August 2009

[The Gem of Life] Episode 48

Sylvia wants to leave Calvin to ‘help him’ through his financial crisis  and so puts on an act with Sunny, pretending she has been cheating on him.

After work, Calvin sees Sylvia and Sunny together in a car before driving off..

The Gem of Life Episode 48

– – –

[Calvin’s confrontation with Sunny]

Sunny: So you came back here, no wonder I couldn’t see you this afternoon. Is something wrong?
Calvin: Yes. I realised the woman I love is with my very good friend. Do you think there’s something wrong?

The Gem of Life Episode 48
Sunny: You found out about it?
Calvin: I want you to tell me personally, what is your relationship with Sylvia right now?
Sunny: We should have told you earlier, but so many things have been happening to you recently, we didn’t want to give you another bad news.
Calvin: Lies, Sylvia won’t like you and you won’t do such a thing to me. Is there a reason to it?
Sunny: Sylvia and I started on our trip. We both knew that when we returned to Hong Kong we would have a lot of problems to face, especially you. We both didn’t know what to do so we have both been unhappy. But I hope you understand, reality is reality. What happened has happened, sorry.
The Gem of Life Episode 48
Calvin: No, you’re lying!

Sunny: Its been going for a long time, but we both didn’t want to hurt you, so we used a lot of time to get the courage to face our relationship. We also both know that it would be really hard for you to face reality.

The Gem of Life Episode 48
Calvin: Don’t say anymore!

– – –

[Calvin’s confession to Sylvia]

Sylvia: I know that you’ve spoken with Sunny.
Calvin: Let’s not talk about other people ok? *takes out a necklace*
The Gem of Life Episode 48
Sylvia: There’s no point in doing anything else.
Calvin: It’s for you. My asthma is allergic to flowers, so I’ve never given flowers to anyone before. But I feel that if I can give flowers to the person I love the most, it would be very romantic. Look.*Sylvia doesn’t look*

The Gem of Life Episode 48

This necklace isn’t particularly expensive, and I didn’t spend the time to specifically design/order it. I noticed it at a store at a time I wasn’t very happy. When I saw the necklace, I thought of you. I realised I’ve never given flowers to the person I love, but I should. As I said, this necklace isn’t particularly valuable, and wasn’t personalised, but the meaning behind it is strong. I hope you understand. Come. *Puts the necklace on for her* I would make my goal to be able to buy you a very personalised, expensive,  diamond flower necklace for you, so I will tell myself never to feel down/give up. I won’t fail. I won’t let anything defeat me.

The Gem of Life Episode 48

* starts kissing her*
Sylvia pushes him away.

Calvin: Don’t worry. You may be a bit confused, but let me tell you, the one you love the most is me.
Sylvia: No, it isn’t like this.

Calvin: In the past I didn’t treat you well enough, not attentive enough, bad temper, they are my problems- that’s how we let another party come between us and affect us. But I promise you, I will change! The person you only love is me, Sylvia.
Sylvia: You’ve mistaken. The one I love the most is Sunny.

Calvin: I told you not to mention other people. *tries to get close and gets pushed onto the ground*
Sylvia: Stop lying to yourself. I will tell you one last time. The one I love is Sunny, I don’t care if you can accept it or not, I’m with him is a fact. We already broke up. We’re finished!
Calvin: Only a few days ago you slept with me, that is the fact!
Sylvia: I don’t know if you remembered or not. That day I argued with Sunny and I was really unhappy. I drank alcohol and then I went to bring you medicine, then I did the stupid thing with you.
Calvin: Stupid ??
Sylvia: I wanted to explain to you a long time ago, but then so many things happened in the company I didn’t have the chance.
Calvin: BS, do you know what you’re talking about Sylvia!?

The Gem of Life Episode 48
Sylvia: I admit I didn’t handle the situation well enough, so I came today to explain to you clearly. I hope you won’t misunderstand!
Calvin: I didn’t misunderstand! My feelings weren’t wrong, you do love me! I know you love me Sylvia.
Sylvia: If you don’t believe me there’s nothing I can do about it.*walks off*
Calvin: Don’t do this to me.
Sylvia: Let go, what are you doing!? Let go!
Calvin: Sylvia, why have you changed into this?
He started forcing himself on her but after much resistance from her, he leaves.

The Gem of Life Episode 48

The Gem of Life Episode 48


Each driving off in their own car, Sylvia starts crying because of how hurt she was for treating Calvin like that. While wiping off the tears on her face, she hits into a pole but luckily the airbag open up.
At the hospital, both Sunny and Calvin arrive, and Sylvia hugs onto Sunny.

The Gem of Life Episode 48
The Gem of Life Episode 48

2 Responses to “[The Gem of Life] Episode 48”

  • KTVB says:

    These were some of my favourite scenes!! (Esp being a Calvin and Sylvia supporter in Gem of Life)And I’ve found this post drafted while I was digging through.

    AWWWWW..its so sad to watch the two people who love Calvin so much force themselves to hurt him, only doing it because they love him and want to help him get out of the mess he is in with his career…=( i think the most heart breaking bit must have been that hospital scenes..

    I’m surprised how well Sylvia and Sunny played along with their act..their explanations fit well together, and seems believable…but honestly, what a mess they’ve gone into!

  • chibi says:

    ahaha..what an interesting read XD
    Thanks for posting this! Even though it’s been a while since Gem of Life- STill good to read and look at summaries with quality post!

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