Title: The Threshold of a Persona (ID精英)
Cast: Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Patrick Tang, Raymond Cho, John Chiang, Toby Leung,  Natalie Tong, Claire Yiu, Kenny Wong, Power Chan
Episodes: 27
Release date: 1 June 2009
Filmed: March 2008
Producer: Marco Law
Scriptwriter: Choy Ting Ting

The threshold of a Persona


First TV series with immigration work
Top confidential of Hong Kong’s border security

Immigration Department is guarding the door of Hong Kong, and seeks out to prevent doubtful identities and criminals from entering Hong Kong. It only not creates a highly demanding task for immigration officer and also raises a further question – how will they make identity verification as accurate as possible?

FONG TSUN KIT (Roger Kwok) becomes friends with two other candidates CHENG PAK YU (Raymond Cho)   and YIP ON KEI (Yoyo Mung) while applying for a post in the Immigration Department. YU is an aggressive person. He later moves to the Police Force and is promoted to Senior Inspector of Regional Crime Unit. While investigating a murder case, he realizes that the new gang leader WU KIT SUM (Kenny Wong) has killed somebody because of KIT’s wife. It totally turns KIT’s life upside down. As a good friend, KEI helps KIT take care of his son after a failed relationship with YU. When two hearts meet, an extraordinary link spontaneously draws them together. Meanwhile, AU SHUN FUNG (Patrick Tang) appreciates KIT’s ability very much and recommends him to MAK KAI MING (John Chiang), Head of Investigation Section. KIT gains approval and he is determined to start anew. While carrying out an investigation on a fraud syndicate, he comes upon his missing wife and uncovers her long-hidden identity.



方浚杰(郭晋安)因投考入境处而认识同期学员郑柏宇(曹永廉)及叶安琪(蒙嘉慧),叁人遂成好友。野心较大的柏宇后 转投警队并跃升为重案组高级督察,当调查一命案时,发现黑社会新贵胡杰琛(黄德斌)因浚杰之妻而杀人,令浚杰生活出现突变。刚与柏宇分手的安琪为帮助好 友,主动为浚杰照顾儿子,经常陪伴左右,令二人处於一种非情侣却亲密的微妙关係。另方面,甚欣赏浚杰办事能力的欧顺风(邓健泓),希望带浚杰走出阴霾,向 主管麦启铭(姜大伟)力荐他加入调查组,令倍受关怀的浚杰重新振作,力争上游,顺利加入调查组。不久浚杰便着手彻查一个假证集团,期间竟再度遇上失纵多时 的妻子并发现其非比寻常的真正身份……。

Synopsis Credits to : Astro on Demand

30 Responses to “[New Series]: The Threshold of a Persona (ID精英)”

  • stella says:

    i might be wacthing this..

  • chibi says:

    lol, it seems TVB is trying to make a series on every occupation there is out there =p

  • wilson says:

    No offence but i think this series is quite gay!

  • Linhii says:

    aren’t they going to fly to germany for this serie??

  • Nicole says:

    i guess i’ll watch this cos it’ll be playing on my TV lol. otherwise…i hope they don’t try to force the idea that these immigration ppl are “heroes”. and Roger/Yoyo again (Last One Standing…)??

    • KTVB says:

      LOL! “Force the idea that these immigration ppl are “heroes”!! I was thinking the same thing XD TVB does it all the time. Forensic Heroes, Laywers, police, firemen, teachers..

      • Nicole says:

        well, i admit to buying their “hero” stereotypes most of the time. 😛 in fact, Burning Flame is my all-time favorite show! i also loved DIFIV & Shine On You…but immigration ppl? it might be a bit of a stretch haha.

        P.S. i’m not fond of Toby at all either. >__>

  • rachel says:

    hahah i agree with chibi. i never even thought of a series about immigration. so funny how tvb is making all these series centered around a certain occupation. what next? after police, detectives, firemen, immigration people…? hahah

  • Rin says:

    I might watch this just cus Roger and Yoyo are in it 😛
    Only problem I have with this is it’s 30 episodes… I’ve learned that TVB series with around 20-25 episodes are good.

  • sugar says:

    Was this the show that was going to be called Cordial Heroes? It’s got Natalie in it. ^^ I might watch it since it’s the first TVB series with immigration work. (:

  • KTVB says:

    I think I’ll watch it anyway lol Just for Roger and Yoyo. I’m not too fond of the idea Toby is in it though.

    Immigration is a new idea I guess. Might be interesting to see what they do..or maybe not XD

  • aqlim says:

    i saw this news from newspaper too..haha
    i think its a brand new idea about immigration.
    we get to see those inner part of it.what we saw are basically on checking this and that, very routines task..i do believe tvb will make this drama another success and let viewers to know more about the operations such as dealings with illegal immigrants,drugs stuff.might be interesting. will give it a try..=)

  • gamdoy says:

    i thought this series had 27 episodes?

  • bel says:

    haha. i just like the themesong =p

  • Shailene says:

    I LOVE this series! But, I really don’t like the fact that Yoyo and Roger are going to be a pair. I want Claire to be back with Roger. Yoyo should be with Raymond. Can anyone from Hong Kong tell me what episode are they showing up to currently? I live in Paris, so I’m clueless…. 😛

    • KTVB says:

      Yea, i sorta like Claire with Roger too. Yoyo doesn’t seem to fit in the picture just yet (though Raymond’s not such a great guy)

      In Hong Kong, they’re up to episode 14/15

  • KTVB says:

    I think TVB should have put Patrick Tang on the promotional image instead of Toby. Patrick’s like the second lead to Roger..while Toby is quite minor..

  • KIKI says:

    yea i was thinking the same thing. patrick tang deserves to be on that cover . not to sound mean but im not a fan of toby and i wondered who put her there or even in the series.

  • curious says:

    hi can pls confirm if patrick and roger sang the theme song?

  • Lisa N says:

    Only up to episode 12 in Australia at the moment, I have 3 more episodes to watch for now until new release of the episodes, but so far so good. I watched 12 episodes in three days..

  • Lisa N says:

    Just another question, why is there only 27 episodes in HK and 30 episodes overseas?

    • KTVB says:

      Mm..it was originally 30 episodes, but for some reason ( not sure why) HK decided to cut some stuff out and reduced it down by 3 episodes (maybe to fit into scheduling of other series?)

      • Lisa N says:

        Thanks for answering, so that means I’ll get to watch an extra three episodes. That’s good! I’m going to go back to continue watching episode 15 now..

  • evelyn says:

    After watching this series and rosy business, I would like to give TVB a compliment. Well done TVB, only you are able to film different categories of series. I watch TVB series since I was in primary (70’s) from “man in the net” until today’s “rosy business”. I was really entertained by all these series.

  • Prince of Lucky says:

    I justed started watched this drama and was very surprised that the immigration dept. using PDA as their communication. That was so awesome! Feel that their security are much advance than us.

  • lala says:

    i finished it. loved it but not happy with the ending..

  • Fiona says:

    bah…TOBY??? like cmon. nobody would even know or care who she was if her dad wasn’t tommy leung…like cmon. she’s not even pretty. and second, she can’t act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

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