Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

A Fistful of Stances Ending

I am relieved that A Fistful of Stances has a happy ending 🙂 I particularly liked the final final scene, really put a smile on my face XD

Final Scene
Kenneth: Pretty Doctor, yesterday was our Medicine Business’ opening of its new store and you didn’t even come celebrate with us- you’re not a good enough of a friend.
Selena: *sigh* Not in the mood…
Kenneth: What’s wrong? Nothing happened to your mother right?
Selena: Mother is ok..but my patient at the hospital isn’t. One of them is really going over the limit.
Kenneth: How?
Selena: Every time he comes, he always jumps the queue.
Kenneth: Woah, really?

Selena: Yeah! And when I give him medicine, he only eats it here and there when he wants, treating the hospital like his own home- always coming in and out when he wants to.
Kenneth: Ah..these kind of patients, just let him die.
Selena: Yea you think so too ey?
Kenneth: Yeah *nodding and agreeing*
Selena: The worst bit is every time I have dinner with him, he makes me pay the bill every time! See, don’t you think there’s no hope in saving this patient?

Kenneth suddenly realises Selena was talking about him the whole time XD

A Fistful of Stances Ending

Kenneth: Er well, a patient is sick..so as his doctor you should let him have his ways, Ah Mui.
Selena: Nah..don’t think I can cure him, see him now? He’s still talking his way around things, always talking non-sense- not ever sensible.

A Fistful of Stances Ending

Selena suddenly notices something and moves close to Kenneth’s face. Kenneth becomes uneasy and leans forward too XD

A Fistful of Stances Ending

Selena jumps back: Woah! Today he’s got a breath too, I better find another doctor to treat him.
Selena gets back on her bicycle and starts to ride off while Kenneth chases.
Kenneth: But I’ve gotten a lot better now, I used to have asthma attack every month, now its only every 3 months! or How about later I shout you dinner, if not, tomorrow, or how about the day after? The day after day? Future 10 years? 20 years? For the rest of this life?
Selena smiles and rides away faster.
Kenneth: I can’t anymore, I’m having an asthma attack again. How could you leave your patient like that? You’re such a heartless doctor! XD
Kenneth catches up and grabs onto the end of her bike while pushing her forward.

A Fistful of Stances Ending


Aww…how sweet! Happy Happy ending for the two of them 😀 even though we don’t get to see them get together we know it will happen XD Very happy for this pair!

Other character Endings: Eventually the truth comes out and Dominic is imprisoned. At the end he hangs himself. Personally I couldn’t care less what happens to him as long as he doesn’t get a happy ending. Bleh. lol Right til the end he still thinks he did not do anything wrong- very typical of him and in character haha.

His poor wife Kara though- she turned mental after been forced into the mental hospital by Dominic. I feel happy for Selena’s brother though~ he was able to turn back and learn/admit all his wrong-doings. He got what he deserved- his legs disabled for the rest of his life after taking too many of the drugs before the competition. He was scared and lonely when he was sent away and wanted to be with his family again even if it meant his own death. I’m sure Kenneth and Yuen Qiu took part in convincing him to redeem himself by finding out from Dominic where he captured Natalie.

A Fistful of Stances Ending

As a result, Kevin was able to successfully rescue Natalie 🙂 Kevin and Natalie end up together. At the end, Kevin competed again and was able to claim the championship in the final tournament 🙂 RIP Ram!

A Fistful of Stances Ending

As a result of everyone pleading for Selena’s brother, he did not get sentenced to death. Instead he was imprisoned for 20 years and we can see that he’s been behaving himself etc 🙂 That was nice and comforting to see…

A Fistful of Stances Ending

And I guess that was it!

Share your thoughts everyone 🙂

28 Responses to “[A Fistful of Stances] Ending”

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Yes, that last scene brought a big smile to my face, and I love Kenneth’s reaction when he founds out that Selena was talking about him! I reckon these two should film a modern tv series as a couple because the chemistry is definitely there! Kevin really showed how much he cared for Natalie when she was kidnapped which was touching. The ending, yeah, it was good, nothing too dramatic but a simple happy ending. I love watching this series, it’s got a plot that makes you shout at the tv! I also loved watching Yuen Qiu, her acting is fantastic! Overall, I would recommend this series! 5 out of 5!

    • KTVB says:

      Would def like to see them as a couple in modern day 😀

      I agree with you about Kevin’s feelings for Natalie when she was captured. Would be more touching if Natalie could have heard the way he felt ^^

      Yup..a simple happy ending!

      • cooldudejohn says:

        Actually thinking about it, one more thing I love about Kenneth and Selena was when Kenneth kept asking her if she had “fallen in love” with him. The ending would be better if Kenneth goes “give me one chance to take you out for dinner that I’ll pay for” and then Selena goes “ok, one chance”.

  • chibi says:

    awww..that does sound like a nice happy ending for Selena and Kenneth hehee very cute…

    But..I don’t know what happens between episode 7 and here before you didn’t blog about them, LOL!

    • KTVB says:

      I was hoping the first few episode blog entries were enough to convince you to watch it lol

      Will add a few more of the other episodes in between when I get some time =)

  • TVB Fan says:

    So, Kenneth and Selena are not together???

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for your reviews! I love reading them, but I probably shouldn’t have since I haven’t seen it yet! The Vietnamese version has not been fully released 🙁

    Anyway, I love seeing Kenneath and Selena together! They’re one of my favourite TVB pairings!

    Really can’t wait to watch this 🙂

  • lynn says:

    I loved the series. I didn’t really like Kenneth before this but his character was too likeable albeit a little too harsh at times.

    I think the couplings were a little rushed though. Especially Kevin and Natalie. All of a sudden he realizes she likes him and they are together. And yet.. Selena and Kenneth are still flirting? Also I can’t read Chinese so I am not sure what form Jacky signed. Did he release a statement that he was on drugs and thus was disqualified as the winner or did Kevin really compete the next year round?

    • KTVB says:

      hehe yea..but I guess because there really isn’t a barrier between Kevin and Natalie..while Kenneth and Selena’s family background is a bit more complex. A lot has also happened to Selena’s family so I guess they’ll need to take it slower.
      As for the “speed” for Kevin, think about how quick he wanted to marry Nancy? lol

      Oh I didn’t really read/try to read what Jacky was writing lol I just assumed he was doing his “homework” while in jail, hence showing that he was behaving himself etc

      And we saw a glimpse of Kevin fighting again, so we can conclude that he went to compete again in the next year 🙂

  • Fiona says:

    OMGSH. It was so sad though, what happened to Kara!!! Well, guess who we can blame it on(as well as all the other bad stuff that happened throughout the drama)? DOMINIC LAM!! Why in the world did he send her off to the mental hospital in the first place? haha. What a sad ending for Kara, but a happy night for her when they were showing Fistful 🙂 She got Best actress!!! And I absolutely LOVED KENNETH AND SELENA!! They were so cute 🙂 My face pair a!!!

    • KTVB says:

      What torture to send her to the mental hospital! Seriously..using the same old trick as he did 20 years ago.

      He basically did it because he didn’t want his wife to admit their crimes in regards to Tavia’s husband’s death…so he decides to send her away & hope to bring her back once he “sorts” everything his own way -_- He obviously did not consider her suggestion..it was for his own good! Even though I really feel sorry for Kara greatly, I enjoyed watching Dominic suffer seeing he was the one who has caused his own wife’s mental problems.

      And yes!! Congrats for Kara for winning best actress in HK Film Awards 😀 😀 😀 So happy to see that the finale did well in ratings too!

  • Rin says:

    I watched the English subs version and from what the translations say, the paper thingy that Jacky signed was that of him giving up his inheritance rights and I think selling his family business or something.

    & like I said before, I love Kenneth and Selena’s pairing!<333 so much love for this couple now! (: & yeah, I did find it odd how Kevin realized Natalie loves him and bam, they're together at the end.

    For the ending it self, I thought the last episode was a bit… rushed? I would have liked it better if there's a more.. detailed ending or like.. an epilogue or something after. I want to see Kenneth and Selena together as a real couple! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      Oh that’s interesting..doing something good for once. Wing Dak didn’t deserve all that wealth anyway..better off using it for more meaningful purposes.

      Fav pair def Kenneth & Selena!! I agree about Kenneth and Selena being a couple int he end..that would have been nice to watch. When I first started the series, I thought they would become a couple within the series but then have their family issues to face etc. Instead they were just friends the whole way. Well not “just” friends- they grew so much closer together and their chemistry was evident- whether just flirting or in a more deep meaning context (e.g Selena’s attempt of suicide). The two never really talked about their (love) feelings for each other- felt it would have been nice if Kenneth was “sensible” for once and gave it a shot in asking her out

  • saomongmo says:


    I can’t stress how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! I like it even better than Rosy Business because of all of the nonstop action and drama. It kept me on my feet EVERY single episode. I was a bit disappointed when ratings weren’t high for the first couple of weeks but I guess word got out that it was a great series and I’m so glad it finally reached its peak! I thought the ending was satisfying though I wouldn’t mind watching another 10 episodes of their lives after this..lol yes, I love it THAT much. I literally cried a bucketful seeing the way Kara ended up. JEEZ. It’s a shame that Dominic’s wrongdoings ended up penalizing his entire family. At least heaven had eyes to put everything in place. I would have loved to see Kenneth and Selina together, like actually holding hands and dating! I wanted more scenes of them! They were toooooo cute! As for Kevin and Natalie, I felt his pain when she was gone. They have been through so much, and I guess Kevin realized his true feelings when she was taken away from him. So I am not as surprised at how quick they got together. Overall, AMAZINNGGGG plot and storyline!!!! Usually TVB makes it so that we always can tell what’s going to happen, yet this series is quite refreshing and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! WATCH IT EVERYONE!!!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with all your comments (except Rosy Business- not sure which one I like better haha)!!

      • saomongmo says:


        I think there were some really dragged out scenes in Rosy Business, that’s why I would say that FOS has the upperhand! 😛 Oh btw, has anyone noticed that there were two unfinished stories in the series? I noticed that Kuen and her exbf and his family never really came to a resolution. It was just left sorta hanging. Or was it intended that viewers just come to the conclusion that they won’t ever be together again? The second story is of Yau Yau and Ah Yan. Did they ever date again? I mean she said she would wait til after she graduated from high school before she would date him, but nothing is mentioned about them at the ending. Makes me wonder…

        • KTVB says:

          Hmm those two side stories don’t realy need a conclusion I don’t think..well- not important enough anyway lol I seriously doubt Jack’s mum would encourage his son to go back with Shirley just because of Kenneth”s few words of “Stop being such a selfish woman and think for your son for one”XD. Besides, I’m not convinced that Jack is the right guy for Shirley anyway..Shirley better off find a real “man” XD At least Shirley and Jack are ok “friends” again.

          As for Yau Yau and Ah Yan, I think its safe to conclude the two got back together afterwards. I don’t see why not lol We see them happily lion-dancing together so they are definitely still friends etc. The only reason she decided to stop seeing each other was to keep her dad happy- they didn’t break up or anything 🙂

  • Christine says:

    I finally finished the whole series yesterday, i really liked it! Jacky had a good and, Selena & Kenneth were so sweet, and Kevin is sooo cute.! Now i`m watching “don juan de mercado` but i still don`t like it, even though it`s good. Just thinking back of this series, =.= i miss Fistful of Stances, kevin is so handsome… and like mom said we`re gonna watch it again (: YAY!

    P.S. , i have a question,
    In HongKong, this series has 24 episodes,
    but here in Canada there is 25? That`s what i heard.

    • cooldudejohn says:

      That’s because episode 24 in hong kong was a double episode (i.e. episode 24 and 25 in a big finale). So technically there are 25 episodes.

      It’s like what they did for Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, put 2 episodes together so it’s broadcasted on one night as one big episode.

  • sir_seagill says:

    fantastic ending/last ep. a satisfying ending on both sides. Despite everything the bad guys done, I still can’t help but feel sorry for him in the last ep – very convincing, brilliant acting. And finally, the good family find peace.

  • panda says:

    how can i get the theme song im in love with it atm ><

  • tvbholic says:

    i have still got 10 episodes left to go for the series and it’s seriously, AWESOME! every other episode is a tear-jerker. imo, griselda would never have put up such an awesome performance like tavia. tavia really cried her eyes out for the last few flashback scences.. and that really caught me

  • Lisa N says:

    I just completed watching this series here in Australia and the series definitely got me hooked. Finished it in two days. Loved Kevin in this series.

  • dot-t says:

    in episode 22 where Leung Cham (Ram Chiang) was speaking the truth about Chow Bing Bing (Nancy Wu), does anyone feel that this scene is very familiar. It is similar to the scene of Moonlight Resonance where Tavia was being picked on by Kate.

    So the resemblance is:

    Moonlight Resonance/Fistful of Stances:

    Kate/Nancy fully bullying Tavia/Natalie. It is also about sibling love where one was adopted and the crying scenes are very familiar. The way the truth was unfolded and the people who spoke up was quite similar.

    I just want your opinions on this scene.


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