Hi everyone!

Hope you have been well! Just decided to drop by a scribble here to say hello :).  Can’t believe we’re in March 14 already! Happy Year of the Horse everyone and hope you’ve all enjoyed the Lunar New Year Festive Season and collected some nice big red pockets^^

I’ve been  in a very busy period of work for the past few months, but it’s almost coming to an end (I’m an Financial Accountant and we have a 31 December Year End if that makes sense to anyone haha) and am now looking forward to my upcoming trip to Hawaii, yay!! During a not-so-exciting TVB time in January 14, thanks to miriamfanz for sharing this neat streaming website, I have been able to re-watch 2006 Dicey Business.  I must say after 6-7 years I still love this series and it still remains a favourite of mine! I wish TVB could bring out that kinda drama on screen again (and with a great cast of course!)

These are the 2014 TVB drama releases so far- how many have you seen?

Storm in a Cocoon

Out of the above, the only one I decided to give it a go is [Storm in a Cocoon], mainly for its cast. I am quite enjoying this series so far (other than Tavia sometimes acting quite annoying around Steven Ma, but hopefully she matures). I have been dropping in some comments as I watch along, so for those who are also watching this, feel free to chat here 🙂 We have quite a few interesting characters in the series, and I am eager to watch on to find out all of the secrets around the Poon family and Hau Yee’s death. I’ve just added in a new favourite character poll too, so cast your vote!

I have also been hearing  some positive feedback on [Gilded Chopsticks] which is the other series currently showing. Which one do you like more?

Which series are you currently watching and enjoying more?

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Last but not least, I recently came across this website on Cantonese Proverbs and I was so fascinated by it that I’d thought I’d share it here! I’m an Australian-born Chinese so my Cantonese isnt top-notch or anything. After watching so much TVB over the years however, I was excited to find this website which explains a lot of the proverbs I hear {esp in Storm in Cocoon!}! XD Some are basic, some I have figured out based on the context, and some are new. Check it out if you’re a newbie like me- might learn something new 🙂

Take care, until next time 😉


15 Responses to “[Message from K] March 2014”

  • Chibi says:

    Long time no seee~! Good to see you’re still out here updating ^^

    I’ve been out of the TVB drama scene for a looong time so I haven’t been keeping up on any news/gossip either XD

    The Canto Proverb link sure is an interesting read ^^

    • KTVB says:

      Hi chibi 😀 Thanks for dropping by!

      From memory your last fav was “Highs and Lows? ^^

      Yea I like that Canto Proverbs links- esp ones I’ve heard of before! CAn’t imagine me ever using them though lol

  • Ri says:

    Hi K! 🙂

    After such a lacklustre run on TVB, I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m enjoying BOTH Storm in A Cocoon AND Gilded Chopsticks! They’re both not without flaws but at least a whole lot better than some stuff TVB has been putting out.. to be honest, last year’s On Call 2 (which is the last show I watched) was sucha disappointment but what was even more disappointing was me not being disappointed because I expected to be disappointed. hahaha if that makes any sense!

    I’m up to date on SIAC and while it’s strolling along on a pretty predictable plotline, I guess the characters are the one that do it for me. Steven Ma is of course a favourite (when is he never, even when he’s playing weird characters? hahaha *biased*) and his pairing with Tavia, while not exactly fresh, still works. And after awhile it does seem like Tavia tones down a bit with the screechy and puts in some pretty good performances (she was TV Queen once after all). But SIAC totally works in that they create interesting characters with mysterious backstories to keep the intrigue there so it doesn’t get too one-note with the Hau Yee murder investigation. Here’s hoping it only gets better!

    Gilded Chopsticks is really something to watch after a long day. No need to think a lot and it’s really quite laugh out loud funny, esp since they poke fun at a lot of real life stuff (Wong Cho Lam’s height etc) I think it sells in most part due to Wong Cho Lam who has a knack for deadpan humour. You should catch it if u can! 🙂

    All in all, happy there are still some good TVB shows left. I noticed like only 2 or 3 interesting ones in the Sales Presentation for this year but meh, I guess 2 or 3 really good ones are more than enough! 🙂

    Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!! 🙂

    • JacJac says:

      I actually don’t anticipate any of the tvb series in 2014. Gilded Chopsticks was a surprise decent tvb series these days. 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Ri 😀

      haha Yeah Oncall 2 was disappointing (as expected LOL) I tried giving it a go but gave up because I felt it was a drag to watch; it was not engaging and..to be frank, quite boring =\ I almsot forgot I had started this series lol Did you end up watching Bounty Lady? I thought that was quite enjoyable!

      Yep, I agree- SIAC is kind of predictable, but characters in there are pretty good- they have some depth! Almost half way through the series, I wonder what else is to come!

      I haven’t actually seen the sales presentation clip for this year yet haha Is Raymond Lam anywhere to be seen?? *hopeful** ^^

      Thanks!! Really looking forward to my Hawaii trip (1 week to go!! :D)

      • Ri says:

        “Not engaging” is def the best way to describe On Call 2. If only they hadn’t added so many new characters and focused more on the ones that made On Call 1 such a success.. but hey isn’t that usually what happens with sequels. Sigh! I didn’t end up watching Bounty Lady tho I heard good things about it!

        I only rmb Raymond Lam in one of the shows in the sales presentation. I think it was called The Apostle, and has Michael Miu and Charmaine Sheh. It looks like a show about undercover cops (??) and actually could be pretty good. Not sure if Raymond will end up filming it/has already filmed it since sales presentation clips are only indicative of storyline and not necessarily casting. We shall see!

        Super jealous that you’re off to Hawaii but sounds like a much-needed break! Aloha to you! 🙂

  • Lala says:

    Hi K!

    Kinda off topic here 😛 I too studied Accounting was just wondering if you have any advice on getting experience in the field? Every job i come across wants experience but i lack it 🙁

    P.s Enjoy your holiday!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Lala 🙂

      Getting experience while you study is always good- kinda like putting your foot in the door, but I didn’t go down that route. During my last year of uni I starting applying for Graduate Positions for the Big 4 accounting firms. They’re big and prestigious and experience is not their key requirement; but more so looking at the people-skills you have and your academic results. All the best!

      P.s Thanks! 😀

  • h.k says:

    hi ktvb enjoy your trip.I went to Hawaii when i was a kid and enjoyed it there.

  • Rachel says:

    Hello! I’m glad you’re still updating this blog occasionally! hope to see more posts from you when possible! 🙂

    i just started storm in a cocoon and i like it! it’s definitely my type of genre hehe and of course steven and tavia makes it great too. i don’t like gilded chopsticks as much, but i’m glad that the series have been doing a little bit better than in the recent months!

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Rachel! Great to you you’re still around! heheh ^^

      Def my type of genre too 😀 I don’t think I’ll watch Gilded Chopsticks…not really my genre to be honest!
      What have you been up to these days?

      • Rachel says:

        yep! i’m still around! still visit tvb blogs for updates whenever i can. 🙂

        i’m in grad school right now for school counseling so life has been super busy >_< haha but i've been enjoying it! it does slow down my drama watching time though hahah slowly but surely catching up =P

        what about you? going to Hawaii soon, huh? that sounds like a lot of fun!

        • KTVB says:

          Wow school counselling, how interesting! What course is it? Psychology?

          It’s alright…nothing too impressive on these days anyway haha

          Yes I’m quite excited!! 😀 Counting down!! Will have a lot of episodes to catch up on when I’m back hehe

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