that the beginning they like shows us part of the ending and then edit it to be in like the 1st few episodes kinda like spoiling-ish. (Kenneth trying to take over the throne). I should like start off with like Sunny hunting with Yuen Yip and Fuk-Tsuen.

    What I don’t get is that why Man-Kwan is paralyzed she just jumped straight down to the well. (Can you get paralyzed for that?)

    The ending was a twister. Steven and Selena fell in love with each other so bad. But first she was a normal adopted herb girl. After she became a Princess. On the other side Steven was a son of restaurant owners. Then knew he was adopted. After he was the son of Kei Man Cheong and grandson of Kei To Ting. Revealing at the end 4th Prince. So brother and sister fell in love. That is so shocking. So sad 🙁 They loved each other so much. So random that she got killed by her maid to revenge for Cheuk Shu Tong. Like for normal Steven fast reflex he would’ve stopped the knife for slabbing Selena. But it was terrible she died in his arms. All she wanted was to flee together and live that their happy lives forever. If she faced it that they were siblings she would probably killed herself then knowing the truth. No one can replaced her in his heart. So he rather we a monk then love any other women. If she does accepted that they are siblings they would live a brother and sister live together. At long as their beside each other.

    I honestly felt that if Elaine and Kenneth were pair together he wouldn’t take over the throne. (I’m guessing) I think that Elaine still have Kenneth in her heart. She kept looking at the birds. She only be faithful to Power because she’s his consort. I don’t know what was Natalie thinking. Killing the baby in Elaine’s stomach. That is capital offense. She could die for doing that. So stupid.

    Empress Dowager just did what was the best for the Qing people. Hong Hei is a judicious emperor. But she did do a lot of wrong thing. Killing people who she doesn’t like. She does love her grandchildren. But is was shocking that she found out that Dor Po was her grandson. She even order Po Chai to kill him. So heartless the line Steven said that “I’m the baby that you wanted killed, it’s me your grandson” something like that I cried so hard. It’s very touching.

    Kenneth and Steven were brothers before they knew each other identities. They went so much together. But for the throne Kenneth is willing to silence Steven. When he grab the sword from Kenneth and his hands were bleeding. This slapped Kenneth with his bleeding hand. That was so sad. “We are flesh blood Sire,Empress Dowager, Prince King, Lady Sau?, Duen Man, You and Me. Stop it. Wake up.

    Wow I love Stephen Wong role. So royal to the emperor. One of his best roles. He usually plays like parts in the movie. I love his role in The Brink of Law. I cried when he died. That role was very touching. Can’t believe Shirley left him because he can’t walk. But in the end she was paralyzed.

    Power is so generous to spare Kenneth’s life. Poor Prince King, Kin Ching had died and he has lost his unborn baby and his younger sister which they haven’t spend a lot of time together.

    I love the ending, everything Kenneth had done have overturn. But the tragic part is between Steven and Selena. Elaine is paralyzed but if she wasn’t she and Power would have a cute ending. She would be the best role model for Empress. Poor Natalie she had to pretend to be Man-Kwan so that Kenneth wouldn’t leave her.

  • lily says:

    I liked the movie, but the ending was very sad. My husband and I thought all along that Selena was a fake princess. Here was what we thought: Selena’s father happened to find the real princess. She died during infancy such as he stated, because the real princess had a butterfly tattoo, he gave Selena (his real daughter) the same tattoo…Its going to take awhile for me to describe this so I’m just going to ask questions, but if Steven knew all along that he is of royal blood, why did he still develop his relationship with Selena? They almost ran away together. Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks

    • KTVB says:

      Steven didn’t know he was of the royal blood until the last episode.

      He thought he was the Imperial Guard’s grandson. Just as he was able to escape the palace with Selena, his baby shoe got cut and hidden inside was the secret that he was actually not the Imperial Guard’s grandson- but the royal prince. Even the monk thought Steven was the Imperial Guard’s grandson, which is why there was this sudden relief when Steven and the monk found out. This was when Steven decided he had to go back to the palace to stop Kenneth from taking over the throne etc They didn’t reveal to us what was the secret at that time, which was why the monk asked Stsven “What are you doing to do with Selena; she can’t go back anymore (i.e her relationship with Steven)?” (I was a bit puzzled when he said that too!) The scene were they hugged on the bridge was the first scene with Steven and Selena after Steven found out the truth. He couldn’t bare to tell her the truth…

      Hope that helps!

      Quite tragic really..

  • Lacy says:

    I really really, really really hated how obvious it was at the end. It took me some minutes to notice that Steven couldn’t be a couple with Selena and they just decided to kill her all the sudden. It was pretty lame and I knew they had to quickly solve the issue. I would’ve preferred them not to be together and move their own ways but that didn’t happen.

    I felt really that Prince Yue was troubled and was obsessed and a lot of the things he done was wrong. I liked his character in the beginning and I really did wish he got his throne back because it was unfair for him to live the way he did and have the Empress Dowager to dislike him that much. I felt like there was no real basis to dislike him in the beginning except for the mistake he made when he was younger.

    But after watching through the entire drama, I began to dislike his character.. A LOT. He’s indeed a tragic character. It was unfair he killed his brother’s wife, Dor Po’s adoptive parents and so many other people. I feel bad for Prince Yue’s wife the most having to live her life with him thinking that she’s some woman he dreamed of being with. It’s really unfair to her, being that her husband treated her so bad all the time. At the end, I did believe he was obsessed and almost crazy, so I didn’t want him to die, and indeed he didn’t because of the Emperor’s kindness.

    I actually agree that the entire drama, the Emperor was extremely kind, merciful and had great wisdom. It was surprising to me that Dor Po didn’t want to have the throne.

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