May 2009

[Just Love 2] Intro lines

Just Love 2 Sunny and Jessica

Episode 1

Jessica: A clever woman would hope to marry a man that loves her.

Sunny: Only dumb men would believe they would marry a woman that loves him.

Episode 2

Jessica: Women always hope that will become the final woman for the man

Sunny:  Men always hope they become the woman’s first man…

Episode 3

Jessica: Want to see a woman’s true self? You can only see after they put on their make up

Sunny: Want to see a man’s true self? You can only see after they’ve broken up in their relationship

Episode 4

Jessica: A successful man needs to earn more than a woman can spend

Sunny: A successful woman can find a man like that

Episode 5

Jessica: Men are willing to pay double the price for something they want

Sunny: Women pay half of what its worth for  something they don’t need

Episode 6

Jessica: Woman are always worried about the future; until they find a husband

Sunny: Men are never worried about the future, until they get a wife

Episode 7

Jessica: When men shop, they will buy what they want to buy

Sunny: When women shop, they’ll have to see what’s left that they could buy

Episode 8

Jessica: Some men think that marriage is love’s funeral

Sunny: Some women think that if there’s no marriage, love will die out.

Episode 9

Jessica: Men only care about a woman at its present

Sunny: Women only care about a man’s future

[As I tend to have skipped the intro lines by the time I get back from work, the remaining ones  are taken from EverStar]

Episode 10

Jessica: Man rattles on when they are drunk.

Sunny: Woman rattles on after getting married.

Episode 11

Jessica: Man sticks around his woman till the small hours before marriage.

Sunny: Woman stays up till the small hours to see her man coming home after marriage.

Episode 12

Jessica: Woman should not get into physical fights with men because she is not manly enough.

Sunny: Man should not get into physical fights with women because it is not a manly thing to do.

Episode 13

Jessica: Woman find herself in a void when out of love.

Sunny: Man find himself too occupied when in love.

Episode 14

Jessica: When a woman sees a man as a friend, it is the prelude of love.

Sunny:  When a man sees a woman as a friend, he begins to forget she is a woman.

Episode 15

Jessica: A woman doesn’t need a reason to love a man.

Sunny: A man must have thousands of reasons to love a woman … in case she asks him later.

Episode 16

Jessica: A man who keeps a woman waiting is not a good man.

Sunny: It’s alright for a woman to keep a man waiting, but be careful for he may not wait forever.

Episode 17

Jessica: When a man is drunk, he’ll think of more than one woman.

Sunny: When a woman is drunk, she’ll only think of one man … the one who dumped her.

Episode 18

Jessica: Man in love tends to simplify things.

Sunny: Woman in love tends to complicate things.

Episode 19

Jessica: Man longs for love because he’s bored and ends up in trouble.

Sunny: Woman longs for love because she’s curious and ends up being disappointed.

Episode 20

Jessica: When a man conquers the world, he’ll win women.

Sunny: When a woman conquers a man, she’ll win the world.

Episode 21

Jessica: Man lets the woman decide knowing that she won’t listen to him.

Sunny: Woman lets the man decide to see if he knows what she wants.

Episode 22

Jessica: When a woman chats, it is invariably about the man she got.

Sunny: When a man chats, it is invariably about the woman he’d failed to get.

Episode 23

Jessica: For a woman, cosmetics is synonymous with confidence.

Sunny: For a man, cosmetics is synonymous with fraud.

Episode 24

Jessica: Man likes a woman who listens.

Sunny: Woman likes a man who listens to her talk.

Episode 25

Jessica: To a man, love is an episode in life.

Sunny: To a woman, love is the theme song.

17 Responses to “[Just Love 2] Intro lines”

  • hyn5 says:

    He he, I really like reading these. I think TVB is clever for having this on the site.

  • cyndie says:

    hahah i think those are so funny. it’s good to see tvb thinking of creative lines. love the way they describe men and women

  • kammi says:

    oh mah gosh!!~ i totally agree with Jessica!!~ lol particularly episode 4 intro line!!~ lol SO true!!~ ^^

    • TVB_4eva says:

      hahahaha YEAA I AGREE !!!!! ^__^
      buh i kinda dont agree what Sunny was trying to say in Esp 1 … ^O)

      But overall, I think it’s a really clever idea (Y)and suits the series.


      • KTVB says:

        Yes, I disagree with Sunny’s comment in Episode 1. He makes it sound like Women marry men that they don’t love -.-

        Then again it’s from his perspective. Maybe men just don’t think that woman love them as much as they hope

  • KTVB says:

    I reckon most of them are so true!! Esp. 2 and 3!

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes, just for these extra lines haha

  • viiety says:

    Nice to read.

  • chibi says:

    hahha..nice… Btw, the series any good?

  • Linh says:

    Thats sounds funny, but I havent watched it yet.
    Great page btw

  • kes says:

    ha ha ha… very clever lines

    eps 2 really puts it in perspective.
    I mean… it describes how stupid women are to believe in their own power.
    (Im the one making my man settle down)

    and the man… hoping to get a pure woman

    .. but then again..
    my friend just slapped me on my head saying I misunderstand the line

    anyone care to share their opinion?

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve had a disucssion with a friend about this quote before it showed up in the series ^_^

      When a woman is with a man, they want to be the woman the man will ultimately love the most, and end up with. Perhaps woman are attracted to guys who have previously been in relationships. It doesn’t matter to the girls because it’s in the past. It’s not about the past, but the present; and they would want to be the “final” one…the one the man has been looking for 🙂

      Men on the other had; are more greedy. They are attracted to girls who have not dated, because they are still ‘pure’. He may not end up with her, but he would like to be the girl’s first boyfriend; because that makes the man feel more ‘superior’

  • 'Muff says:

    Wow… such great lines. It’s funny, because there’s an “opposite” line to “match” them.

    Can’t wait to watch these series, (and look out for these lines 8D)

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    hahaha i really enjoyed reading them! thanks K!

    thats actually really creative of TVB to do these introduction lines..LOL…and a lot of them sound true..XP

  • Minz says:

    That’s so true lol
    I heart this series so much!!! Sunny and Jessica look so CUTE TOGETHER!!!

  • KTVB says:

    Fromthe additional ones from Everstar:

    My two favourites are episode 14 and 15:

    When a woman sees a man as a friend, it is the prelude of love.When a man sees a woman as a friend, he begins to forget she is a woman.

    A woman doesn’t need a reason to love a man.
    A man must have thousands of reasons to love a woman … in case she asks him later.

    It’s hilarious yet so true ! XD

    The last one is sweet 🙂 LOVE IS THE THEMESONG!XD

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