Happy 3rd Anniversary K for TVB!!  ^__-

As of today, 10 September 2009- K for TVB officially turns three years old ^^..and look what I got!!! : : :

A super super super KAWAII Dayo x Charmaine Artwork from Chibi ^^ omg!! Arigatou!!! *hugs* I wish I can draw like that!! <3 Dayo!!
Happy 3rd Anniversary to K for TVB from Chibi- featuring Dayo Wong & Charmaine Sheh from You're Hired

I really like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your support over the year (or three years for those who stuck by since the beginning :)) . I’m really excited that it’s made it to Number 3 hehe (Scary thought that I’ve been blogging for 3 years now …and I’ve gone older by 3 years too!)  I started this blog while I was at uni..and now I’m working full time. It’s like its growing up with me!

A run down of what has happened during the year. It was my transition time from uni to work. The blog has also adapted around it by changing its focus from daily episode summary and screencaptures to…snippets of various things. It was a bit of burden off my back, was able to free up some time for ‘life’ (hehe, yes I do have a life to live outside of this blog XD) . I’m pretty content at the moment. It always happens though, that come exam time, I have to try very had to refrain myself from blogging and watching good series- like the current one- You’re Hired ^^; The other change is becoming more selective when choosing which TVB series to watch. Sadly, it didn’t feel like I had to make much ‘tough’ decisions this years to which to watch XD

Nevertheless, TVB does produce some  series which I just LOVE, which stimulates the need inside me to blog and share about it ^^ I just have to VOICE IT OUT! hehe It’s great to have you guys to share it with!

Finally, a note to finish off: Many may be aware that fellow affiliate blog TVB Musings has recently retired. For those in doubt, K for TVB does not plan to retire any time soon!!  XD I currently enjoy what I do/what I share, and as long as I have you guys here continously supporting me and my blog; and that TVB produces more great series (like When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West, Rosy Business, E.U, You’re Hired)-I’ll be here ^^


Much love,


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