Woohooo–thanks to Chibi, we have a fresh new banner, featuring my latest craze: A Change of Heart!! Hope you guys like the banner as much as I do! 🙂
A Change of Heart TVB

13 Responses to “[Message from K] New Banner: A Change of Heart”

  • Chibi says:

    Yaaay..glad you like it ^_^

    • KTVB says:

      That’s a lot of effort you put in getting the screencaptures together to make the banner (esp when you havent seen the series!) 😀

  • K2K says:

    Yup! Liking the new banner 🙂 One of the better series so far this year!

  • faithict says:

    i really really like this banner… 🙂 thank you…

  • summer says:

    Wow.. nice , nice , nice , i like like like .. if i not mistaken , KTVB banners , always will have Ray Lam, this time is my 1st time to see Bosco Wong .. hehehe, thx , like so much 🙂

  • Cherry says:

    Oh my gosh, this has been a better series in a while, so this banner is definitely approved ;D. I’m sort of in love with Bosco right now too. *swoon*

  • Danny says:

    Does anyone know what watch Joey meng is wearing. Looks like a ceramic Tag Heuer but I can’t find it

  • xinying says:

    can i ask for the second picture in the banner is in which episode ? i wan to rewatch it but i forgot which episode is it in. Thanks ! Please reply !

    • heavenly87 says:

      epi 15 if not 16… it’s when they are working together on a proposal to sale to Power…
      another good episode to re-watch is 27 when niki is kinda blind and gets picked on by a bunch of teens and bosco takes her to the swimming pool to hide from them

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