September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 11

Dayo: Hm, I wonder why they’re taking so long to get here. Other than the fact it’s a bit sunny here, this place is quite suitable for people to go on dates.

Theresa: Then you should find yourself a girlfriend- you’re always by yourself.

Dayo: Did you know that, out of 10 people who first start a business, 9 will fail…but! Out of 10 people who first start dating, all 10 will fail. The success rate is 0.  Love is so much harder to calculate than doing business.

Theresa: You can’t calculate  love.

: It’s because you can’t calculate, it means you can’t control it, see how dangerous that is? It’s like now..a lot of people are like this. You just look, and look at each other and then…it just comes.

You're Hired TVB Episode 11

Dayo: Can you feel it?

You're Hired TVB Episode 11

heheh XD XD Theresa really felt something, but Dayo was actually saying how the other 2 girls have come…and he was trying to act normal LOL XD

8 Responses to “[You’re Hired] Episode 11”

  • KTVB says:

    I quite liked the scene XD It’s kinda cute lol I think it was really smart of how they arranged his dialogue, and the way he acted was so misleading XD XD I almost believe it too lol Just from what he had said, he unintentionally makes Theresa fall for him XD

  • chibi says:

    lol, how funny. xD

  • MRandHOG says:

    Oooh…you have to make a post on the scene in the last episode where Dayo tells Charmaine his “Sum Si”

  • sugar says:

    LOL. I actually watched this episode, normally I’m sooo behind. Yeah he was like, their right behind you, keep acting normal hahaha.

  • kes says:

    Is it me or does theresa look old and skinny ?? ( I know she is not young anymore :D)

    • Lavendar_Bluez says:

      haha…well theresa is not a new actress…and she is a mother to like two sons….

      she’s kept pretty well…

  • zazuki says:

    omg i love dayo!!!he says some of the funniest things i will never think of..i never get bored watching it and k-tvb, if u have the time, please recap the show:)heehee

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