December 2011

[Bottled Passion] Episode 1-10 Thoughts

  • Bottled Passion
  • I am loving this series so much because of the story line and Raymond Wong’s “Tong Boon Sin” character.
  • At first I thought Raymond’s character would be similar to Sammul Chan in “The Price of Greed” (especially after watching his scene with Yoyo Chen in the first episode) but I’m relieved to know they’re different. Sammul is completely heartless and is a true conman (almost robot like) but Raymond’s character is more human. He has real emotions and is a gray character (on the border of good and evil). I still see Raymond as a “good character” though- he has a “good” reason to want revenge and I felt so sorry for him when he was young. I root for him every time he gets back at the “Ko” family – they are one messed up family!! The only thing that’s a bit “sad” about the revenge thing is using Niki in the process (even though he didn’t “want” to, but “needed” to)
  • I still see it as a romance story because we can see how much Raymond cares for her, how hurt he is to treat her that way; yet he knows he “needs” to in order to take his revenge- Poor Niki who is thinking that everything was a lie (which we know is not true). Raymond genuinely treated her well and wanted her to be happy (as contradictory as that may sound). He felt so bad for doing what he did that he tried to make up for her loss, by getting his friend to rent out the land at a cheap price. It’s almost like sitting there waiting for her to know the truth (e.g he was the one who carried her back to the hospital); yet it makes me wonder if it’ll help the situation at all given that he still used her. It wasn’t simply a betrayal, it was a betrayal from someone she truly loved and trusted the most.
  • Raymond is so romantic in the series XD Conman or not, he definitely knows how to steal a girl’s heart away
  • Bottled Passion
  • I love his back story- I loved watching when he was a little boy and the bond he shared with “Milk Lolly” girl. It was too cute! That element where he has been waiting for her 10 year after 10 is very heart-warming and romantic- and possibly the most genuine side of him.
  • I’m quite indifferent about Niki’s character. She cries a lot which can get a bit annoying but I can’t hate her because her character is a nice girl…her character development will come from coping the downfall after Raymond’s betrayal and constant encounter thereafter.  Sometimes I wish she would stop feeling sorry for herself though. What interests me the most about her character is whether she is “Milk Lolly” XD I think she is! TVB has been giving out clues e.g when her mother got really angry at Raymond Cho when Niki “injured” her leg- reminding him of the time he took out to play. Her leg injury in the past appears to be kept away from Niki. If she is Milk Lolly, I wonder how her leg recovered? I thought she was an orphan? Did she lose her memories? Was she adopted? Note: All of these questions are rhetorical so I hope to find out when watching it- so no spoilers please J If she really is milk-lolly, her first co-incidental encounter with Raymond in episode 1 would be like fate. A forgotten one. I wonder what would happen if/when they both find out? Would it be too late..?? We’ll just have to wait and see!
  • Rebecca’s character is so evil (reminds me of her character in “Curse of the Royal Harem” Can she be any more selfish?? I hated how she treated young Raymond- how could she adopt him and then abandon him like that!? He was only a little boy and she tried to kill him. She uses her own children (Joel, Elaine, Katy) as her tool. She favours Joel so much it makes me wonder if her other daughters are her own! She does so many bad things like breaking off the Accountants’ arm. I don’t feel bad for  her children though. Joel plays one of those idiots, commits fraud, acts like a jerk, cheats on his wife (Tracey Ip) by having affairs everywhere, and uses dirty tactics against Niki’s family in order to take over their soya sauce factory. There is nothing good about his character… XD
  • Bottled Passion
  • At first, Elaine Yiu’s character reminded me of Miss Nine (Sheren from No Regrets) because her father seems to regard her highly over his eldest son Joel. I don’t hate her character that much because she seems to want their family business to do well and appears quiet obedient. Her mother arranged her engagement with a ill man she does not love hence appears quiet compressed;-yet she can switches from vulnerable victim to her mother to “strong business woman”. In the end, she’s just another selfish soul (especially the way she treated the Accountant- her ex-lover).
  • In order to take his revenge on the Ko Family, Raymond plots to get close to the Ko’s two daughters- Elaine and Katy by making them fall for him. Raymond definitely knows how to grab a lady’s attention and lead them on. He deliberately made Elaine anxious by rescheduling their meeting time last minute over and over again, causing her a lot of headache. After several rejections, he then appears genuine and apologises, and offers her his shoes when she walks bare feet on the ground. He helped her gain glory as he rejected Joel’s offer when he wanted to take over the Soya Sauce business, and then simply handed her the Soy Sauce factory to her-saying she will be the only one he would sell it to. Raymond flirts with her all the time, and brings her a lot of surprises by appearing everywhere, giving off that mysterious aura. He’s constantly daring and stepping over the line- He broke into a store when she wanted to try on a dress when the store was closed. He’d take her out to dinner even at public places. Just as her fiancé left the room when she was trying on her wedding dress, he came in and started kissing her.
  • Katy plays a 19 year old spoilt brat, pretending to be a good girl in front of her parents who smokes and goes after older men (even though they are married). She starts an affair with one of the teachers and after being publicly slapped by his wife, Katy takes her revenge by sending all the love letters, and fake- pair of earrings to his wife, leading his wife to commit suicide. One young dangerous girls- She seems so proud of it when she told Raymond too -.-  It would be interesting to watch Raymond toy with her heart 😛 Considering she likes older men, and Raymond was able to leave such first impression on her, Raymond can win this easy XD He took the last room on the train, he correctly “read”  her life on Tarot Cards; then he denied meeting her. I think his constant appearance around Elaine will arouse a type of jealousy feeling because he gives Elaine all the attention while acting cold towards her.
  • At first I didn’t like Raymond Cho and his wife Claire Yiu much. He seemed like a whimp who only brings problems to the Soy Sauce factory and his wife was a big mouth who was there just to benefit for herself. As I watched on, I realised they were a loving family- Raymond Cho, Niki, their younger brother Vin Choi, and even Claire stick together no matter what. One of my favourite scenes of  Claire was when she was pretending to give birth during the protest. It was hilarious XD ( she sounded so fake and exaggerated) yet Joel and his gang fell for it XD I thought she would be hesitate and try to avoid being there because she was pregnant but she didn’t disappoint me. A very heart-felt family!
  • A special mention to Eric Li’s character “Lo Yat” LOVE HIM! XD He is absolutely hilarious pretending to be the landlord. Although he has minimal screen time and is there to support/ally with Raymond, I always  enjoy his scenes with Raymond. They share a really nice fun chemistry and are each other’s much trusted friend.
  • I ‘m pretty indifferent about Jack Wu’s doctor character. He seems to be there as Niki’s love interest/the one to help her through her worries after Raymond’s betrayal. Episode 10 ended quite excitedly as they revealed Jack to be Ko-Sui Tong’s son!
  • Can’t wait to watch more. The story will only get better from here!  😀 What do you guys think of the story?

34 Responses to “[Bottled Passion] Episode 1-10 Thoughts”

  • Chibi says:

    Nice write up 😀 Pretty much sums up the story so far… I hope Niki’s character plays more importance to the storyline and demonstrate some ‘girl power’ by being brave and standing up for herself- the sulkiness is a little bit of a turn off, but I guess she’s hopelessly in love XD

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks chibi 😀 Like Lo-Yat mentioned in the series, Niki does seem to be involved with Raymond’s plans through the series.

      As for major turn in girl-power, can’t quite see that happening XD

  • rachel says:

    yay for bottled passion! hehehe i have so much to comment on, i don’t even know where to start! hahah but like you, i’m really enjoying it so far, it’s definitely something i look forward to watching each day, i love watching raymond and niki’s interactions…even their sad scenes hahah but what i’m looking forward to the most is when they reveal all of the questions/mysteries behind ‘milk lolly’ and if it really is niki how did she lose her memory, her leg, and etc, basically all of the questions your wrote! hahaha i’m wondering the same thing!
    and raymond’s character is just too sweet to hate! despite all the ‘evil’ things he’s done…but i feel like the ko family deserves every little bit HAH. i’m even enjoying eric li’s character! he usually plays those despicable characters, but i find “law yat” so lovable! hahaha
    i also super enjoy watching raymond cho and claire!! they’re so funny to watch!! i was scared at first that claire was going to be one of those greedy daughter in laws who’s only out to get the money, but i really enjoy seeing her care for the family, she cracks me up all the time hahah, and that giving birth scene was also one of my favorites! i can’t wait to see when she actually gives birth! lol 🙂
    i really can’t find anything to dislike about this series, even the appearance of jack wu’s character to create a love triangle in my opinion is pretty okay hahah i even feel a bit sorry for him as he starts to like niki and she probably won’t return the same feelings…he seems like a nice guy..too bad he has such a sad background and a crazy stepmother who’ll probably be out to get him if she finds out hahah…
    but yeah, overall, i find bottle passion super enjoyable, can’t believe it’s halfway done! i’m gonna be sad when this ends hahah

  • ycdahiong says:

    I thought that Raymond Wong should have avoided Niki as she was healing well until he came into her life again. Maybe he was trying to use the tough method to let Niki forget him but seeing Niki so vulnerable makes me go T_T.

    Surprisingly, I didn’t feel Niki irritating as I felt Fala Chen’s character irritating in No Regrets. But I feel that Niki has to improve on her acting because she feels stiff.

    It was hilarious when the brothers pretended to be fengshui lou and it really made me laugh out loud. So funny! Somemore Lou Yat was rolling his eyes when the brothers tried to sweet talk him. Talk about a bunch of noob cheating a experienced cheater.

    Please continue to update your reviews about dramas because you are the only tvb blog I have in my hands now. T_T I admit that my love for tvb diminished in 2011 but I thought that When Heaven Burns and Bottled Passion are both better pieces compared to those in early 2011. =)

    • KTVB says:

      I tihnk Raymond should have avoided Niki too. I understand he did try to avoid her as well, but when Lo-Yat was busted as the landlord, he had to come up with an excuse to continue giving the land back to her. I thought the agreement was a bit strange though. At first I thought Raymond just wanted to eat her meal again, but instead he used it to give to Elaine’s dad…He didn’t have to constantly yell at her about the food tasting bad etc though. Although understandable, I didn’t like Niki’s attitude everytime she brought the food to Raymond. She constantly thinks he’s doing it to make her suffer, but if she observed mroe closely she’ll realise otherwise..

      HAHA yes that scene was hilarious! Lo-Yat tried so hard not to laugh ahhah

      Will try 🙂 although I’m finding it really hard to find time to blog these days…

  • AC says:

    I really like this series so far too! I just wish Niki’s character wasn’t so weak over her broken heart since she seems like she’s supposed to be a stronger character. I’m kinda rooting for her and Jack to be together right now though.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you AC. I wish Niki’s character would be stronger too. She whinges a lot and has a lot of self-pity, which sometimes makes her appear less considerate (e.g towards Jack)

      Somehow I can’t picture Niki and Raymond being together in the end..

  • csfan says:

    Omg I am loving this drama so much atm. I loved every interaction of Niki and Raymond. Such a pity that he had to use her for his revenge. I’m just so sad to see both of them suppress their feelings for each other 🙁

    I must praise Raymond W who’s doing such a great job in portraying Boon Sing, so charismatic. I like it that he’s on the grey area not afraid to do immoral things for his revenge. I guess that’s why Elaine fell for him haha

    Omg I really want to see your thoughts on ep 11. So tear jerking T.T

    Hopefully you’ll share more thoughts on this addictive drama hehe

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you- Raymod is so charismatic!<3 This has gotta be my favourite role of his 😀

      Episode 11 was tear-jerking! As mentioned previously, I love Raymond's character over Nikis, so the tear-jerking bit was watching Raymond cry watching Niki (moreso than watching Niki in pain)

      I can't believe Niki doesn't realise the tears in Raymond's eyes!

  • `Amethyst. says:

    I’ve been watching Bottled Passion too and I’ve been totally LOVING it. Initially when I saw the poster (The weird pink one) I was like ‘…okay..’ and I thought it might not be that good but DAYUMM. One episode was all it took to get me hooked. Every single day, I look forward to watching the next episode of BP. It’s amazing 🙂

    I totally agree with your write up.

    When I first read the synopsis, I too thought that Raymond would be like Sammul in POG. (Especially with the scene with Yuk Fung) But once everything was cleared and all, he became my favorite character in the drama. The one who’s side I’m definitely on. Nikki is pitiful here, she got cheated and all but whenever I see how she blows up at Ray, I can’t help but not like it. It’s at these moments that I think ‘ Hey girl. Can’t you just OPEN your eyes and see the hurt and tears in his eyes :'( ‘ Yes he cheated her, but he’s really remorseful about it. If only she would calm down and take a better look..

    Rebecca’s character is just plain evil. I’m totally hating on her. In fact, she seems worse than in COTRH. (character wise) At least in COTRH, she did it for Myolie. But over here it seems more like she’s doing it for herself. Yes, she does favour Joel and that may seem like she’s doing it for him but somehow I get the feeling that she’s doing it to keep her power in the family. Like, if her son is in charge then literally it’s like her being in charge (Because Joel listens to her) Don’t you realise she seems unhappy when the father seems to favour Elaine (Because Elaine isn’t totally under her control).

    As for Elaine, I like that she doesn’t let herself be manipulated. And we also see that she does truly care for her father. I don’t think she wants power though, it’s more like she’s helping her father take care of the company and not letting it fall in Joel’s hands. (He seems pretty useless.) She doesn’t really give off that power hungry aura. In fact, when I look at her I feel that she just wants to be free, take charge of her own life instead of having her mother manipulate her and run her life for her. All in all, her character is fine by me, APART from how she treated her ‘ex’. She got over him SO fast, didn’t show ANY concern whatsoever and when he went to pass her the documents to sign, she treated him like a mere employee. Unfeeling much? :l

    As for Katy, I find her a total brat. It’s like she has to spoil everything. And she was being a total bitch to Nikki at the office..I can’t wait to see how Raymond plays her! Evil but chyeah, what can I say? She does deserve it, does she not? >:) Perhaps my thoughts of her might change in the later episodes, I don’t know…But I’m thinking not.

    Claire is a shrew at times but despite, I do find her character kinda cute. Like how she changes her expressions really quickly, as with the scarf incident. One minute she was angry, the next she was smiley. Initially I thought she’d be the kind who’d always help her husband and try to oust Nikki out, but I soon realised that wasn’t the case. Which was sweet 🙂

    Lo yat is really cool here, he provides comical relief and he’s a nice guy. I like how he always ‘teases’ Raymond about Nikki. He’s so cheeky, me gusta (Y) 😉

    Well, I’m rooting for Raymond and Nikki to be together. Refreshing couple and they are matching in terms of looks. I’m also rooting for Raymond’s revenge scheme, I really want to see Rebecca get what she deserves and I do look forward to seeing how he will cheat both Katy and Elaine. Not so much of Elaine because I find she doesn’t deserve it as much as Katy does, for now that is.

    I hope Raymond and Nikki will have a happy ending but sad to say I do NOT think they will have one, thanks to a spoiler trailer that I saw. (Not going to post the link here because I don’t wanna be a spoiler.) But chyeah, this is only my assumption~ They still might have one if TVB/the scriptwriter is kind. (HOPEFULLY SO!)

    Ohmy. I’ve written so much, but yeah. I’m really loving this series so I’d like to share my thoughts as well! I hope it’ll continue being as good. BP = <3

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Amethyst 🙂 I agree with your comments too! I thought Raymond’s remorseful look (teary eyes) was prettty obvious (hospital confrontation scene, when Niki was cooking when she was sick etc) but she can’t seem to see it. Raymond may say harsh things to her, but his emotions are saying otherwise. I wish she could just see that…

      Very true about Rebecca- your analysis seems correct! I couldn’t quite figure out what was going through her mind though but your ideas seems tomake sense with her characte and overall storyline. The whole “control” At the same time, Joel’s dad is like using Elaine to surpress Joel’s power in the business XD Rebecca knows Joel isn’t good enough but “pushing” him anyway because he is her son.

      I agree with you about Elaine. I don’t mind her character too much except the extremes/180 degreees turn in the way she treated her ex. Weird. maybe raymond already caught her attention? XD

      Yea Claire is kinda cute!! XD I’m growing to like her a lot XD

      I feel like I’m slightly gonna feel sorry for Elaine when she finds out Raymond was only using her XD

      Based on the series so far, I can’t imagine a happy ending for Raymond and Niki…I feel something bad is going to happen to one of them..some tradgey.. I hope to see some sort of confession scene for the two though! Wishful thinking! 🙂

      • Charlie says:

        OMG! Just finished watching Episode 14 and saw the preview for Episode 15 and I’m wondering if there will be a GOOD ending or will it be a tragic one like you’re predicting? I am rooting for the GOOD for this one! Since it seems like Raymond has had a bag beginning! We’ll see!!! 🙂

        • KTVB says:

          OMG!!! Episode 14 was so good- the preview looks even better!!!! *SCREAMS IN EXCITEMENT* Please note the preview is for the ending episodes, so they won’t show all those scenes in episode 15 XD

        • rachel says:

          i’m also really excited for episode 15!!!!! 😀 after seeing it, i was so disappointed that the episode is for next monday and not tomorrow 🙁 hahah there’s still hope for a happy(er?) ending!!

        • Charlie says:

          My bubble had burst when you told me the preview was not just for episode 15. But oh well, I just can’t believe the show is going to end in a little over a week! Let there be hope on the ending. 😛 Though unlikely!

      • `Amethyst. says:

        You’re welcome~ It was fun writing all my thoughts down to share ^^ I know right, but I’m really glad that with episode 14, Nikki’s finally come to the realisation that Raymond isn’t who he portrays himself to be when with her. Perhaps things will get cleared up in the next episode between the two? I’m really wondering if Raymond will tell her now. Well, either that or he’ll just do his thing and not tell her the truth. (Probably because he doesn’t want her to be involved)

        Well Rebecca does give off that vibe to me XD That evil woman. I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve seen her in a kind role. In fact, with COTRH and BP, I don’t even remember her being in any kind role at all XD But over here, she is one scary woman. The things she did to Raymond as a child is just pure evil. How could she even do such a thing? And as of now I am kinda worrying for Jack, because he does seem nice. He likes Nikki but yet he honestly tells her that he saw Raymond that night, instead of hiding the truth (which might have been to his advantage eventually?) I think it’s sweet. He puts her happiness before his, by telling her the truth and giving her some hope, so she won’t be so troubled even though this also means Nikki might get together with Raymond. Sweet. I’m liking Jack here, he reminds me a little of his character in Phoenix Rising. Kind and always doing stuff for the girl he likes <3 ^^ Initially I thought he might be evil, but I was proved wrong real quickly. And I'm glad for that too. What's a drama when it's only filled with villians? XD

        Raymond definitely has caught her attention already XD In fact, the two of them are sweet. Well, not exactly. But he is really romantic. If I was Elaine, I'd fall to. But I do find that I'm starting to pity her. Raymond treats her so well and she's really in bliss now but sooner or later (I'm thinking sooner though), it's all going to be taken away. It's kinda cruel, to give someone the world and then take it away. Real painful. And I do pity her even more than I would ever pity Katy, because as of now, apart from her 360degree turn with her ex, she hasn't really done anything 'evil' (tell me if I missed out anything?) In fact, like I mentioned, she does truly care for her father and we also do see that she does care for her mother (from how worried she was when her mother 'fainted' in the toilet). The girl isn't that bad at all, but I guess the poor girl has to get it for the story to go on. Must be karma hitting her first instead of her mother. What goes around, comes around 😉 TVB likes doing these stuff :3

        Claire is really cute! One minute she's angry, next minute she's happy. One minute she's pissed off at the mother, next minute she's really concerned. It's really adorable, I think it's the whole pregnancy thing! I really like how she sewed the name and address on the jacket for her 'lai lai', so sweet :'(

        It was a really heartbreaking moment when Nikki had to break the news of the mother's senile dementia. At that moment you just really feel the family's togetherness. It was heartwarming albeit being heartbreaking. Very closely knitted family :') <3

        Well, I do agree with you. The way it's going, it's hard to see a happy ending for them. Plus, with that spoiler trailer I saw, my hopes are totally dragged right to the rock bottom. Something bad is actually going to happen to them both, one after another. (not going to say what and be a spoiler though :l) But I believe there'll definitely be a confession scene for them ^^ The ending MIGHT be bittersweet (but more of bitter).

        I come to this assumption because well, the producer of BP (Lee Tim Shing) is actually the same as No regrets and Rosy Business. And we all know that the ending for RB was sad (the two leads didn't get together) and NR's one was bittersweet (they only got together after so many years). And well, I'm guessing there's a pattern there. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my assumption is wrong and there'll be a happy ending for once. And to top it off, Lee Tim Shing is a really good producer! Thumbs up for him man! I really enjoyed his productions, RB was great, NR was amazing and BP is awesome <3 Let's hope he doesn't retire anytime soon and continues to shower us with his wonderful productions. TVB needs producers like him (Y) ^^

  • tiffany says:

    please can you send me a link with english sub ,thanks you very much

  • Celine says:

    Got to love this series! It’s slightly different to one’s I’ve seen before! I’ve cried soooo many times whilst watching the episodes! and I totally think that Niki is ngow lai tong!! I was telling my brother this and convincing him!! But yeahhh nowadays, I totally look out for hints on things! (:
    CANNOT wait for the following episodes as it gets more and more interesting! I must say, one of my favourite dramas ever- no exaggeration! 🙂 I love Raymond and Niki’s acting! XXX

  • Charlie says:

    Sorry – I know this is for Ep 1- 10 but after watching Episode 16, I cannot wait to see Episode 17! The preview totally gets me so EXCITED!

  • sara says:

    who is that girl at the end of episode 1 with a cloth around her head?

  • The ending was pretty disappointing 🙁
    Sorry to spoil the feeling, but it really made me feel like it was twisty 80% of the time and it dropped to a terrible ending. D;
    I enjoyed watching it, i was chasing the episodes! But the last 2 episodes, i wasn’t paying much attention. It just went to a downfall for me 🙁

  • tvblover says:


  • 'muff says:

    OMG I haven’t visited your blog in ages but so glad I have now – *binges on the summary* LOL it’s like reliving the series. Haha I tend to feel empty after finishing a good series.

    I skipped out on a lot of episodes in 1-10, so I missed out Elaine and her accountant’s interactions – I’d been wondering what happened to them when she was with Raymond. Judging from the comments she wasn’t very nice to him haha, but because I missed seeing those scenes, I felt really sorry for her, knowing that Raymond’s feelings to her weren’t true, yet she was falling deeper and deeper in love with him. And she wasn’t a bad person in general (yes I say this even after having finished the series); she was filial to her father, was so much better at handling the family business than her good-for-nothing brother etc.

    Despised Katy’s character LOL she was so bratty =_= And so heartless.

    I loved Eric’s character! And the bromance he and Raymond shared hahaha, the whole “brotherhood till death” thing. Won’t spoil the ending for future readers of this blogpost but I laughed out loud when I found out certain names in the final episode… yes, despite the atmosphere of the final episode xD So I was glad for that, lifted the mood x)

    The doctor was altruistic, which I was so glad for ^^ Because I totally shipped RaymondxNiki xD

    And I feel like if I go on gushing I might accidentally spoil stuff so I’ll stop XD

  • rainy says:

    yep i agree with most of u guy comments. I quite love the start of this series.Eric li was quite funny when he appeared. i love him so much. This series reminded me so much of No Regrets. The plot, the era etc. The way Raymond appear to revenge was so good. Love the series so far but one drawback of this was i hope Raymond and Nikki have a better plot of love because even i know Nikki was a nice girl but she was like a cry-baby T.T.

  • Cereal says:

    The story is so much like Bad Guy, a Korean drama. So I’ve already known the ending before I watch it.

  • Keke says:

    The ending made me so sad.. I was waiting for a miracle! I dnt understand why TVB didn’t just give it a cliche happy ending.. Now I gotta watch a happy drama to cheer me up -_-

  • lve88 says:

    I watch all this series English sub did not like the ending at all

  • Carol Goh says:

    I mayb a little late in commenting about this drama. But I really love and miss this drama so much. The plot was really good, that that I didnt know why the ending have to be really really cacat!
    I could be a bad ending, but at least let him die in Niki’s arms humming their childhood tune or something and not crawl to the port and die?????
    Wishing it to have other endings

  • Kimac60 says:

    Happen watch this drama by accident recently on Starhub even though I have missed few episodes. Surprisingly I am hook and cant wait to watch following up episodes. Seeing all the comments above, though have not watch the Ep 21 yet, dissappointing sad ending. Its like watching Mediacorp’s The Little Nonya again (sad ending!) Wish TVB could follow up with PART II with happy ending for the lead characters. They are very compatible couple and have chemistry to carry the show. Looking to see more of Raymond Wong and Niki collaboration in the next show.

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