O.M.G. I just finished watching [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] episode 14 and so much crap happens that I don’t even know where to start….lol…and when I mean “crap” I mean, there’s a lot of bitches!!! XD The plot is getting heavier and characters are not as simple as they appear. And yes, Tavia is starting to really creep me out, too. Having said that, the story is pretty exciting, we’re almost half way through! I’ve allocated a portion of this entry on my thoughts on Susan. Hope you like it!

Hor Wai ends up promoting Susanna to take over Rosanne’s position as the Head of Furniture Proceedings! Charmaine is promoted to the Head of Jewellery and Tavia takes over her previous role. This is sure to cause more trouble..Kara is unimpressed by Hor Wai’s decision, who confronts her privately, revealing to us that she is actually her niece! Kara has been eying Hor Wai’s position for a long time, and questions whether she’ll keep her words and make her the Head soon. Hor Wai assures her this arrangement is for the best. With Susanna being favoured by Mary, Michelle is sure to become jealous and fight to death with her. Charmaine is known to be a goodie-two-shoe so she’s not a threat to them at all. With Susanna and Michelle down, Kara will be the only candidate for the position when the time comes. HOW EVIL ARE THEY? Kara is extremely amused and commends Hor Wai for being so witty… oh my goodness…Was getting rid of Rosanne also part of their plan..? This is quite a shocker. Although I was a bit wary of them, it’s not until now that their evil scheming is confirmed! They’re not simple at all. Boy was I wrong for thinking Hor Wai actually cared about the two!

Hor Wai and Kara Plot

Meanwhile, Moses is making arrangements to amend errors made by previous Emperors. Susan suddenly marches in with his ancestor’s plates. She attacks Moses’s decision, insisting he’s being disrespectful to his ancestors by suggesting they were wrong. She then turns to Kwok Lun, pointing out that he was there at the time, contributing to the “wrong doings”. If Moses is making amendments, why isn’t he punished? Why is Moses covering up for the person responsible for the misfortune? She continues to claim he doesn’t deserve to be the Emperor.

Susan facing Moses

I really really admire Susan’s acting in this drama. I find her extremely convincing, her voice is strong and her face is always full of emotions. I gets chills every time she glares with those cold eyes, yet also feel sorry for her at times. I have mixed feelings towards her. Although a villain who loathes Moses and Mary, it seems understandable in a way. She’s not the first nor last concubine to ever feel bitter and jealous of the King’s infatuation of others. What concubine would not want their own son to become King? Even if Edwin was an idiot, the truth is they actually did plot against him (well, Kwok Lun did). She is simply too close-minded and vain to accept Moses because of her hatred of Mary. She continues to fight with her last breath, which we gotta give her credit for.

However, Moses is handicapped by Kwok Lun so he cannot punish him. Instead, he hints at him to apologise for his mistakes. He does so and Moses simply “forgives” him and lets it pass. Susan realises Moses is biased and extremely protective of him. She knows it’s all an act.

Susan plans to suicide

Feeling powerless, Susan stands over the gateway of the Palace with thoughts of suicide. Mary and Tavia approach her and try to knock some sense into her but she laughs back, continuing to insult Mary and Moses. She realises her death will cause the people to lose trust in Moses, and selfishly attempts to jump off the building. Tavia chases after her and stops her in time, who is then locked away in the “cold” palace (much like a mental institution).

Susan is sitting inside her empty room, when Kwok Lun enters. Even at this stage, Susan does not give up nor beg for mercy. She slaps him in the face, calling him a traitor for backstabbing her. He violently abuses her, but she continues to laugh at his stupidity, warning him Moses is much smarter than he thinks. He’s just finding the opportunity to get rid of him once he has gained full control. She pokes fun at him, saying even if he does become King, he’s a “Tai garm” so he cannot reproduce! He doesn’t have any successors to take over him when he’s gone. Pissing him off, he pushes her against the wall and she is killed immediately. Oh no :O! ..another character is dead….

Susan dies

And…what is Tavia up to? How do you feel when Tavia secretly grins at the camera? I’m not sure about you but I’m feeling a bit freaked out. I just don’t get a very nice vibe from her anymore. Everything she does feels planned, appearing “good” on the outside, but have other intentions on the inside 🙁 I can’t help but think she helps Charmaine reunite with her father, just to make herself look good in front of Moses. I’m not looking forward to this…She already gives me bad impression.

Tavia isn’t the only one scheming though! Kara and Hor Wai continually try to destroy Michelle and Susanna’s relationship, deliberately causing conflict between them. Time and again, Michelle tries to think the better of her, but is slowly succumbing to the bitching and gossip around the Palace. People from her own department are looking down at her, and sucking up to Susanna and Charmaine, talking behind her back.. 🙁 So mean…

Susanna and Michelle

Michelle is starting to have hard feelings again. Looks like their plan of creating a black hole between them is working! It’s sad because Susanna really thought she and Michelle could be friends again. She even made a present for her, but didn’t have the chance to give it.

I wonder what’s next installed for us? What are your thoughts on Episode 14?  Did you enjoy watching Susan as much as I did? What about Tavia? Do you find her feeling a bit creepy, or has she always been like this? Drop a comment and let us know 🙂

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26 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 14”

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I feel Tavia’s getting eviler by the second! Really enjoying Beyond so far!

  • fiona says:

    sry…no hard feelings, but I don’t really like Susan…well, Susan’s character, to be exact. I’m not really fond of her acting, and Her voice, I find,, is a little too…annoying. Actually, I haven’t liked her ever since Rosy Business. She really was a pain in the butt to watch(her character). She was always doing all these things to hurt Sheren, and that completely made me hate her even more. As for Tavia…we all know that she was gonna be evil, so I guess it’s better to happen more sooner then having us wait to see her a sevil. It is her first time acting as a vilain, and to tell you the truth, she’s doing a great job…and I feel so sorry for Michelle and Susanna too…I really was wishing they could be good friends again, but apparently, that’s NOT happening…:( *angry at Kara and Hor Wai*

    • chibi says:

      hehe, I know how you feel about Susan in RB- trust me, I HATED her so so so much in RB…that I was actually in horror realising she was in BTROC XD XD But then I realised she was different..her role as the Grand Empress was quite amazing and not annoying at all to me (maybe even amusing at times)

  • An Pham says:

    omg poor susan. i always hated her character but it was just so sad. i probally wnt feel sorry for other actress who act out this role but susan i do feel sorry for. you could just look into her eyes to see how isolated and loney she was. even her big house was pass to mary and she has to live in a house smaller than tavia. and the house is total empty. no maid, no decor, no nothing. she was phenomenal in this episode. i love watching her act. she is so good. it’s ashame she dies so early. i always anticipated for her sence, and i guess know it got to stop….isnt weird how easy you can kill an empress…wait sorry “grand empress” so easy, without anybody really caring. i’m on episode 24 rite now. and they still havent even know she die yet. that’s fuck up. the sence was moses and susan was great and the sence with the evil guy and susan was also equally as great. didnt i told you this episode was a shocker??? hor wai…damn wat a bitch…..bt w.e. you should watch the anniversary gala she’s in it. it was quite refreshing to see her in it. like always, thanx for the post. and buy me a souviner please!!!

  • Cara says:

    I’ve enjoyed your recaps so far. 🙂 I find them very coherent with an appropriate amount of personal opinions and facts.

    People from her own department are looking down at her, and sucking up to Susanna and Charmaine, talking behind her back.

    I feel so bad for Michelle too. 🙁 I can see why her character would be bitter about it and would be jealous. It’s remarkably similar to Charmaine and Tavia’s characters, where Susanna can be represented by Charmaine (maybe not so good XD), and Michelle by Tavia (but not so evil until she wants to kill).

    I thought Hor Wai was a good character! This turn of events completely surprised me, as I thought that she was the ‘matriarch’ of the Four Heads, and cared for them under her wing. How surprised was I to find that she’s been scheming against them as well! I’m pretty confident that she might be the one who originally caused the rift between Susanna and Michelle when they were younger.

    As for Susan, I’m pretty neutral about her character. I don’t hate the character, nor do I like her. But I can find some sort of understanding for her, and why she’s the way she is.

    I keep on watching to see Michelle and Susanna make up, but I don’t think that the writers of the show intends for that to happen soon. Every time something good happens between them, something bad happens again and tears them apart. It’s rather frustrating, considering that I watch the series for Michelle, and less for Charmaine and Tavia’s storylines.

    On the whole, good job on the recaps! I completely enjoy them. 🙂

    • chibi says:

      Hi Cara, thanks for the compliment and for sharing your thoughts ^_^ Really glad you’re enjoying them!

      It’s always great to get immediate feedback from readers and to know what you guys have to say about the show too!

  • kinki says:

    There goes the last of Susan~ Buhuhu~ 🙁 She’s so fun to watch, but I guess it’s time! *Sigh* Personally, I think there’s a better way (a more stunning way)for her to die. Though I dun really have anything particular in mind, but they could have made a much more entertaining scene out of it.

    Anyway, that’s that! I remember finish watching ep.14 feeling “Oh~ So now EVERYONE’S evil!!” And I think, at that point, Hor Wai’s just comforting Kara, her niece so that she won’t bother her as much. Cos we never saw Hor Wai really especially cared/looked after for Kara before or TVB was just trying to conceal that until this point but I doubt it. With all that said, I think Hor Wai’s acting is awesome, she’s great to watch!!

    And, “Oh no!”, the clouds are out for Michelle and Susanna again!! It’s gonna rain again soon, Surprise, surprise~ 😀

    Last but not least, Chibi, hope you are having fun in HK!! 🙂

    • chibi says:

      Thanks again Kinki ^_^

      And yeah.. we know Michelle and Susanna aren’t gonna be best friends anytime soon.. It’s funny, they’re like a couple that are always on and off, lol. It’s a bit frustrating actually..but I guess if they did become friends so easily there wouldn’t be any drama.

  • Rowena says:

    thanks for sharing Chibi!

    Yeahh this ep was definitely an eye-opener for me! I was soo shocked to find Hor Wai wasn’t as “nice” as I thought she was. So dissapointed!

    From the beginning, I disliked Susan’s character so much, but at the same time she carries off that Empress presence…attitude…aura whatever you want to call it, really well. I know, I know, her voice can get a little painful, but hey her cold glare is very intimidating.

    However, as the series progressed, I slowly began to understand the reason behind Susan’s behaviour/thoughts. She DOES have royal family blood in her unlike Mary, so to have a servant been promoted to a cubicine, that fact cannot be accepted easily. As for Moses, if your son, The Emperor was “suddenly killed” and was co-incidentally replaced by Moses, who’s supposedly had some mental issue…I’m not surprised Susan felt suspicious and bitter about the whole thing.

    Susan just couldn’t handle everyone loosing respect for her when she’s always had that. Anyway, she played a great role in the series! I was hoping she’d be around much longer though =(

    As for Tavia, is was inevitable that her character will start to show her darker sides so.

    Thanks ChibI!

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for your comment Rowena 😀 You make a good point about Susan having it all, then losing it all. It’s quite a harsh reality.. although I despise bitches like her who look down on others (Mary)- it’s completely realistic and understandable why she thinks that way. She is royalty and most have a high level of vanity.

      It’s a bad character trait but at least we know it’s because of the way she was brought up.. But at least Mary can relax now.. I pitied Mary so much.

  • An Pham says:

    yo chibi i miss you. come back. i feel so lonely. no one is responding to my comment. urggg i hate you.. jkjkjk

  • An Pham says:

    hey do you have myspace. mine is http://www.myspace.com/anpham13094

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    well you cant blame Susan for saying that Moses was being Disrepectful because she wanted someone else to take the spot but that someone wasnt moses but in the end she died… As for tavia i think its not her fault thats she turning evil its just the things they did to her in previous chapters =)

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    but one thing i didnt expect was Hor Wai being Evil and Kara being her niece. Out of the 4 leaders i also thought Kara was the least evil but it turns out that she was the most evil…

  • Marcus says:

    I liked watching Susan being evil I liked her in rosy Business how she pitted against Sheren but she is way better here I loved how she uses every opportunity to take down mary/moses also her make up freaked me out lol it was harsh and painful to see tai Wong Tai Hou (Susan) hit her head and die lol

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