*Contains Ending Spoilers*


  • Relic of an Emissary- Ending
  • Sire sacrifices her life to save Elanne and gets killed by a collapsing building
  • Michael chops his left arm off (one with Yin Wong’s tatoo) as a gratitude towards Joel for letting him and Elanne off
  • Michael and Elanne escape to live an ordinary life and Elanne gets pregnant
  • Yin Wong( Joe) successfully conquers in the war and Kaki kills herself and attempts to mislead Joe in thinking Joel has been killed too
  • Michael and Elanne  attempts to save Joel by helping him escape; however, Sammul is waiting for them at the shore.
  • Sammul and Michael start fighting each other as Joel escapes on the boat
  • Midway, Elanne starts giving birth and the two stop fighting and Sammul lets Joel off
  • In exchange, Elanne gives the baby away to Sammul to take back to Joe in hope he’ll let both Sammul and Joel off.
  • Joe decides to give up on hunting Joel down as he is reminded they are still one family
  • Joe defeats Yim Chun and successfully retrieves Chin-Sam’s ashes
  • Skye and Kate are made Empress and concubine and Kate gives birth to a baby. Skye raises Elanne’s baby as her own
  • Elanne tells Michael she’s pregnant again
  • Fred and Charmaine Li end up together as a couple
  • Sammul (accompanied by Macy) fulfils his dreams of travelling around the world on a ship


  • I think the ending is pretty predictable but it’s a happy one. So..I guess I’m ok with it…I had a feeling Elanne was going to give birth while Michael and Sammul were fighting- it meant they didn’t have to reveal who was the more powerful one XD  What did you guys think of the ending? Satisfied?
  • Overall I think this series is definately worth watching!  Along with “Grace Under Fire”, this is my other favourite TVB drama of 2011 so far!
  • Relic of an Emissary- Ending

22 Responses to “[Relic of an Emissary] Episode 30- Finale”

  • zihwye says:

    i thought you’d review this show or something.
    i thought the ending was kinda rushed. but all in all, its a pretty good show. i got kind of bored in the middle, but then it won me over again. acting’s awesome, and the storyline moved on fast enough. not too draggy.
    im SUPER glad macy chan & sammul chan sorta ended up together at the end. i was so afraid i’d have to watch a scene of him lonely and on a boat. (though i must add those boating scenes were super cheap computer graphics xD)

  • misstila says:

    Elanne kong is one of my favorite actress but i cudnt really stand her here at all. she was super annoying at times. it’s like she was so naive she was used so many times but she kept trying to be a peace maker it’s like she just thought everything could be fixed. i couldn’t stand michael’s character too. and the special effects were a bit ehh too fake? i think the only girl that didn’t fall for him here was Jessie sum(i think that’s her name) i forgot her name in this show the one that looks up to him as a brother and tries to constantly remind him of their mission. i thought that the most outstanding characters here were sammul and joe ma. and kate when she was cheen sam even though she was a bit of a b**ch, lol .I liked how sammul and Joe put away their personal feelings aside. Joe ma made a better emperor than joel. Joel was so annoying and was easily manipulated. at first joe just wanted to help joel but joel thought he was so smart so he got manipulated. ugh so annoying. his character wasn’t fit to be an emperor he trusted people too easily and don’t know how to put away his personal feelings aside, even though some of the things Joe did were wrong but he sacrificed his own personal feelings for the country that is a worthy emperor. Another character i did not like was Li ging long the general or something. at first i thought he was ok but when he tried to rape elanne i was just like he’s so annoying arrogant and useless who was so cocky,. All in all i liked this drama even though it was sorta draggy during some parts. glad you just summed up the ending for this drama. i thought that the ending was good. but they cudve added a little more ^^ it’s a shame sammul’s leaving tvb now 😮 i hope Joe Ma wins this year as tv king 😀

    • zihwye says:

      i think its her character that you guys didn’t like, not her. xD really, you can’t blame her for being naive in the show if its written like that, right?
      its just like what i feel about joel chan. i have always liked him as an actor but omg his character pissed me off so badly here.

      • misstila says:

        lol yea i meant her character as wing yeung, i felt like michael kept flipflopping around it was annoying and how he was so over emotional LOL. sammul FTW 😀

        • Sammi says:

          I definitely agree wit you, mistila! 😀
          Joe Ma is way better than Joel. It’s like he’s born with acting the biggest part or the one that takes in charge. you know, kind of like the smart one. It was so not his character in that chinese drama, Suspects in Love. =)

    • KTVB says:

      I liked Grace Wong lol XD (Not Jessie Shum)

      lol I never really liked Lee Geng Long from the start..XD He seemed like a bit of a loser lol (it was funny how Elanne explicitly showed how bored she was of him while he was training his soldiers lol) The scene where he sheltered her with his umbrella and ate the chilly noodles on her behalf was nice though.

  • misstila says:

    yeah daz her name grace wong she was cute and at least she wasnt on the bandwagon like every1 else crushing on michael -.- i liked how she kept on teasing michael about his casanova ways lmfao!

    • KTVB says:

      I actually really liked Grace’s look in this drama lol She was pretty cool xD

      It was sweet that she let Michael off at the end..

  • TVBWatcher says:

    In all honesty, this series was just okay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Siu Kiu’s situation with the rat poison and that guard’s badge was not looked into. I was upset how the older twin died, and how the younger one, Chor Chor did not get to be with Michael. I never really enjoyed the Princess character because I found her annoying and childish, and he seems a bit too old for her. I mean Michael and Chor-Chor were singing the theme song in between the episode and the credits, connecting the hair pin, but why weren’t they together? It didn’t make too much sense to me.

    • Rin says:

      I totally agree with you! I like this drama but I wasn’t really addicted addicted to it for some reason =/
      Siu Kiu seems so manipulative with that rat poison thing! The only think I could think of is that she wanted the Princess to look bad and basically tried to get Michael…
      I sorta wished Kate ended up with Michael too… mmm, maybe it’s cus I don’t like Elanne’s character AT ALL. I’m not even sure how she and Michael came to “love” each other? Okay, maybe her but I never really got how Michael started liking how… cus she pulled him up that slope when he was injured that one time right? Ehh.. lol.

      • misstila says:

        yeah i agree their “love” was so bland it was like the whole time i thought wing yeung had a crush on sam bo and then all of sudden omg ou siu fung i love you >.> it just seem too kiddish like puppy love and not actual love. siu kiu was soo annoying throughout the series but the scene when she saved elanne reminded me of chinese paladin :O i liked this series but it seems a bit rushed .but i still enjoyed watching it though :)and i think the mv was supposed to represent elanne and michael’s “love” but tvb is trying to promote kate so they wanted her to sing the song instead of elanne. also i guess they wanted to mislead us :O to be honest i thought elanne was gonna die and chor chor was gonna end up with siu fung and theyre just gonna forget about every1 else. damn mv :[

        • zihwye says:

          Huh no the ending song had nothing to do with Elanne. the hairpin belonged to Chor Chor. It was a gift from Siu-fung.

        • KTVB says:

          haha yea!! That scene reminded me of Chinese Paladin as well XD (except less dramatic..mainly because I don’t like Siu Kiu much..)

          MM..the MV and lyrics is definately for Kate and Michael..although the idea of them being together again was misleading..

      • KTVB says:

        I think a lot of people (including myself) was watching it in hope to see Michael and Kate end up together..or at least have some sort of “confession” scene in the latter half of the story- but that didn’t happen.

    • zihwye says:

      No offence but you sound like you fast-forwarded too much. (That’s ok I’m guilty of doing that too…) Yes its true the ending song was kind of misleading, but Chor Chor and Siu Fung were once together, long before he lost his memory. Chor Chor was forced to stay away from him by her sister (Chin San). So they were once together, but after that things changed cos he couldn’t remember her, and got to know Wing-yeung, etc.

      Personally I don’t hate Wing-yeung, but if you think about it in terms of her being the youngest princess in the family, spoiled rotten by all her brothers and her father the late emperor, then maybe it makes more sense why she’s so childish? Though I have to admit I was very appalled when she started falling for Siu-fung.

      To be fair, I’m not sure why I was so impressed by this series. (I mean if I were to narrate the story to my friends I’m sure they wouldn’t be impressed.) So, I’m inclined to believing it was just cos the acting is fantastic. But while we all know some tvb actors like JOE MA can really act, I think the script and story had to be decent in order for them to show it off too. So maybe the script was like… a 7/10? But the acting pushing 10/10? 😛

      • KTVB says:

        It makes me wonder how long Chor Chor and Siu Fung have been with each other for..and how they would have continued to see each other- secretly? like, how would Siu Fung contact ChorChor and not Chin-Sam XD I got the impression they weren’t together that long as he only recently got the tatoo of the eagle done; and got her a new hairpin because he broke hers..

    • KTVB says:

      I was actually pretty addicted to this series like no other lol I’m not sure whetherits because the other dramas this year have only been so-so (other than Grace Under Fire) or the fact I started watching it late and BANG!- I ended up watching 15 episodes in one weekend. A lot about this drama appealed to me ~

      Yea..Siu Kiu and that badge..I thought there was more to it, but now I think what she was saying to Michael etc was true, but she jsut tried to make it suspicious to make the Princess look bad by wrongly accusing her. Speaking of Siu Kiu, her character annoyed me like crazy..not so much at the start of the series, but when she kept clinging onto Michael..

      • Jnewin says:

        I agree with you that Relic of an Emissary is one of the better series this year. To be honest, I don’t think this year’s series are appealing. The series I got hooked on this year are 7 Days in Life, Relic of an Emissary, and Grace Under Fire. Home Troopers and Only You are okay! The rest are eh to me. Overall, this year was the worst year of TVB for me.

        • zihwye says:

          have to admit there aren’t that many good shows coming from tvb this year. i mean, im watching Yes Sir No Sir now and its almost completely trashy. Home Troopers & Only You were TERRIBLE (imho). i’m not sure why tvb’s screwing up so badly but according to sheren tang in some interviews, the lack of good scripts is also part of the reason why tvb fails to retain their actors.

  • Aquila says:

    I loved Siu Fung’s flashback of how he got the wolf tattoo.Siu Fung with the swirl in his hair was so cute.

    I liked Wing Yeung romance with Siu Feng.She didn’t mind that he only had one arm and they live in poverty because she gave up being a princess to be with him.Guess she never got a divorce from her official husband but since they live in a remote village no one knows she has another husband.

    I agree Siu Kiu was really annoying.The clingyness was painful to watch.I hate how she ruined Siu Fungs chance to elope with Wing Yeung.

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