It’s that time of the year again! Sydney TVB Jadeworld Carnival was held yesterday @ Kogarah, where Joe Ma, Michael Tse and Susanna Kwan appeared 🙂 Since my exams are coming up, I couldn’t find the time to see them so I didn’t end up going. I found some clips someone posted up on youtube though, and it appears that Susanna sang both Moonlight Resonance and Heart of Greed Themesong, Laughing Gor singing EU themesong & Joe Ma singing Born Rich themesong. Did anyone go this year? I know it didn’t appear as popular compared to previous years~ Do share your thoughts if you did! 🙂

Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan, Joe Ma @ Sydney Sussex Centre

Today the three stars appeared again at the Sussex Centre Autograph session!! 😀 I didn’t win a ticket this time but decided to pop by to see them anyway. Funnily enough, I wasn’t as excited to see the one I was anticipating the most- Michael Tse’s Laughing Gor, but instead was JOE MA!! XD XD He totally made my day hahah – he is so charming! XD Joe Ma was sitting right in front of where I was standing and he constantly smiled and waved at me… lots of eye contact haha It was pretty funny, I was fan-girling all over again lol I was pointing at his autograph photos and he gave me a funny “frown face” and his body language showed me he wanted to, but couldn’t leave his seat XD (and because of the body guards) The best memory of the day was when I..(out of nowhere) suddenly yelled out “TOPMAN!!!” XD XD And Joe instantly looked up at me with a funny smile-he was SO AMUSED! His reaction was so cute XD Too bad I didn’t capture that on video haha I don’t think he was expecting anyone to remember him from Born Rich which was from a year ago, nor his character. I could tell he was really happy that someone called out his character’s name hehe. That was slightly embarrassing though, the other girls around just turned and looked at me- I think there was a little laughter/giggle when I yelled that out and then I got embarrassed, especially after I realised the camera man was facing me (seriously I hope I don’t go on TV or something +_+) but no regrets of course- just for you TOPMAN!! lol

Michael Tse was the furtherest away of the three and there wasn’t much lighting over there so I couldn’t see him properly. He also didn’t appear very friendly- maybe he was trying to stay in character and tried to act cool lol (I think he looked rather bored lol)
Susanna was pretty friendly and constantly posed for photos and doing the “v” sign. She gave off a very motherly kind of feeling =) I don’t know if its the Sydney fan-base..but no one seems to really respond or give much reaction to them XD even when they ask questions or even “hello!” Something similar happened when Linda and Moses came last year ^^; Near the end there were a little group of girls saying “Laughing-Gor Wo Ai Ni” haha that was pretty funny XD I was so tempted to yell out “SA YI!!” to Susanna, but after the “Topman” one- thought I’d stay quiet haha

And I managed to get Joe’s autograph!! YAY!!! They had a few autographs left over and they handed me one 😀 WOOHOO! Bonus hehe Chibi ended up getting a photo with Joe Ma too!! (So jealous haha) Credits to chibi for taking all the photos and recording the video above!

And that was that…good bye Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma 🙂 Hope they had a good experience at Sydney!!

28 Responses to “Michael Tse, Joe Ma and Susanna Kwan @ Sydney 2010!”

  • sarah says:

    I was about to go but none of then interests me so i ended up not going! hahas!
    Quite sad to hear that no on really reacts to what they say…the fans should be more supportive so more people will more more often!

  • Snow says:

    i feel bad for them! i heard susanna sing live before and she’s awesome :)) i’ve seen joe ma too, he looks better in real life

  • Chibi says:

    ahh it was so awesome being there and seeing them in person! ^^ So happy I was able to grab a photo with Joe Ma, even though we missed out on the autograph tickets. I think it was worth making the trip there seeing them up so close 🙂

    Lucky for you too K for getting an autograph!!

  • 'Muff says:

    If you are on TV we’ll know, ’cause there’ll be somebody yelling “TOPMAN!” ;D

  • sugar says:

    awww, that sounds so funny…what you said about Joe hahah. ^__^

  • cheela says:


    Haha, so funny you called out Topman. His character was pretty good in Born Rich. Just one quesiton, do you like Raymond Lam?

  • Badger says:

    It was much more laborious to get an autograph ticket at Sussex Centre this year as you had to buy $30 of stuff within the centre and then be lucky enough to land on the autograph ticket prize of the prize wheel when you spun it. Oh yeah, the prize wheel was only available for two blocks of two hours each day in the lead up to the signing session.

    As for the Jadeworld Carnival, Kogarah isn’t convenient unless you live in the south. Also, perhaps the stars this year are not as popular as in previous years. For me, I wasn’t as interested compared to last year.

    • Chibi says:

      Yeh, Kogarah is pretty far for me, but I suppose it’s closer to Hurstville with plenty of Asians 😉

      • Badger says:

        I think if they held it nearly anywhere in Sydney it would be close to plenty of Asians! 🙂 Somewhere near Chinatown or easier to get to via public transport may have drawn more people as well.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..when I saw the conditions, I’m like -__- that’s a bit hard…lol I still don’t think they had enough people winning those tickets as the queue seemed pretty short.

      Yea Kogarah is pretty far for me. Might check it out if I’m free next time!

      • Badger says:

        Hopefully, they will adjust the way to obtain tickets for the signing session next year. It was too convoluted this year.

        From your pictures, it looks like fans weren’t able to take photos with the stars this year. If this is the case, then it is a shame.

  • Sharon says:

    Oh seems like you had fun haha ^^ I didn’t end up going to the Kogarah one anyway. Well, also besides I had exams lol XD

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    woot Born Rich spirit!!!
    omg…i wish TVB artistes would come to Canada every year..LOLS

    OMG i think i really like Joe too~ hahaha ..he sounds very friendly and interactive

    LOLS…u should have called out “Sa Yi” regardless hahahah~

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    rofl..i hope no one throws eggs at me [Dodges]…but michael seemed kind of…poser-ish…hahaha after watching the video..LOLS

  • Peal says:

    ^ I kinda admit, I see that from Michael too. *Dodges tomatoes* I think the fame of Laughing Gor got to his head…he seems slightly cocky, judging from this and other fan vids and encounters that I’ve seen/read.

    But Joe Ma seems very friendly and accommodating. ^_^ I like what Susanna wore, simple and matching. ^^

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