April 2007

Devil’s Disciples Video Clips

I’ve have been looking at some Devils Disciples clips after finishing it~ yup, I don’t really search up trailers, news about series before watching it so I won’t have the story spoilt, not even the official synopsis ^^ The official MV looks great! Looks better than the actual series with all the fighting scenes put together~
Devil’s Disciples MV:




PC like Style?


The graphics in this clip is a bit dodgey but it was interesting to see how the bit with Bernice and Sharon (were fight on the opening sequence) fits in. It does look its based off some Chinese PC game and trying to give that kind of effect. Makes me wonder if its really based off a Chinese game because I can’t seem to find out much about it. I would love to see some comparisons with the characters and actors. This promotional clip must of been made a while ago since the title of the series is a bit different to what it currently is~

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