Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well and happy =)

I feel bad for not updating as frequent/daily as I used to! I’m quite happy to see the tagboard still so active though^^ Even I feel guilty with the lack of updates; or coming back and seeing the same ‘Phoenix Rising” Final episode post. Something just feels a little strange these days- I don’t have much to say about the TVB series I’m watching. I feel I need some new ideas to keep K for TVB nice and refreshing! I know I can always make series screen-captures to share for Fathers and Sons and The Drive of Life which I’m currently watching but somehow I don’t feel like it. strange. I also get the feeling that even if I did, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. What’s everyone reading about on my blog nowadays? What are you all anticipating?

KTVB feels a bit..empty.

A short update. Current Up to…:
Fathers and Sons – Episode 5

I’m finding the series ok, but not as funny as I’ve anticipated or heard from others. I hope it gets better now that Jacky came into the series and it doesn’t get annoying (I tend to find his roles annoying XD)

After seeing Yoyo in Heart of Greed, I keep thinking Yoyo here is Sui Mak Mak. Not good.

Wong Hei’s character acts like a women at times its freaky, like those “Gong Gong”. His behavior reminds me a bit like his character in Tough side of a lady too. I do like the way he loves this daughter though, unlike Halina who seems to care about herself over anyone else.

The Drive of Life – Episode 15

A nice serious series that gets me into the serious mood! So far I’m quite enjoying Drive. Raymond is so hot here (esp when his hair is straightened) XD I like the bond Raymond, Myolie and the other guy (who works with them) have and their interactions are quite cute. I really like watching for Raymond’s character. After the company declared insolvency and de-registration I really hope that Raymond ends up changing for real (so far I’m convinced) and I hope he will succeed in the car manufacturing company. I want him to prove to everyone that he’s got what it takes! ^^ Hope nothing bad happens again =( Raymond and Feng’s relationship started off nicely, but now they have turned into rivals and we can see that Feng gets jealous when Raymond is with Chiu Ngor(Seen Sin).

On the other note, I don’t really like Joe Ma’s character. Maybe its because I know he’s going to turn bad later on, but it looks like Jessica’s boyfriend genuinely loves her and they seem so happy together I don’t want him coming into this relationship. In an earlier episode, I felt he was selfish after seeing Jessica’s boyfriend go all the way to Beijing to give her a surprise but he didn’t tell her and deliberately took Jessica away to spend the day with him instead.

The three brothers’ relationship appears to be getting better =) Liu Ging Sang(2nd brother) really cares about Damien upon hearing news about the collapse of the economy and company and even offered him to help him out at Beijing. He openly accepts Raymond (his nephew) to come help him at the car Manufacturing business in Beijing and looks after them there. In a way, it seems like the 2nd brother is using Raymond to deal with structural changes for their business to become more competitive since his father-in-law objects against this idea. Nevertheless, Damien appreciates it.

A turning point for Damien and Michael Miu (3rd brother) would be the scene where the two fight each other; or more like Michael blaming and bashing him for “causing” him and Sheren to divorce. The two eventually make up ^^ and Michael and Toby go back to Hong Kong with them.

12 Responses to “[Message from K] August 2007”

  • the azn says:

    when is ron going to get in to this series.?

  • Mr.Aa says:

    Hey, don’t feel empty about your blog… I’ve always liked your combination of comments on the series interspersed with the screen captures… it serves to remind me of the particular moments in the dramas that i’ve watched and liked or also as good ‘visual’ reviews for dramas i’ve yet to watch… anyways, i was also coming back from an ‘online’ hiatus, so keep the good work going ktvb! *pat*pat*

  • LightD says:

    The FAS screenshot is funny. Just look at Bobby’s eyes, heh.

  • FaNNy says:

    i agree with you, wong hei does act like a gong gong in the series lolz. and halina is selfish =[ episode 9 was so sad ahz.

  • to KTVB says:

    keep up the good work! it’s ok if u don’t feel like posting once in a while 🙂

  • AC says:

    I really like Drive of Life too.. I don’t think it’s too slow like i hear from others.. and fathers and sons is getting good too (eps 10)

  • groovy says:

    huhu K dun worry lor..everybody feels empty at times :)..i still enjoy reading ur summaries and thoughts and i like the peace chatbox ^^. ur screencaptures are nice 2

  • F.B.I says:

    the spot you are up to in the series aren’t the main plots yet think it will get better

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : oh, why like tat de, i tel u, although i m oso doing screencatures, but i oso love to visit urs ar.. so, kept it up ar.. looking forward to ur Drove of Life, Father & Son and more series screencaptures lo.. ok…

  • katey says:

    I like reading your thoughts on the series, your blog isn’t empty!

  • Mikkeh says:

    I keep on missing the episodes.. 🙁

  • Kev says:

    Well, I like visiting your site. It’s really helpful for those who can’t read Chinese, but like to watch some Chinese dramas — like me =(

    So your site is not empty at all =) Thanks.

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