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Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Michael and Anita manged to escape the fire 🙂 At the hospital, Michael hugs Anita when he was relieved to see her safe and ok ^^ Anita tells Michael that she realised how important he was to her, and Michael admitted feeling the same way towards her ^^

It turns out someone did something to their car, wanting to kill them both off. When they learn that Krystal has been hospitalized, they rush to see her and Anita feels really bad for neglecting her like that the night before which caused her to becomes depressed as the doctors have informed she attempted to kill herself by cutting her wrist.

When they went to ask Power, Tracy defended him saying she was with him the whole night. It turns out Power really did go find Krystal and she followed him. When he came out of her house, she saw blood on him but Power lied to her, saying Krystal wanted to kill herself and he only went to see her, to stop her..

However, Tracy couldn’t pass her own conscience and went to the hospital to see her where Michael finds her. After convincing Tracy of Power’s evil doings and him being one who actually caused her father to go into a coma, Tracy reveals to the Police what had actually happened, having gathered evidence of Power’s wrongdoings.

When Anita went to visit Krystal, Krystal woke up and told her that it was actually Power who did this to her! Power appeared and tied Anita on a chair. When Michael and the police arrive, he uses the two as hostage; threatening to pull the plugs and kill Krystal if they came in.

He reveals all the truths about him killing Dick (and Bonnie just happened to be there)  and their involvement with making fast illegal money. He also tried to get rid of the evidence (in episode 1-2), and wanted the USB, thinking there was evidence in there about his accounts and he was the one who actually paid money for the guy to jump off the building in hope to destroy all evidence.

They also showed us what had happened when Power went to Krystal’s house. First he got her drunk, and then next carried her and put her in the bathtub of water, cutting her wrist!! Despite ‘loving her’ so much, he ‘had’ to. In order to convince Power that she truly loved him and didn’t mean to betray him, Krystal pulled the plugs off herself to kill herself!

It was only then that Power had realised what he had done wrong, owing so much to Krystal. He uses the knife and cuts his own throat to die with her! The police rush in to save them.

Power dies. Krystal was saved.

In the hospital when Anita went to talk to Krystal, Krystal decides to reveal the truth to her about her relationship with Dick. They started off as rivals in the Insurance company and always had grudges against each other. However on one business trip, the two got drunk and started to see each other differently and from that- their affair started. However it turns out that Dick only wanted to get close to her because he wanted to earn quick money. Krystal was also involved in the illegal dealings with Power, and he didn’t know about Dick and Krystal’s affair. Krystal’s love for Dick turned into hate after realising Dick had only used her feelings and treated her poorly, saying he’ll never leave his wife. She also got rid of their baby because he got so angry when he found out and then dumps her.

Feeling completely abandoned, Krystal decided to take her revenge on him. When Dick was planning to withdraw from the illegal activities, Krystal suggested to Power the dangers of them all being caught, making Power kill Dick in the car. It turns out Krystal was also at that scene! After Power runs off, Dick actually had the strength to open the car door, but Krystal slammed the door shut! So the one who really killed Dick was Krystal..and Power hadn’t known all along. After this, Krystal decides to give in to the police for committing her crimes.

So..what happens to Anita and Michael? Do they end up together? Can they put behind their husband and wife’s deaths and move on with their lives with each other?

It turns out that both of them are not ready yet. They are grateful for the other being in their lives because they helped each other pull each other up when they needed someone. However, they’re not sure if it was real love, or whether it was just relying on each other for support. Anita has decided to move elsewhere to work for a year or two and they decided that time would be a true test of their feelings for one another. At the airport, Michael and Anita hug each other before she goes in the gate. With that, Michael walks off…


I was a little disappointed that two didn’t end up with each other, but the ending is still satisfying. It’s true that if they really have fallen in love with each other, they can get back together in the future. Time alone is good and having changing focus in life. I think the additional twist in the end, being Krystal the one who killed Dick was surprising! I didn’t know she was involved all this time, though I did remember them saying it was a person wearing a cap on who was slamming the car door shut.

4 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 20- Final”

  • sugar says:

    Yay. You finally finished the last post of LE. I finished this a while ago but I was satifised with the ending. ^^ I knew that one of the main characters were the murderer. 😀

  • kat says:

    I watched the beginning, skipped the middle and watched the end of LE! lool but I like the ending between Michael and Anita, it seems more logical that way.

  • KTVB says:

    To sugar: haha I thought it was Power who murdered them XD I hadn’t realised Jackie was part of the illegal activities as well..

    To kat: yea…still, they sorta just ‘got together’ at the beginning of episode 20 lol

  • beepbop says:

    I did really hope that they would get together, but i guess the ending is still pretty good. I like how they know they like each other but don’t really show it, this is the point that kept me attracted to the series =D

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