*Contains spoilers*

  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • “Ma Sam Bo” is  Sammul’s last role with TVB! It’s sad to hear him leave, but I’m happy for the greater opportunities he has in mainland. I really like Sam-Bo and I think he’s my favourite character from the roles Sammul has played. He’s intelligent, caring, charming, talented and has great fighting skills. I also love the loyalty he has towards Yin-Wong (Joe) and the love/devotion towards Princess Wing-Yeung (Elanne). Judging from the Favourite Character poll I put up, it looks like Sammul is  favourite for many people.
  • I still feel its a bit of a waste that he’s an eunuch! I know …Ma Sam-Bo is a eunuch in history, and history can’t be changed…but awww!!
  • Throughout the series, he didn’t really act like an eunuch but they would subtly mentioned it here and there..it kind of left me a bit confused on how many people/whom actually knew of his identity and whether it was supposed to be public  knowledge. It turned out that Michael didn’t realise until near the end of the series too, which was why Michael constantly teased him for not confessing his feelings for the princess.
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • Sam Bo and Princess Wing Yeung have grown up together. They played with each other since young, and he saved her from drowning when she was 5. Another time when she sneaked out to war with Joe, Sam-Bo was there to protect her. The two were hiding in a cave and it was so cute because the princess was like ” Sam-Bo let’s get married! 4th brother (Joe) said I’m not marrried yet so if I die now I’m going to be a homeless ghost.  I don’t want to be a homelsss ghost.” Sam- Bo: “Err…I’m an eunuch, how can we get married?” Princess: “Why can’t eunch’s get married? I don’t care we’re getting married” XD XD From then on, Sammul was never able to forget her XD SO SWEET !! Fond memories!
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • The two are really close – if she ever encountered any problems, he would be the first person she’d turn to. I think the two make a really cute couple! There was also another time when she got really upset when she lost the earrings he bought for her as a birthday present.  Even though the princess would get mad at him here and there (because of what he does for Joe), the two would eventually make up again.
  • I think it’s sad but also sweet that he loves the princess and always wants to be there to care for her although he can never be with her forever.
  • When Sam-Bo saw Princess Wing Yeung and Michael together, he seemed a bit upset/jealous but we know he only wants her to be happy. There was a scene where they went to a moon festival, and they lit flying lanterns. Sammul genuninely smiled when he saw how happy the Princess was with Michael and tries to pursuade Michael to go-for-it.  Such a unconditional love <3
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • When Sam-Bo didn’t listen to Yin-Wong (Joe)’s orders, Yin-Wong wanted to kill him but the Princess protected him.
  • In episode 26 when Sam-Bo was under arrest, he risked his life to find the princess to stop her from marrying General Lee Geng Long (Benjamin Yuen) because he didn’t want her to marry someone she didn’t love.
  • I loved how Sammul confessed to Elanne- it was soooo touching!!  I was wondering whether the princess would ever know his feelings for  her !  🙂 He just wanted her to be happy and promised to take her away. Unfortunately, their escape plan failed and Sammul gets caught. In exchange for Sam-Bo’s life, the Princess agreed to marry Lee Geng Long!
  • I also like watching the strong bond and trust between Sam-Bo and Yin Wong (Joe). They have a really good master-subordinate relationship. When Sam-Bo was a kid and was brought to the palace, Joe noticed his courage and intelligence and picked him out- He educated, taught and trained him.
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • It was a pretty touching scene when Sam-Bo betrayed him that one time  because he disapproved of Yin Wong’s actions. Angered and hurt by his betryal, Yin Wong wanted to kill him but later realised he wasn’t just his subordinate- he valued him as a friend (and knew Sam-Bo remained loyal towards him). There were any flashback scenes of them together when Sammul was a little kid and the way he raised him up etc. After this, Joe ended up setting Sammul free- he was no longer “owned” by him. Sam-Bo was so grateful for everything Joe has done for him and decides to continue to stay by his side to assist him in achieving his goals.
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary
  • There was a scene where Sam-Bo was massaging Joe’s shoulders when he was bathing. At first I did feel a bit of a shiver down my spine because it felt slightly “gay” because I didn’t expect to see such a scene. lol But then thinking back, Sam-Bo was his servant and it was supposed to be a  sad scene as it was Sam Bo serving his master for the last time.   This scene actually striked some controversary among the viewers XD
  • Macy plays a Monogolian girl who searches for Sammul to take revenge on him for indirectly causing the death of her father. When Sammul resolves the case and helps her father clear his injustice, Macy gratefully leaves. Later she returns in hope to be with him. I didn’t feel much for Macy’s character- she was ok, cute at times. I started to like her more later when she proved to be very loyal towards Sammul. I was quite surprised/moved when she stayed by his side and continued to love him even  after finding out he’s a eunuch.
  • Sammul Chan- TVB Relic of an Emisary

  • At the end when Joe succcesfully becomes the new Emperor, Sammul assumed the new name of Zheng He.
  • I was pretty happy with his ending -He was able to fulfil his dream on travelling the seas on his own boat. He also won’t be alone because Macy is there  to accompany him all the way 🙂
  • P.S Love his coloured eye contacts XD so glossy hehe

15 Responses to “[Relic of an Emissary] Sammul Chan as 馬三保”

  • Chibi says:

    awww..what a lovely summary of Samual’s character 🙂 I haven’t seen it but from what you’ve written with the accompanying screenshots I feel like I’ve watched it XDD heheee

  • hohoho says:

    nice work, loving your summaries!

    it was sweet to see that Sammul stayed back to help Elanne give birth, XD even though his mission was to capture Joel.

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks hohoho XD

      hehe Yea- it was sweet that Sammul was able to witness the birth of Elanne’s baby 🙂 Elanne also knows that Sammul won’t hurt her so even if Sammul did win Michael in the battle, she could always stop Sammul from killing him XD

  • Ri says:

    my favourite character in ROAE, hands down! When the show first started it didn’t occur to me he would be an eunuch, tht would be too sad! Until I read about Sam-po/Zheng He in history and yeaaa, ohh well. Still, didn’t stop me from liking him! Prolly one of my fave of his roles too, next to “Jui Ming” in The Four 🙂

    Always did like Sammul, too bad he’s leaving TVB. From the few interviews that I’ve read it sounds like he’s not happy there so oh well, i wish him all the best but hope he comes back to film for TVB again once in awhile! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      I found out because I watched the promotional trailer and he mentions that quote (When he told Michael why he can’t be with the Princess) , and then when I started watching, I wasn’t sure if people already knew of his identity because it didn’t look like it.

      Yea “Jui Ming” was fun to watch too except his role was pretty small there (from memory)

  • zihwye says:

    i know its so sad how sammul’s leaving tvb. damn tvb for not paying their stars enough. :/

    actually sammul has always been one of my favourite actors (alongside ron ng. for one period of time i couldnt get enough of both of them together). hes played quite a few memorable roles that i liked. but i have to admit sometimes he tends to take on the same kind of roles. and ma san-bo wasn’t really too different from all of those. but i still think he kind of stole the show at some points. like whenever he and joe ma appear in the same scene im actually paying more attention to him. guess its just me… haha.

    all the best sammul. may you reconsider working with tvb after they change boss!

  • zihwye says:

    oh and “There was a scene where Sam-Bo was massaging Joe’s shoulders when he was bathing. At first I did feel a bit of a shiver down my spine because it felt slightly “gay” because I didn’t expect to see such a scene. lol But then thinking back, Sam-Bo was his servant and it was supposed to be a sad scene as it was Sam Bo serving his master for the last time. This scene actually striked some controversary among the viewers XD”
    I FASTFORWARDED THE ENTIRE PART. i just couldn’t bear watching it.

    • Min says:

      Haha, I didn’t follow the series, but I actually watched that episode especially for that scene. It’s like they’re catering to yaoi fan girls (which I’m not one..-cough-)

  • Daisy says:

    Sam Bo was awesome! He loved the princess so much! Why did he had to be a eunuch? =(
    But honestly Sam Bo’s ending was the only one i liked.
    The princess and Michael did not have any chemistry and i thought Michael would end up with Kate WTH! It was a very rushed ending! Why did TVB even bother having Michael and Kates love line? It seemed forced or something. It was like a one night stand then break up boooom. And wasnt kate so in love with michael before? And then all of a sudden he likes joe? GRRR…

    Im just happy Sam Bo is travelling around the world with Macy! I sorta want a spin off with Macy and Sam Bo but we all know that wont turn out well XD

    Which brings me to a last question what did happen to Joel? So he just left?

    • Madeline says:

      guess so.. this is why i don’t this show isn’t that good to watch. it’s so ambiguous, like you don’t even know what just happened. Things just randomly happen and then the story just ends like that. I feel like it’s a bit rushed.

      Joel probably left somewhere else and start a new life I guess.

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