September 2012

[King Maker] Favourite Character Poll

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Who is your favourite character in "King Maker"?

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10 Responses to “[King Maker] Favourite Character Poll”

  • miriamfanz says:

    Pierre Ngo, because he did exceptionally well as the traumatized prince when he came back. Don’t know why he suddenly turned evil at the end.

    I thought Wayne Lai was sort of like Chau Kau especially when yelling. And Kent Tang was doing something weird with his expressions and tones.

    • hanahs says:

      Omg i totally agree with you!!
      Waynes character is very alike rosy businee
      And kent tong rolls his eyes around when speaking.. So weird. Well.. I meant look like to right continuosly likes hes reading the s ript not delivering it..

    • KTVB says:

      I really liked Wayne’s character- totally reminded me of Chau Kau 😀

      Kent’s character was kind of weird..those expressions… Sometimes he pulls those faces, esp in front of Kingdom Yuen.
      I was convinced he has been a two-face for so long that he has sometimes tricked himself into believing the other him; esp when he can convincingly act as though he was a good guy (crying in front of his daughter saying he did everything for her) etc when he clearly did not love her, and was purely using her

      Hmm I dont think I’m making sense haha

  • Madeline says:

    Wayne Lai: His role as Yu Jing was astounding. I enjoyed watching every moment of his scenes especially the parts with him and Sam Leung.Well done

    Kent Cheng: Regardless of how much I hated him so much for being such a drag king, he makes such a good villain in the show.

    Kristal Tin: I feel like she resembles Sheren Tang’s role in No Regrets/Rosy Business. She did pretty well. I like her. And I like how she’s an equivalent to Yu Jing.

    Pierre Ngo: At first, I really feel sympathy for that guy. His 10 years of torture at Gam Guo. But I feel that as the story goes on, they somehow forgot about what Pierre has been through and near the end, Pierre turned to a semi-jerk for wanting to be king so badly even though he didn’t want to be one in the first place.

    Natalie Tong: She’s a gullible character. I like the fact that she comes from bossy princess to more feminine. I like the Pierre-Natalie match up, they look cute together.

    Patrick Tang: Although I don’t like the past him, I actually enjoy watching him as an eunuch. I think he did well in his role.

    Florence Kwok: At first, I’m pretty sure everyone all hated her for being so scheme-y and trying to destroy almost everyone’s lives in the palace. Now, that her character has turned towards the end, I don’t feel “bothered” watching her on screen.

    • KTVB says:

      Wayne: TOTALLY agree with u!! 😀 Loved him all the way– great acting and awesome character!!

      Kent: Agree too..hahah Drag queen indeed!

      Kristal: Yup, agreed! She is my favourite character next to Yu Jing- there’s everything to like about her. I love how loyal she is and so compatible with Yu Jing. They’re so different yet so similar. Favourite Kristal role, no doubt. I love how she reminds me of Sheren Tang 🙂 Only wished they could give them a happy ending and let the two be together 🙁 Her death scene was so heartbreaking!

      Pierre: Hmm something about his character made me feel he wasn’t going to be that good of a King. He relied quite heavily on the King Makers…I suppose he was nice at the start and all..at the end, corruption took over him =\ A bit disappointed..

      Natalie: I like how she stuck up for herself when Vivien was trying to make life hard for her.

      Patrick: Good work as the eunuch- played well. Different from his usual roles. Sad his character had to die though

      Florence: ahah yea…I thought there was going to be some comeback from her character when they let Chris leave the palace..later on I just didn’t care too much

  • Ri says:

    When watching this the one thought I kept having was “Kristal Tin would make a great replacement for Sheren Tang in Rosy Business 3”. Of course this was after the announcement that Myolie would be the lead in RB3 which frankly, made me go huh?!

  • Bleh says:

    Where’s Elaine Yiu?

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