• I’m pretty confused at the moment. As I was digging through my blog, I found a chunk of “draft” posts I’ve written up from various series which I thought I’d finished and posted up before, but when I search for the posts, apparently they’re not there*scratches head* Weird. I even have my screencapture folders on my desktop which says “Used”, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Feels like Déjà vu right now..but since they’re not up (unless you can prove me otherwise)..I’ll try finish them off and post them up now and then)-Just a heads up in case you’re wondering why I’m posting about older dramas….
  • *Contains Spoilers*
  • TVB Relic of Emissary
  • For those who have been following me on facebook would know I started watching the series later; but it was so captivating I caught up quickly, watching the first 15 episodes in one weekend! The storyline was intriguing, the characters were nicely written. I realised that if I like the main characters and relationships, it goes a long way of keeping me alert. I was so obsessed with the series it became such an addiction chasing each episode. All things come to an end though but looking back, I really enjoyed watching it and is a series I recommend people giving a go.
  • Relic of an Emissary was  my favourite TVB drama for 2011!
  • To read the synopsis, view here.
  • The story surprisingly had quite a few twists here and there
  • I love the time period of the series and  absolutely love the themesong sung by Joe Ma.
  • I constantly found myself unable to decide which male character I liked best:  Michael, Joe or Sammul.
  • Michael’s character is very mysterious- as we journey with him he slowly tries to regain all his memories. My mind was constantly pondering whether Joe is really a good guy or is there some other secret. Did he kill the people in Michael’s village or not? However, at the same time, Joe didn’t seem concerned about Michael finding out the truth.
  • TVB Relic of Emissary
  • The biggest twist in the story finding out that was Michael was actually working for Joe (before his memory loss)! Brilliant!! There were hints here and there describing Joe and Michael’s relationship and I was so confused when Joe showed the tiger “print” which Michael has printed on his arm.
  • I think they tried really hard with Michael’s “Ngo Siu-Fung/Chin-Wo Dai Yan “character by putting in a lot of qualities into his character.  I think it was also because this series was promoted as the ancient “EU” drama, so his character stood out after his successful “Laughing-Gor” character.
  •  He was an imperial guard- one of the most elite fighters of the country who were independent from the emperor.
  •  He started off being cold-blooded, ruthless and quite arrogant. After his memory loss in episode 2, Michael turned into a very caring person with a warm heart, while still maintaining a cool stance. His caring and flirtatious personality  leads to almost every girl he meets falls for him. He is also very loyal to Joel (the king) and protects him from Joe (Prince “Ying”) , who ironically is his  â€œmaster”.
  • There was a love triangle between Michael’s between Elanne (Princess) and Sire (Maid).  I previously made a post dedicated to Elanne Kong & Michael Tse (so I won’t repeat here)
  • TVB Relic of Emissary
  •  I didn’t really like Sire’s character, especially towards the end. I had a feeling TVB was going to get rid of her and it didn’t leave me with much sympathy .
  • When Michael got drunk, he mistaken her for the Princess and he slept with her. She was clearly conscious on what was going on…but I thought she got aids..why would she still sleep with him??
  • I love the chemistry between the characters (especially the male characters) Sammul and Michael are both really good fighters, and quite intellectual and they have a lot of  good scenes together. They grew from rivals to friends, to realising they are both working for Prince Yin (Joe) [love how they’re on the same side and working together!- it’s so cool how Joe managed to raise 2 such talented men], then Michael betraying Joe, leading the two to become enemies again.
  • TVB Relic of Emissary
  • Absolutely  adore Sammul’s character-he is so sweet!! A  post I dedicated to him: Sammul Chan as Ma Sam Bo<3
  • Joe’s character as Prince Yin was very charming. He was intelligent, very manly, a great fighter, and I think, most importantly, a great leader. While the story is shown on Michael’s perspective, ‘Relic of Emissary’s storyline is pretty much watching how Joe he overthrows Joel becomes the new emperor in the end.
  • One of the highlights of the drama is Kate Tsui’s character and the relationship she develops with both Joe and Michael’s characters. Adding to that, there’s a twist to her character too. Read up on a post dedicated to her J Kate Tsui as Chin-Sam Leung/Chor Chor
  • TVB Relic of Emissary

  • TVB Relic of Emissary
  • Often caught in dilemma on who’s side I should be on, I am always hoping Joe’s character would succeed even though I know what he’s is doing isn’t quite “right”..but all the characters are on this side and after so many sacrifices, I just hoped that his plan would succeed.
  • P.s I think the monk is quite evil..and pretty scary!
  • Another thing I noticed which appeals to the story is the large number of pretty girls- Kate, Elanne, Sire, Macy Chan, Yoyo Chen, Skye, Kaki and just when you think that’s it, out comes Michael’s partner-in-crime- Grace Wong. (I thought she had a thing for Michael too lol)
  • TVb Relic of Emissary
  • Episode 25 had so many cool scenes too. I thought it was really dramatic when Yoyo, Sammul and Grace were fighting- everyone was there and the “secret” was  revealed. I was so shocked when Yoyo killed the Mary! I was confused because I thought she was on Prince Yin’s side!!
  • All in all, it was a very enjoyable series, and it brings back so much good memories as I type this up.
  • I also wrote up a post on the finale, so I’ll leave the link here for you to explore further:  Ending Spoilers

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