After finishing it almost one week ago, I’ve finally got my thoughts written up…

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Omg…the ending of this episode was so…=___=;; not watchable!! They added in some stupid stuff which left me with the oddest feeling after watching it; a sense of dissatisfaction as if it had ruined my impression on the story as a whole because they made it comical and musical *sigh* I really didn’t like it…
Getting back on to the story..

Bernice convinces Sharon to leave Sky One Tribe with her to declare peace between the Bloody Shadow Clan and the “Good” people; thinking it would bring an end to all killing.. Of course, this was part of Bernice’s father’s plan in luring them out and he ends up killing the 7 groups, and Sharon in the process. Even though Sharon was injured, she managed to put up a good fight with Bernice’s father..Sharon doesn’t end up having any final words, and dies in Kevin and Bosco’s arms..(I knew Sharon would die, but I thought she would be able to say a few words before she did. We also didn’t see Bosco and Kevin’s crying scenes or grieving over her death..I would really liked to have seen that; instead, the in next scene, we see Kevin at Sharon’s grave). Quite sad though because they went through so much to save her, yet at the end she couldn’t live.. =(

I’m surprised Shirley didn’t get injured since she can’t fight, I would have thought she would have been there for a purpose, but I guess not. Its cool anyway, I like seeing all the main character together and on one side. I also didn’t like how the 7 groups didn’t have much reaction when the Sword brother attacked Sharon…those 7 groups were so useless..Bernice’s father is totally corrupted. How can he rule Wulin when everyone is pretty much gone?

Bernice leaves them after she convinces Sharon …

Bosco tells Shirley that he wants to delay their wedding, but promises her that he will marry her.

Bosco and Sharon tell the Tribe leader they would be leaving the village to finish off the Wulin matters. Shirley leaves with them.

Day the agreement goes ahead. As Sharon is about to sign, the Sword brother attacks Sharon.

They have realised they have fallen in Bernice’s father’s trap.

Bernice holds off her father for a bit so they could escape, too bad it wasn’t for long..

Sharon’s assistant gets killed by Bernice’s father

Sharon dies in the arms of Bosco and Kevin.

Bernice grabs onto her father and they successfully escape.

The tribe people saves Bosco’s life 

With the help from Bernice: Kevin, Bosco and Shirley were able to escape back to the Sky One Tribe. Bernice’s father ends up putting poison in their river to force the Sky One Tribe people to come out. Having three days left before they run out of water (from their well), Kevin and Bosco discover the most powerful fighting techniques at Sky One Tribe whom the people there do not value (The Sky One Tribe people don’t fight and live in peace). Within two days, the two learn various martial arts/ techniques. This is too Kevin said; there were so many books and pages; it would take them more than 2 days to read (and where do they get the time to learn and master the techniques?) They eventually found the weakness for the ‘7-person-ultimate attack’ (which Bernice’s father has mastered by himself now); and the two fight Bernice’s father. If its that hard to learn, why is it so easy to defeat? They lured him into using the 7th stage in that ultimate attack and eventually Bernice’s father blows up and explodes… While they were luring him to use the technique, Bosco and Kevin used various powerful martial arts, constantly throwing new attacks on him. When Bernice’s father asked where they learnt it from, we see a separate clip of Kevin and Bosco advertising the book to the audience (such randomness..) The final battle was very light-hearted…

Sharon’s grave..

Bosco and Kevin realises the guy selling fish has very awesome chopping techniques.

Kevin and Bosco realises the Sky One Tribe has the technqiues to many poweful martial arts that have been ‘lost’ for along time.

Kevin and Bosco looks at their ‘notes’ (techniques); they are worried they would forget. Bernice’s father waits for their arrival.

[The advertisement]

The kamehameha – famous for its creation in DragonBall Z… XD

The two find the wekness to the 7-person ultimate technqiue

Bernice’s father uses the 7th step and explodes..

[Several years later…]

Bosco’s brother performing at their restaurant.

Bosco gave wayne a new grave?

Bosco teaching the Sky One tribe people technqiues to protect themeselves (or was it for a better health? I forgot XD)

Bosco and his son

We get the weird dancing and singing from Bosco’s brother and mother who appear to have set up their own restaurant as they retell the stories of Bosco and Kevin. We learn that Kevin left and brought Sharon’s ashes with him and released her. Bosco then appears and Bosco’s brother start advertising merchandise of dolls etc of Bosco and the others and tries to sell them to the customers. (I wonder if they are real merchandise for sale which TVB is trying to promote) I’m a bit confused with this part actually..Bosco’s son runs in with Bernice coming in after, so it appears that the two have gotten together, but I think it turns out to be Shirley’s son. Something happens, and Bernice leaves…Bosco tells his brother that he’ll be meeting up with Bernice for a night snack..the remaining characters start dancing on the streets…and yeh…that’s pretty much how it ends..this is what I call randomness…the characters went ‘out-of-character’ and they even sung with English words in there o.0

Animation created by bigmonster321

36 Responses to “[Devil’s Disciples] Episode 20- Final Episode Thoughts!”

  • Mr. Aa says:

    hey, i’d actually thought that the ending was really quite cute and fresh.
    Especially the part when they had like tonnes of kungu they could choose from and they were basically just picking it up from some scraps of paper while facing the evil guy in the duel.
    And of course, I liked that Bosco ended up with Shirley, but yet so of left it open when he said that he was also meeting Bernice for supper… haha

  • william says:

    yeh i reckon some of it was ok like the bit where bosco was training the other ppl… but seriously the bit where they were fighting bernices dad was screwed. i mean was that kamehameha or somethng!?

  • Leila says:

    My last episode thoughts: CORNY, CORNY, CORNY! lol. Seriously, that’s it.

  • Socks says:

    The ending didn’t make sense. Suddenly they find a GABILLION kungfu theory things just there for them to use and they can all learn it in the space of a few days (seconds in the series) when it took that old guy DECADES to master those levels and all the other kungfu. And that was probably the LAMEST WAY EVER to kill of a bad guy. You get him to explode and as IF there would be a piece of paper saying if you use the 7th step you’ll explode and die. Then what’s the point of the 7th step then?

    They didn’t explain Sharon’s death properly either. One minute we see her fainting (that’s what I thought) and the next we see her grave. Kevin just disappears with her ashes and that’s the end for those two after Kevin tried SO HARD to save her.

    I really would’ve preferred Bosco to be with Bernice because he only married Shirley because he RAPED him. Ok, so she did it for a good cause, but she could’ve at least told him before making him drunk and raping him >_

  • Socks says:

    And they left the ending with a massive loose end because Shirley has Bosco’s kid and Bosco is going out to a snack with Bernice.

    And the whole Broadway musical thing was so lame. LAME. The dancing and the english and the whole concept of it. It was pretty decent and I could STILL look past those many flaws (Sharon dying, the old guy exploding) but the singing just destroyed it. With the ENGLISH. My god.

    So that’s what I meant by sad in the comment box ages ago x_x Sad pathetic, not sad tragic.

    Haha. Sorry for taking up so much space ^_^;; O_O My comment kept dying.

  • May says:

    I though this was the best kungfu-comedy series I had ever watched but no.
    What happened at the last episode? I really don’t know. Been so shock Kevin and Sharon been through so much together and she just die. Not even a moment of grieve.
    I don’t know what to say about the bad guy. But Bosco’s ending was the worst. The reason Shirley slept with him was like so lame. It like she made up those stuff so he’ll feel sorry for her. Why didn’t just talk it out and instead of sleeping with each other they could just “pretend”. I hated it. I’m so angry with this series. Now I actually find reasons to hate the actress I hated
    No wonder this series got warehoused.

  • Asia says:

    Wasn’t the ending for DD stupid? I was so mad. they had time for a cheesy song & dance but we didnt have time to see Sharon’s last dying words. >__<

  • qing says:

    I also find DD quite boring towards the end too, like sort of can guess what’s gg to happen next. I watched a few eps of Life Art but it’s abit artistic haha, I find TSOTD better though. : ) 26

  • Mr. Aa says:

    Haha, I think DD’s ending was appropriate, the whole show didn’t take itself too seriously throughout. Particularly so bcoz of Bosco’s shifu and bro, it was like a funny kungfu show tat was ‘modern’

  • T says:

    DD was just a series to try promote bosco… not much acting and plot and stuff

  • bleh says:

    i think that da ending was kinda left hanging a bit and i really feel that it’d finished, like at da end how Bosco is sayin 2 his bro that him and bernice were gonna have supper that nite… 0.o

  • Yinyi says:

    not just you K, but devil disciple give me an odd feeling after i finish the endin is like dey added stuff that are none related to the story and i dont like the final pairing

  • Eira says:

    DD would have been better if it were like 25-30 eps long so they could like explain the events that happend during the ‘half a night’ study of the kungfu that Bosco and thing had found.

  • william says:

    yeh i totally agree. they should have like shown some more scenes of the practicing and not that end bit where they start singing a musical…. honestly…..

  • boskifan says:

    lol i dont really think it that bad but if they didnt like shove everything 2gether at the parts that needed more time it would be a better ending

    and this series is a bit comedy styled so i guess the ending should hav the funny parts there

    o and shirley and bosco i think had married there ’cause of her robe and bosco and bernice r like partners


    mayb bosco had married both??? …shame on him… lol

  • boskifan says:

    hey i just finished the series and bosco did marry shirley but he also is cheating on her by going out with bernice lol

    shame on him……

  • Mary says:

    Well…… eventhough i didnt watch the whole movie of Devil’s Disciple, i was so curious about the movie. i watch it in vietnamese version. because i’m viet. so yea. the movie should have let Shirley die and Sharon shouldnt. if it was like that the movie would be 10000000000000000000 TIMES BETTER!! Shirely gets in Bernice way. GOD. COUPLESSSS
    Bosco and Bernice, Kevin and Sharon. yepp

  • Ashlee says:

    omfg i wanted bernice and bosco to get marry. for some reasons i just hate shirley soo much!!! where did u guys watch all of it. im on episode 12. cant wait to watch it all. bernice and bosco make such a cuete couple. i just think shirley was just a useless piece of shit. hated her!!!

  • KTVB says:

    To: Mary & Ahslee: agreed! Usually in these cases, Shirley would die for Bosco..or something along those lines..but she shouldn’t tie herself to Bosco like that.

    To Eira: I don’t know about making it longer than 20 episodes though. Lots of stuff can happen in a single episode. I believe the ‘overnight’ study thing was supposed be part of the comedy thing..

  • boskifan says:

    hahaha yep i just hate shirley now she’s like always in the way! and she just seems so like selfish she didnt hav 2 go on the bed with him like 4 real gosh she’s like on my nerves now she always acting cute and couldnt stop her teenage days wen she like about in her 30’s jeessshhhh…!

  • kim says:

    whoa ending sounded way sucky.

  • weirdgirlX3 says:

    wow thats pretty…. random.
    anyways i bet i will laugh my head off!!

  • T_T V_V B_B says:

    This whole series has been a bit off whack. It leaves many tails open, and has been very unbelievable. The techniques that they learn are unbelievably powerful and famous (Even I knew them). The techniques that they used at the very end were just bits and pieces of the full thing… What the heck? Are they making Chop Suey of all these freaking awesome moves. Jeez…I expected better…

  • WeNNi says:

    I actually think that Bosco and Bernice r together and Shirley is just like the baby sitter

  • zoey says:

    i think that bosco and bernice are a WAYYY better together then Shirley i don’t know why but bernice is so much better and prettier then shirley.

  • Kimberly says:

    Gawd!the ending is….lol.!
    I still can’t get over the fact that Sharon’s Character Died without saying anything!When they show Kevin at the grave i was like wtf?huh?!

    Another thing is…WHY SHIRLEY?!!!!i would much prefer Bosco wif Bernice rather then the other way around..well at least Bosco said something bout going out to supper withe her..=P

  • Random Person :] says:

    I was hoping that Shirley would have blocked the attack that killed Sharon, therefore “die”, and she would be brought to her father, which her last words were to not blame bosco and them..SO BERNICE AND BOSCO COULD BE TOGETHER, AND SHARON WOULD BE WITH KEVIN! 😀

  • Vienne says:

    OH Myy God, can’t believe that they put the advertisement part in it in the should-be-very-serious last part! When that came up I was like “WTH ?!” It was funny though, i didn’t expect that… As for the exploding of bernice’s father, thats still acceptable, he just destroyed himself XD But the end is a bit ridiculous, it’s kinda like the producers didn’t know how to decide who Bosco is gonna be with so that’s why they give him a son with Shirley and saying that he is going to eat with Bernice… And the ending song… O_O speechless…

  • Aiko says:

    OMG! I totally hated the ending 🙁
    I wanted Bosco and Bernice to be together…
    Shirley’s cahracter didn’t match with Bosco at all… He’s a kungfu guy, she’s some peace loving lady. I love Bosco and Bernice as a screen couple:)
    And I wanted Sharon to live on!!! Shirley should have died in her place 😛
    Perfect ending:
    All the kungfu people together:)

  • yks says:

    i wished sharon didn’t died,she’s my fav character in the whole series….==.btw does anyone knows where can i watch this online

  • AdeyTan says:

    The ending was complete crap. I thought TVB wasn’t as stupid as that… it started off great but the ending was a pile of shit. Dammit TVB, don’t you ever learn from your mistakes?

    • random says:

      i think that the ending was really really lame! coz my fav character is bernice, i wished she ended up with bosco! I was so depressed with the ending!

  • Verta Loh says:

    The ending was so lame! OMG! I expected Bernice to be together with Bosco!!! I dont want him to be with Shirley!:3 The ending in summary: Bad!
    If the ending changed and Mo Wen didnt die and Shirley died instead, it would be much better

  • Kelvin forde says:

    I just finished the ending it was confusing and disappointing. It appears that bosco is married to Shirley but screwing Bernice on the side. Bernice is so beautiful and strong a character that the ending should have been bosco either marries both women ( something that was allowed back then in ancient China). Or Shirley should have stepped asdide and let Bernice marry bosco since Shirley got bosco by making him drunk and raping him because she always lusted for him secretly.

    • KTVB says:

      haha yea..I finished this series so long ago, but I remember feeling bad for Bernice’s character. I felt that Shirley just got in the way and it was very unfair to Bernice

  • Jessica says:

    I felt strongly that Bernice and Bosco should have ended together. Shirley married Bosco only because he was technically raped by her. They would have been like the goal couple. Shirley just didn’t match Bosco. Errr this ending was just so frustrating.

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