There are a few several factors that really keep me watching On the First Beat, and one great factor is for Michael and Sonija! I love this couple!!  I haven’t like Sonija in ages but can’t help to think she looks really pretty here! XD And Michael Tao is so charming! lol He is so kewl xD I really really really wanted the two to get back together and they finally do in episode 16 =D So I decided to capture their moments!! <3 <3 The Hospital Scene

Sonija finds out about the Vase, and Michael realises that Sonija did visit him in hospital and left him the congee.

This scene really reminds me the Raymond and Linda scene in Episode 23 of Heart of Greed. Its the “getting back together” moment at night in front of their home..

Its just half way through the series but I hope tat they won’t have to separate again..

7 Responses to “[On the First Beat] Michael and Sonija- Episode 16”

  • PC says:

    michael and sonija do get back together but it didnt last last that long.

  • Kristy says:

    Finally, Sonija died…How sad !
    I think they ‘re a vary perfect couple. Sonija looks so pretty tat I couldn’t think she ‘s over 30

  • Thao says:

    I have a question for TVB producer or KTVB, Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao. My question is “is Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao ever going to film another movie together again? Because I really like those 2 couple in the movie “on the first beat” TVB producer or KTVB please let or ask Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao film another movie together again. PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I really like those 2 couple. Sonija Kwok it is because of the rumor you not filming a another movie together with Michael Tao? Sonija Kwok please film another movie together with Michael Tao and Michael Tao please film another movie together with Sonija Kwok.

  • Ada says:

    OMG!!!!!! sonija and michael are really sweet in this series!!! i just hate a fung(tht girl)cuz she keeps ruining things for them!!! anyways they r soo cute too bad they’re now not only not a couple nor friends …but enemies… soo sad ='( (crying)

  • beepbop says:

    their chemistry in this series was great, although winnie(sonija) dies in the series, 張景峰will always have her in his heart

  • SimplyQuixotic says:

    I really hate Sammul Chan in this series he is so selfish like at the end you can see the reason why Fiona died (because he dare not fire the gun) but all along he blames Ron for it !!

    My fave are Joey+Ron <3<3

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