I finally finished writing my thoughts on episode 10-12! Woot! I’m aware [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] is currently up to episode 22, so we are about 10 episodes behind the air date. Not to worry though, I will continue sharing my thoughts as I watch so please continue to follow me 🙂 This entry focuses mostly on Idy’s character, as I have more to say about her following my last episode 7-9 post. Get ready for a bit of a ranting session!

Idy encourages Damian to pursue Tavia

Yes, you heard right. Idy makes the absurd and ridiculous decision to hook Damian up with Tavia. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING? What woman encourages her husband to love another woman, AND goes through the effort to make sure she marries him too?! IS SHE CRAZY? I’m finding Idy’s character increasingly annoying and irritating. I want to pull my hair out every time she’s on the screen because everything she says is just plain stupid. Knowing she doesn’t love Damian wholeheartedly, she wants to make herself feel less guilty by allowing him to love someone else. On paper, it may seem like a selfless and generous act, but the reality is she’s just selfish. When things aren’t looking good in a relationship, you work harder to make it work. If he thinks you don’t love him enough, you show him you love him.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Instead, we have her constantly telling Damian that Tavia loves him– What is the basis for this claim anyway? From the one conversation with her? How much does she even know about them? She just wants to shift the focus back on Damian, when the issue is really about her relationship with Ben.  If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t want him looking at another woman. I hate seeing her give up on their relationship when she didn’t do a SINGLE THING to mend it. She seems rather content being in a ‘loveless’ marriage (Pretty ungrateful considering Damian loves her the most).  It annoys me how Idy forces a awkward smile like nothing is wrong and that she’s happy for him. Every time she pushes him away, it just crushes him more.

Eventually, Damian decides to pursue Tavia and straight-out proposes to her.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Damian proposes to Tavia, and promises her she will be his last woman. Who could say no to that?

Did anyone else find this whole ideal frustrating to watch? I’m so disappointed by her character.. (I was rooting for her god dammit!) I wonder if she’ll be able to redeem herself and save her from going into Chibi’s “hate list” urgh.

Did she ever stop to consider how it would affect the rest of the family? Does he not have enough wives already? What about Mary and Elena? What about the children? Does she think she’s doing Damian and everyone a favour? She’s so fake. I haven’t seen a single scene where Idy shows genuine love for him. I don’t understand what Damian sees in her.

This is a worrying stance. Considering Idy is technically one of the female leads of this series, I sure hope her character does..something. So far it’s way below my expectation though having said that there is still over 20 episodes to go! Fingers crossed it will get better for her.

And the family turns upside down…

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Elena and Mary clearly angered and upset over the news

As expected, a lot of conflict and tension arises in the family with all the members very upset over Damian’s decision to marry Tavia. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Tavia? Cause I don’t. I’m actually siding with Mary and Elena at this point. Their reasons for being angry and upset are understandable, especially since the wives come from such wealthy backgrounds, while Tavia is a nobody. I found these scenes to be very well done and very emotional. I think one of this series’ strong point is the great casting and strong acting. Elena in particular really stood out in these scenes, where she clearly conveys her anger over the news. Mary also did a really good job portraying the traditional wife role who puts her husband first no matter how displeased she is, being torn between keeping Damian happy (being her responsibility) and to look at her own feelings. This is shown in the scene where Sire shows up in her room in tears, claiming she hates her father, to which she responds that’s it’s not proper. She is disciplined, knows her place in the family and acts in a manner which proves why she’s capable as his first lady. This restores some of my faith in the Chung family.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

All smiles for Idy, until she’s alone in her room… Look lady, no one said you had to do this.

While Damian is trying to organise the wedding details and preparations, Elena shows her displeasure, and is the most stubborn in terms of accepting Tavia. Although she is extremely reluctant for Damian to have his way, there is essentially nothing she can do. She constantly belittles Tavia for being cheap/fake and picks on her whenever she can. This was all bound to happen, and really, part of the package in marrying a man with several lovers…

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Tavia faces a series of challenge

A blossoming love triangle: Ron, Rebecca and Kenneth

Meanwhile….I’m undecided on who I want Rebecca to be with :3 I think she’s really cute with both Kenneth and Ron; and they both find her endearing! I really like the chemistry she shares with them. We all know she eventually ends up with Kenneth (it’s all over posters and opening theme clips) but I’m really curious to see how it gets to that point. We’re starting to see more obvious signs that Rebecca sees Ron more than just a brother, with her being rather jealous when she heard Ron was at the brothel. Ron is also very protective of her, threatening Kenneth to back off when he finds him particularly close to her. It’s really really cute. We also learn of Rebecca’s sad pitiful past, with the death of her innocent father being indirectly related to Damian. This sure adds a level of guilt to Kenneth; who would only feel more inclined to help her as much as he can.

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

Rebecca tells Kenneth about her past

We are also introduced to Rebecca’s long lost younger sister Kwai Siu-yu (季小茹) (Played by Bella Lam), who Ron happens to stumble across in a brothel. I’m actually quite liking this side-story. It’s nice to get away from the main Chung family issues and look at difference issues.

What are your thoughts on these episodes? Who were you siding with the most? Do you agree Idy is being stupid, or do you think she is genuinely a selfless character who loves Damian? What about Ron and Kenneth? Which pairing is your favourite so far? Drop a comment and let us know :D!

To those who have watched ahead, please refrain from posting any spoilers in this comment section ^_^  Let’s keep it spoiler free and only discuss events that occurred in episode 10-12.

4 Responses to “[Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] Episode 10-12 Thoughts”

  • JacJac says:

    I actually was impress with Idy’s honesty of pushing Damien to Tavia cause she thinks Tavia can make him happy cause she can’t bring him happiness. She knows she doesn’t love Damien. Damien must be irriated to see Idy doing that to him. Yeah Tavia wasn’t thinking of how Damien’s family would feel about the marriage. Does Damien even care for Mary and Elena?

    • Chibi says:

      hehe, I was actually referring to Idy in the paragraph about her not thinking how it would affect the family, and not Tavia. I don’t think Tavia would really care that much considering it’s Damian proposing to her, and not her just trying to get into the family.

  • KTVB says:

    haha great work Chibi! You totally nailed the whole Idy situation!

    It was so frustrating to watch Idy constantly tell Damian that Tavia loves him. Seriously?? And yes..she hardly knows Tavia and her intentions towards Damian, yet she confidently makes a statement like that- this was before she even put Tavia to the test of drinking the poisonous tea -.-

    Idy didn’t do anything to amend her relationship with Damian. It was like she just gave up on him, never loved him and knows she never will- so to make herself feel better, she hopes another woman can give Damian what she can’t. Sorry- I’m not buying this “selfless” behaviour. It’s not even selfless…she didn’t even consider the impact on the family. Irritating!!!

    I think Idy’s character hasn’t even developed that strong of a character at the start to begin with, and before she got to shine and show some awesomeness in her character, she went downhill…

    I too, didn’t feel sorry for Tavia the whole way. I was rooting for Mary and Elena although we know it won’t stop Damian from marrying Tavia anyway.

    Elena’s acting was great in these scenes- I like!

    I don’t even want to think about Idy anymore haha- I care about Rebecca XD

    I can’t decide too!! Rebecca is extremely sweet with either Kenneth or Ron. I think I’m siding with Kenneth mainly because of his character. I dislike Ron’s character- but cannot deny how sweet he is towards Rebecca!! It’s the only reason why I still find Ron’s character bearable. Can’t wait to see how this love triangle will unfold!

  • Chi says:

    I got so frustrated at Idy’s character in episode 26 for what she did, arghs!!!

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