The series is almost coming to an end!..and so I figured I might as well put a poll up for it to see what you guys think of it so far. I’m currently up to episode 78 and I’m surprised how fast time flies (That doesn’t necessarily mean how fast I thought the series went though lol, just time in general 😉 ) I didn’t miss a single episode of it, nor skipped any scenes~ I found the series ok- though I must admit I did find a lot of parts quite boring. Overall I would have liked the series to be shorter though the quality of the series is still quite good.

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The ratings for the series haven’t been very high but I felt it does somewhat reflect how I feel about the series. It makes me wonder if its affected by the financial crisis or the series itself. If Moonlight Resonance was aired during this time, would it have also been affected this much?

The following are the ratings for the series so far:

Episode 70 – 72 – 25 PTS (Peaking At 27 PTS)
Episode 64 – 69 – 27 PTS
Episode 59 – 63 – 27 PTS
Episode 54 – 58 – 27 PTS
Episode 49 – 53 – 28 PTS (Peaking At 30 PTS)
Episode 44 – 48 – 25 PTS
Episode 39 – 43 – 25 PTS
Episode 34 – 38 – 28 PTS (Peaking At 31 PTS)
Episode 30 – 33 – 28 PTS
Episode 25 – 29 – 28 PTS
Episode 21 – 24 – 29 PTS (Peaking At 30 PTS)
Episode 16 – 20 – 29 PTS
Episode 11 – 15 – 29 PTS
Episode 06 – 10 – 28 PTS
Episode 03 – 05 – 31 PTS (Peaking At 36 PTS)
Episode 01 – 02 – 32 PTS (Peaking At 37 PTS)

The series has become so intense and the ‘battle’ is fierce. I will continue to watch until the end because I’m eager to see what happens! It’s ‘heavy’ and I want to be able to finish the series hopefully with that off my back haha.

Will there be more sisters backstabbing? Will Jessica go to jail? Will she lose everything?  Will Terrance ever forgive himself for not saving Derek? Will Terrance end up with Constance? Will Sylvia continue to be tortured by Calvin? Will Will take her revenge on Elise? Will he let Phillip off? Who will be hurt next? Who will be the ultimate ‘winner’?

Will they only ‘wake up’ once their mother is gone? Will the three sisters ever reconcile?

Ratings source: TVB Chinese News Collection

8 Responses to “[The Gem of Life] Approaching an end..”

  • chibi says:

    I don’t think its necessarily affected by the financial crisis… it’s just not that great.

  • -w says:

    hmm i guess it has been affected since everyone right now hate these powerful people with lavish lifestyles and a heck lot of money to spend. i must say i liked this series even though it was so long. i agree with you, the battle is so intense and fierce that im so curious to find out the ending
    im only up to whatevers playing on tvb right now but i watched the trailers up to 78 and… wow

  • debbie says:

    ending part hope tat terrance n constance will back together again n jessica i dont like her character because she is damn selfish i tis series n sylvia will be back again with calvin

  • -w says:

    hehe i also watched the episode 79 + 80 teaser on youtube and its… wow… who thought the big sister would do sucha thing to youngest sister..

  • KTVB says:

    To debbie: Seems like Jessica is turning into the next Martin after he was been kidnapped. It’s sad to see Maggie do this to her two sisters when Jessica, Terrance and Constance seem to be talking etc again…

    To -w:
    uhuh..I think that’s the scariest thing Maggie has done in the series so far. She doesn’t seem the least guilty and as Sunny said, ‘she’s turned into the next Calvin’

  • -w says:

    LAST EP AIRING IN HK TONIGHT. means its on yummybun hopefully tmrw 😀
    hehehe i watched til 81 and wow? yeah i rkn maggie went nuts
    and i noticed this funny thing. on the drama wiki relationship charts it says that jessica and terrence are lovers but you know.. its ep 81 and they hate each others guts so how does that work? o.o

  • KTVB says:

    lol, that’s a mistake for sure XD

    Yup! Finale at last! I just watched up to 81 today I was rooting for Sunny when he finally had the courage to tell Calvin his feelings for him ^^ waited so long for that haha

    I cried in the last bit when I saw the clip where Lee See Kei tried to remind herself/told herself to say and do those things..because she knew that her daughters needed her and she wouldn’t be able to due to her worsening conditions. Very touching..

  • Luv TC says:

    to ktvb
    oh yes, tt touching scene when mother memorized every word til the last bit she cd nt recall..
    the part when wor talked to Jessica was touching too tho I hate J to the core. Dun understand why she kept blaming others instead of reflecting back on her bad deeds like as if the loss of her 2 loved ones had no effect on her to ponder. I like 1st sister at the beginning always rooting and standing up for her sisters esp constance. I wish I had a sis like her then but not towards the ending part, so disappointed with her change. I like Terrence undying love for Constance, hehe, must give credit to this supposedly playboy huh. And if anyone notice constance trademark ‘Ok la’, whenever being asked how’s she doing/coping – it’s soo singlish. Overall I enjoy the series.

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