December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 12

In this episode, Cecilia gets her teeth fixed!

Thanks to Dayo who has accidentally fallen onto Cecilia in the previous episode, Cecilia falls flat onto the ground where some of her teeth snap off. When her mouth is closed, she looks normal, but when she opens them, she looks uglier than before. Her teeth make her look like a Dracula XD

Dayo immediately runs away because he gets freaked out in what she might do to him and pretends to have broken his own teeth (using radish) as an apology to ask for forgiveness so she won’t kill him.

Luckily, Jenny (played by Charmaine Li) has been able to contact the top Dentist in England (who happened to be in Guangzhou for a few days) to help her get fake teeth that look exactly like real ones! Dayo and his follower see Cecilia with the English man thinking Cecilia has already gone around finding men just because she looks better when her mouth is closed. The two sit close by and watch the scene. Dentist saw Cecilia’s beauty and started taking advantage of her and harassing her and Cecilia slaps him cross his face where he angrily states that he won’t help her fix her teeth. Cecilia tells Jenny that she’d rather have ugly teeth than to her sell her body. Dayo witnesses the scene to realise Cecilia wasn’t after the man…and in hope to help Cecilia, Dayo ends up blackmailing the dentist to help Cecilia fix her teeth. That’s so nice of Dayo ^^!!

Dayo dressed up as a women and took photos of them together in some room in bed XD XD Who would of expected a villain to do something out of kind heart? I really hope that Cecilia would find out one day that Dayo had helped her.

Things seem to have gone a bit awkward between the two after Cecilia’s teeth is fixed. In the following scene, Wong Fei Hong took Dayo to apologise to Cecilia where they met for the first time after her teeth is fixed. I’m not sure how Dayo is feeling now that Cecilia is pretty. He helped get the dentist to fix her teeth but I guess he also doesn’t want her to know that. He just seems a bit sad..(maybe because Cecilia might start showing off her ‘luck’ or ‘beauty’..or maybe because Dayo can’t find a way to put her down anymore. Maybe because other men might start pursuing her?) I know dayo wanted to help Cecilia so she can be happy for once she can live looking beautiful. Still, he doesn’t seem to joke around her much anymore. He has gone more quiet. Dayo still tries to find ways to put her down, saying she only has ‘fake’ teeth..so her outer beauty is also fake.. but does making her feel bad really make him feel happy anymore?

The screenies below show Cecilia dressed up and visiting Wong Fei Hong. She said Jenny helped dress her up and even complimented her, saying she looked beautiful. She ends up falling over because of her shoes and Dayo started saying mean things to her again, saying that she asked for it herself.

A strange thing I found in this scene was that one of Wong Fei Hong’s student commented that Cecilia was their future “Si-Mo”(Mater’s wife)..I don’t understand why and how Cecilia would go out with Wong Fei Hong, or vice versa. She never loved Wong Fei Hong..and after Wong Fei Hong’s talk about Inner beauty being more important than outer appearance..then why is he only pursuing her now that her teeth is fixed.

The rest of the episode shifts focus away from Cecilia and Dayo’s relationship and onto Benz’ story, the play, and Dayo and Benz (who pretends to be Dayo’s real father to use him to get back some pieces of a puzzle that Dayo took off him previously) . I thought it was really slack considering Benz used Dayo’s emotions (even though Dayo used Cecilia’s one before) The fatherly love here also reveals the good side of Dayo, Dayo’s desire to be loved and he slowly continues to change..

3 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 12”

  • chibi says:

    awwww..its men dont cry again^^ yay hehe..

    Just look at Dayo’s facial expression when he looks at Cecilia, so concerned. I like how he secretly watches over her- he just teases her so it’s not obvious to her or anyone else he has feelings for her. I guess it’s all unconditional anyway =)

  • Jadedreams says:

    I personally thought it was really cute when Dayo was kind of jealous when he saw Cecilia with Gregory Rivers!

    The part when Dayo cross-dressed as a woman reminded me of him in TCTU, when he crossed dressed to help Ada “get rid” of Marco’s character lol.

  • KTVB says:

    To Chibi: I agree with the “teasing to not make it obvious”, but its really obvious to us audiences..

    To JadeDreams: I thought that was cute too..Dayo must of been a bit comforted (or relieved) when Cecilia slapped Gregory Rivers’ face and thats he’d rather look ugly than ..let him continue on what he did.. i.e did not enjoy what the man was doing to her. I like seeing Dayo’s face when he gets jealous ^^; because I can see how much he really cares and loves her.

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