Continuing on from my last post, I’ve watched another 20 episodes (ep26-45 so more than half way through the series already!) and I was a little disappointed with what happened shortly after my previous post. The series got a little dull again afterwards, but luckily the love plots starting picking up in the more recent episodes, and I’ll pick out some major events to talk about…onto the love plots :)!

Maggie(Sylvia) |   Bowie(Calvin) |  Kenny (Sunny)

When Maggie confronted Kenny and he confessed his feelings for Bowie to her, I felt it was such an awkward moment! They were both love rivals for Bowie but she didn’t want him to leave. She wanted them to stay as friends, and pushed him to tell Bowie his feelings instead of torturing himself like that. Bowie has always thought Kenny was upset because he also liked Maggie, but didn’t have a clue it was him that he liked. Kenny tried to tell him, but couldn’t bring out the courage.

Bowie wants to keep his girlfriend and best friend. He challenges Kenny(who trains very frequently) in a boxing match and hopes that it would help release his anger and that if Bowie was able to withstand it all, Kenny would have to stay.

Luckily, Maggie was able to persuade him to stay nevertheless and that she would not tell Bowie about it so it wouldn’t ruin their friendship.

One day, when Maggie accidentally got some flower powder on her that Bowie was allergic to, Bowie started having major asthma attack and she didn’t know what to do. Luckily Kenny was there just in time and took care of him…It’s weird when you watch it now and you know Kenny actually loves Bowie XD He’s so attentive towards him ~  Love the chemistry! <3Maggie started to feel she wasn’t a good girlfriend, or perhaps wasn’t willing to put in the extra effort to be more careful.

I was so disappointed that Maggie and Bowie’s relationship ended so quickly shortly after and it felt so sudden too. I couldn’t understand what really went wrong because they both seemed happy, but after Lee See Kei told Maggie that she knew Bowie was not the right person for her, she broke up with him after having dinner with his mother. Taking her to have dinner with his mother showed how much he really loved her. It didn’t seem like a reasonable explanation was given except she wasn’t happy being with him. Was it because she felt she wasn’t giving him as much as he deserved? (after comparing herself to Kenny?) She also seemed frustrated by Bowie when he put his business/career before her, always having her to wait for him. But I thought she would understand..?And so, Maggie broke off the relationship despite Bowie not wanting to and I thought it was a pity. Bowie was also able to “pass” Maggie’s parents (i.e Lee See Kei and John Chiang) too. Luckily, Maggie is a career- focused person and did not let her love life affect her work. She knew Bowie is a good boss and there were plenty of opportunities for development in career path so continues to work for him. I like watching the three of them working together 🙂

Screencap on the left: Maggie breaks up with Bowie.

I started getting interested in this love plot again in the more recent episodes where it became more obvious that Bowie and Maggie still had feelings for each other, and Bowie continued to do things for Maggie because he cared a lot about her. He still cared about how she saw him and didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable/upset, for example, giving more attention to another woman. This is when Florence “Catherine”, their potential business partner enters the story and she falls for Bowie, becoming very dependent on him. I think Florence is pretty cute in this series with all her eating habits but I feel sorry for her because it seems like they’re just using her feelings for him to help them out etc. She’s not a very strong woman, but her brother had to pass on the business to her because he as very ill.

Bowie was not interested in her and when his intentions became obvious to her; this affected Florence and she didn’t want to work with them anymore. Maggie kept pushing Bowie to apologise and keep her ‘company’, so Bowie deliberately pretended to have spent the night with her, making Maggie extremely jealous XD It’s a love square now! Or shall I say- love pentagon!

After ‘Joey’ (Maggie’s assistant) got rejected by Kenny after her advances towards him, she wanted to prove to him there was nothing wrong with her, and it was his loss. She ended up getting involved with some guy and then getting dumped after tricking her money. After seeing the terrible misery she was put through, Kenny decided to give her (and himself) a chance by dating her.

I think he felt sorry for her and wanted to make up to her while giving himself a break away from Bowie.

Maggie surprised that Kenny’s car is all pink and fluff XD Decorated by his girlfriend

That didn’t last long though as he kept thinking about Bowie. Kenny still cared a lot about Bowie and when he noticed him having a few coughs, Kenny bought heaps of packets of cough lollies for him. His girlfriend, Joey thought they were for her and kept test tasting them, throwing them in the bin when she didn’t like a taste of some. He got really irritated by her (I did too) and finally she broke off her relationship with him when she noticed him sending/receiving sms from ‘someone’ (i.e Bowie) and he denied it was the person he ‘used to like’. I don’t really get it. He could have told her it was just from Bowie, she wouldn’t suspect he was gay right? Maybe he didn’t want anyone suspecting him at…he couldn’t let go of Bowie <3

This love triangle is still my favourite at the moment. I love watching all three of them together XD Love the chemistry!!

9 Responses to “[The Gem of Life] Love Storyline (2)-Maggie”

  • Summer says:

    Hi..long time din leave message at here, i think so,
    u should be busy, so long time din updates.. but dun worried.. i will log in to check, see any surprise from u or not lo… hehe..and today, got it…

    Yeah, did feel wan to voice something abt GOL, their relationship.. at 1st, to me interesting is, Gigi & Moses,
    but due to, their relation ship started quite late.. so, my position moved to Bowie & Maggie & Kenny.. haha.. i really never wonder, Kenny the actual to jealous, when Maggie at Bowie hse for dinner… i tot, he stand downstairs is jealous on Maggie instead od Bowie lo.. haha.. wat a big surprise to me, of Kenny love Bowie..haha..
    and i love th paired of Bowie and Maggie, and now up to episode aroudn 51, its sad to see, Maggie need to let go Bowie and married Kenny… sucks… feel weird lioa…
    any way, stil got hopes on Bowie and Maggie,

    Next,when started of Gigi and Moses, they give me a feel of sweet and romance paired… but, they also is a hard paired lo.. due to Aida married Moses’s dad..haiz.. wat a big laughter lo… any way, luckly Gigi stil married Moses.. and feel, tis paired up to now, quite great to me..

    The most, i feel weird is Aida and ( Martin ) .. huh..
    i dun really love to see this paired, but i love to watch Aida shotting.. she really great.. enjoy watching her..

    And now, another weird relationship, Bosco and (Mellisa) his boss.. haiz.. many funny funny thing happen in tis series lo… haha..

    And i really wanna give Linda a big applause, she is so great on her character… she really done it so well…

    Up to now, i stil enjoyed watching tis series… GREAT SERIES

  • JK says:

    i am now watching the gem of life dubbed in viet, so im kinda behind. and in those eps i saw that kenny started to have somehing towards Bowie, but i never thought that he was gay.

  • AC says:

    I know it’s not going to happen but I really want Wong He and Linda to get together.. or maybe I just hope that Wong He gets more screen time?

    Anyways, I thought it was very confusing about why Maggie wanted to break up with Bowie but I guess they just needed to create conflict. I know they’re just trying to make things mysterious, but for an 80 episode series, they sure move fast (not in a good way) and that leaves a lot of weird plot holes! I end up liking it at some times but really bored at other parts

  • chibi says:

    wow, interesting plot! Sounds rather enticing XD

  • carmen says:

    hi K! haven’t been visiting your site for a long time 🙁 i really must, cause your site provides lotsa info 😛 i love bowie-maggie-kenny’s love triangle as well 😛 what bowie does to maggie’s pretty romantic! looking forward to your tgol write-ups.. oh yeah we’re both shocked on what martin did in ep 50 too O.O

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: I agree! I think TVB made it very well..I didn’t suspect him at all but watching back now, it really is possible that he developed something for Bowie. Kenny also understands him a lot- like how he tells Maggie all these things about what Bowie is really like.

    Hahah..Bosco and Melissa don’t aren’t really a couple, but something is definitely going on between them lol It’s just kinda weird to me that Bosco’s attention is gone to his career and Melissa instead of Linda~

    TO AC: me too LOL I agree with most of what you said ^^

    To cihbi: 🙂

  • icy says:

    i think that gigi n moses is better together or do u think moses n tavia?

  • gemsofliferocks! says:

    Oh i so hate the Catherine.
    Amongst the 3 sisters, i like Calvin’s and Sylvia’s romance the most.
    Sylvia’s so silly to think that by sacrificing herself to be married to a man she dun love, she can make the world a better place. How silly!
    & suffer her miscarriage alone.

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