I just came across the first promotional clip of Mysteries of love from hyn5‘s blog and I’m really excited !! Love the whole idea about love and science- its a really nicely put-together promotional clip with the mirrors, reflections and Raymond’s confusion about love. You can also hear a bit of Raymond’s themesong playing !! I can’t wait for its release on 24 May 2010!

Click on the screenshot to watch the clip:
Mysteries of Love

<3 Raymond!

8 Responses to “[The Mysteries of Love] Promotional Trailer”

  • rachel says:

    this is one of thheeeeee best and prettiest/meaningful trailers i’ve watched in a looonng time!! 😀 i absolutely love it! it’s just super pretty!! and the mirror thing is just too cool! 😀

  • faithict says:

    is that tavia yeung in that video clip?

    • KTVB says:

      Yup! That’s Tavia! Since it’s a promotional trailer rather than series trailer I don’t think Tavia’s going to look like that in the series though 🙂

  • chibi says:

    haha, very curious to see how much substance this film will have. Hope it doesn’t come out as a too cheesy love story. Haven’t seen Ray in a looooong time!

  • Summer says:

    yeah!!! raymond lam new show is coming out soon. but too bad. singapore next year will airing and selling the DVD. still have to wait for next year. 🙁

  • Sky says:

    OMG!! i cant wait for raymond’s new show to come out….i have waited too long…..

  • mwhahaha.k says:

    Does anybody know the song that Raymond sang in the trailer?

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