TVB Anniversary series [Can’t Buy Me Love] recently finished airing in Hong Kong and there is already talks of a possible sequel! With such a similar cast and reuse of costumes and locations, one can easily mistaken [Can’t Buy Me Love] as a sequel to [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. They are considered two separate dramas, though parodies and references are apparent (Gotta love the parody of “Windmill”)

Personally, I preferred the genre of [Beyond The Realm of Conscience] and I can’t get enough of it’s backstabbing and juicy bitch slapping. We just have to love Tavia’s breakthrough role as the evil Yiu Gam Ling, which left a much deeper impression than any of her roles in 2010. Even though many have risen eyebrows at Charmaine Sheh’s ‘Lau Sam Ho’ for being overly too perfect, I can’t help but only find the serious Chiu Yeung interesting to watch.  I found the story and direction of BTROC to be much stronger than CBML because many scenes were useless & exaggerated for laughs. Half the time I felt it was aimed at little children… but perhaps this is the way TVB comedies work?

Of course, this is only my opinion and I’d love to hear about yours! CBML must be doing something right if it garnered rather high ratings (peaked around 51 including online viewers)

If a sequel was to be filmed for CBML and BTROC, which one would you like to see most? Is a sequel even a good idea? Charmaine Sheh has expressed she prefers CBML because it was more enjoyable to film and it also brings happiness to the audience. However, it will be more challenging to make it funny since Chiu Yeung is already “good” and not spoilt like how she first appears. Interestingly, Fala Chen (who plays Ngan-Ping) expresses there’s no need to rush for a sequel, it’s better that TVB comes up with something fresh and interesting. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

Which drama did you enjoy more? Please cast your vote and share your thoughts 🙂

Which sequel would you like to see more?

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72 Responses to “[Can’t Buy Me Love] vs [Beyond The Realm of Conscience]”

  • Star says:

    Although I haven’t seen BTROC, I think that it would have a better sequel, seeing as CBML already has ended with happiness

    • Chibi says:

      Thanks for dropping a comment Star! You make a good point actually. The ending for CBML feels very complete and happy.. to make a sequel to that will just feel like making the story sad again.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I haven’t seen CBML but a sequel for BTROC would be more interesting as the storyline i guess has more “depth” and I would LOVE to see Charmaine in an evil role. That would bring a freshness to the storyline if there was to be a sequel.

    • Chibi says:

      Ah yes, it would be fresh to see Charmaine in a evil villain role 🙂 Charmaine has also expressed interest in playing a villain and I guess it’s probably because actors who play evil roles seem to get more popularity. After seeing Lau Sam Ho, I doubt she would want to travel down that route again.

      • chaz says:

        I think Charmaine did play a villian role in TVB’s Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (2000) as ‘Zhou Ji Yerk’.

        • Chibi says:

          Oh yes I remember that, but that was quite a long time ago (when she first started out) so her acting wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as it is today 🙂

        • lovedrama says:

          Her role in Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber was not that evil. She did play another evil role in War and Beauty. However in my opinions both roles were just a little evil. She has never played a role that is truly evil

        • Jnewin says:

          Yeah, but she was evil in there but I guess it is juts this jealous feeling about love.

  • tamnhu says:

    Neither. I don’t pay my interest in any of these series. I laughed at the OTT acting of Tavia in BTROC and she scared me to death with her awful cosmetic face. Charmaine makes me want to kick ass her for being over perfect. CBML is OTT, stupid and nonsense. The only one who is good in CBML is Fala. Hongkong has full of shallow people to like some disasters like BTROC and CBML. I wish MSC to stop the horrible plots.

    • Chibi says:

      Hi tamnhu, sad to hear so much hate in your comment. I wonder what kind of TVB drama you liked? (Assuming you’re a fan of TVB since you’re on a TVB Blog :))

      Oh, and what does MSC stand for? Sorry, I’m a bit confused.

    • Badger says:

      For someone who says they have no interest in these series, you seem to know a lot about CBML and BTROC.

      • Chibi says:

        Was thinking along those same lines

      • tamnhu says:

        BTROC can’t compare with WAB. WAB is epic. The schemes in the palace are well planned. BTROC is stupid and OTT. I first choose BTROC to watch because I think it is slightly similar to the epic WAB but it’s a disappointment. Too simple schemes, bad acting and horrible makeup. Tactics of beauty or even the Chinese WAB are better than the awful BTROC. CBML first looks similar to VOH, another epic of TVB but it’s a trash. Cheap lines and script. The only good in CBML is Fala.

        • Chibi says:

          What is it about Fala that you liked so much?

        • tamnhu says:

          In general, actress with a pretty face can’t act but Fala is an exception.

        • Lolita says:

          yes! i have to agree that BTROC can’t be compared with War and Beauty! War and Beauty was a TVB classic, starring the best actresses of TVB, namely sheren, gigi, maggie and charmaine (though i must say sheren outshines everybody in there) these are the ppl WHO CAN REALLY ACT (though kudos kudos and more kudos to the brilliant script)!

          and tvb is pretty mucked up these few days. isn’t cbml considered a “sequel” of btroc? why bother with having another sequel for BOTH btroc and cbml? it’s like seeing another rosy business after no regrets! ppl will definitely get bored of seeing the same few ppl over and over again.

          and look at mui siu ching! she’s sequel-crazy! not as if her shows are very well-made. -.- they get worse and worse after each time. look at forensic heroes ii and you’ll know. and gosh, she’s going to do a FH 3. ratings aren’t everything (she rigged the ratings for cbml, didn’t she?!), esp if the drama isn’t very well-received. TVB, PLEASE SPARE ME! T.T

  • tamnhu says:

    I forgot to say that Charmaine’s latest villain role was a failure. Everyone hates her in DIF IV. She can’t be evil villain. Never cast Tavia in an evil villain role again. She is OTT. Fire the makeup artists of BTROC and CBML, they are useless and only can be used for Halloween month.

    • Chibi says:

      Sorry, what series is DIF IV?

      • faithict says:

        DIF IV is Detective Investigation Files IV where Sunny Chan, Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo in it. I watched that series before and I don’t think Charmaine played the villian role. It is just that she was trying to protect her father and that she has choosen the wrong road but she did repent towards the end…i don’t really consider that as the villian role… 🙂

        • Chibi says:

          Ohh okay, thanks! I’ve never watched that drama, but I suppose Charmaine has played some evil-ish roles like in War and Beauty? I seem to like Charmaine best in roles she plays “dumb” like in Glittering Days 🙂 I’m looking forward to her role across Raymond Lam where she acts like a child 🙂

        • Jnewin says:

          Yeah after Charmaine comes out of jail, I felt kinda pity for her because San San Lee stole her boyfriend.

    • lalala says:

      hum don’t talk if you can’t watch a movie .. tavia was very good and the makeup artist did a very good job BETTER THAN YOU OF COURSE , maybe the fake lashes was ew
      and don’t judge people cuz i’m sure you CAN’T EVEN ACT , at least they are famous and people like them for who they are and they can act, it depends on the role

    • Jnewin says:

      LOL Charmaine was still a newbie in Detective Investigation files IV. I thought she was pretty in DIF IV although I didn’t like her character, but I wouldn’t blame her for her evil deed since I blame the scriptwriter. Charmaine was pretty good at being evil in War and Beauty although her roles are semi evil to me. Charmaine was also semi evil in Crimson Sabre. As for Tavia, she did pretty well as a villain in BTROC.

  • Sky says:

    Actually I would prefer they make a sequel of BTROC instead of CBML…but TVB must also consider the fact that people might get a little bored and tired of watching all the backstabbing, bitch slapping/fighting….I agree with Fala and Chibi that TVB has to come up with fresh and interesting dramas.

    • Chibi says:

      That’s true, except where there’s demand for it, the dramas will keep coming 🙂 I thought CBML was already a spin-off BTROC, and I think that in itself would be nice enough already. I was surprised when I heard they were considering giving BOTH series a sequel O_O They should just do something like Moonlight Resonance, how it’s a spin-off Heart of Greed, but not the same. Fresh ideas, similar cast. Both very successful.

  • karmen says:

    I definitely enjoyed CBML more than BTROC, just because it has a more upbeat feal to it, after a while all the backstabbing just seems too much for me. It’s drama drama drama every single episode, and sometimes it resolves itself in the same episode.

    However, I do not agree with a sequel, since the storyline in CBML is complete and does not have room for a sequel. So yea, no sequel, but definitely BTROC

    • Chibi says:

      Hi Karmen, thanks for dropping your thoughts 🙂 I got a bit confused by your last line “So yea, no sequel, but definitely BTROC” Do you mean CBML is better than BTROC, but you wouldn’t like to see a sequel for either?

    • Jnewin says:

      I agree with you Karmen that CBML was a complete series and does not need a sequel. Yeah, BTROC needs a sequel since in my opinion, the ending of Kevin and charmaine was kinda meh for me. On the other hand, I prefer to watch Can’t Buy Me Love because it is more enjoyable.

  • Ri says:

    Personally I don’t think making a sequel for either one is good. Both were long and pretty much wrapped up its loose ends when they ended so a sequel might be a bit redundant. Unlike Forensic Heroes or any other procedural drama where they can come up with new cases.

    I agree with Fala Chan – they should come up with a fresh new idea but with the same cast like what they did with Heart of Greed & Moonlight Resonance. Altough actually I thought CBML was sort of that for BTROC. But the cast was fun to watch so another fresh plot w the same cast would still be pretty interesting! 🙂

  • Amy says:

    I prefer the plot of BTROC, but the characters in CBML. How ever, I think we should put an end to both of them. Each show has their own ending already, especially CBML.
    However, I love Charm and Fala, they’re awesome!

    • Chibi says:

      Thanks for sharing your views 🙂 It was quite fresh seeing Fala and Charmaine, though I think Fala’s look doesn’t quite fit her ^^;; Maybe just not used to it.

  • Badger says:

    I don’t think there should be a direct sequel to either show. If TVB would like to re-unite the cast, then plan a spin off like Moonlight Resonance from Heart of Greed or No Regrets from Rosy Business.

  • Channy99 says:

    Hi, K you missed wanting to see both xD, you see am a total addict of tvb and i’d love to see both XP

  • Rin says:

    I actually like CBML more than BTROC. Well, I never finished BTROC… I just couldn’t stand the evilness and stuff. I just finished CBML and I really like the whole happy family kinda thing. Thought their clappings were really cute (: it was quite cheesy at some point but overall, I like it overall.
    As for a sequel.. um, I think CBML ending is fine as it is unless they make it the sequel about Charmaine’s daughter? Like how her daughter met this boy and she’s all like, I think I love you and I’ll remember you lol. (Do kids fall in love that easily these days? haha)
    I don’t know about BTROC cus I never finished.
    A new fresh storyline with the same cast would be fine :]

    P.S. anyone know how you fold the paper dragonfly or whatever? lol.

    • Chibi says:

      I think the main audience and appeal of TVB drama is for the family. Most, if not all TVB series are G rated, so I can see where this “family focused” story can appeal. It seems to work and the use of “clapping” is a technique seen in previous successful drama like Heart of Greed & Moonlight Resonance (all their singing/dancing/chants)- though I personally think it’s really forced and awkward. Actually, I found the clapping to be one of the worse aspects of CBML, I wish they didn’t include it 🙁

  • Tommy says:

    IF there was to be a sequel made, IMO I would like CBML over BTROC. Only because it is more of a family series that I can sit down with my family and enjoy all the touching family scenes. I actually enjoyed that ‘clapping’ technique that was incorporated into the Kam’s Family. I give credit to Tavia for doing such an outstanding performance in BTROC, but too much drama drama drama in each ep for my liking. BUT ulitmately, I would prefer that they bring back the cast of CBML and make a new series with a new storyline.

    • Chibi says:

      Seems like quite a few CBML supporters here 🙂 It’s always easier (and more relaxing) to watch a drama filled with love than hate.

      • Tommy says:

        I enjoy some dark series such like Last One Standing, but BTROC was just constant drama and backstabbing in every ep. Just my opinion though. Thank you for sharing this page with us Chibi!

        • Chibi says:

          You’re welcome Tommy 🙂 It’s always interesting for me too to hear what others have to say about certain series~

  • Asflow says:

    Definitely CBML and agree shd be same cast but different story arc. 🙂

  • kinki says:

    I would prefer a sequel for the BTROC!
    Personally, I like ancient series as ‘anicent’ series. I prefer those ‘serious’ ancient series without those ‘modern language’ dialogues. Therefore, I’d definitely prefer BTROC over CBML (with Linda Chung & Raymond Wong added + Tavia Yeung back, of course!) 🙂

    • Chibi says:

      woot, finally some BTROC love, hehe…seems like now all the love has gone to CBML 😉 I too prefer ancient series where the dialogue feels more ancient (even though it feels like they’re just blabbing on and on about nothing and I wonder how many of the audience actually understand what they’re saying half the time, lol)

  • foongpc says:

    Hi, first time dropping here. I am watching CBML now. I think it’s quite funny but definitely too OTT for me.

    I prefer BTROC. Lots of dramas, and evil schemes are my kind of show! Haha!! Tavia was excellent in her role!

    Btw, I think Charmaine did an excellent job in CBML! And I love the theme song of CBML!!

    • Chibi says:

      Welcome, and thanks for dropping a comment! 😀
      haha, I guess you’re like me! drama! hehee, sometimes BTROC felt OTT too, but it just adds to the excitement and makes you hooked.

  • sbn says:

    prefered can’t buy me love…although it have alot of reuse materials from old tvb series…but It’s overall a more enjoyable show then beyond.

  • ying says:

    CBML is more to my liking ^^ i love drama serials where it’s funny and touching at different points of time (like in the beginning when charmaine and moses keep fighting , it was entertaining and in the end when they both stuck by each other even during challenging times, it was really touching) 🙂 plus a tinge of sweet romance (charmaine&moses,linda&raymond,fala&kenneth) and kin ship(gam ga jin sen) in between 😀 one of the dramas that got me hoping for more but i agree, a sequel might make things sad again thus i love the suggestion of same cast but different story ^^

    • Chibi says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀 They seem like valid reasons to me!

      • yy says:

        haha no problem ^^ i guess comedy-romance-family dramas appeal to me more even though i enjoy drama shows like BTROC/RB too. it’s always more enjoyable to watch something lighthearted 😀
        Drama shows seem to always have bitter-sweet endings :/ hmm

    • Jan, Ong says:

      I agree to the part “in the beginning when charmaine and moses keep fighting , it was entertaining and in the end when they both stuck by each other even during challenging times, it was really touching”, having to laugh half of the series and cry half of the series ;D

  • Bonnie says:

    Well I’ve watched both shows, BTROC w/ my family and CBML secretly on my computer bcuz my whole family didn’t want to watch it 🙁 Idk which show I like better…they both have their good points. But i think i prefer CBML bcuz i like the family-comedy shows better than all that drama and backstabbing and killing. CBML was quite cheesy at parts, but it was funny and cute…I especially loved the last few episodes. It was so heartwarming and made me cry buckets.

    As for a sequel, well…I LOVED both BTROC and CBML, so if there is a sequel, I’ll love to watch it. But then again I may get disappointed because both shows are pretty much all wrapped up and don’t need a sequel.

  • Jan, Ong says:

    I would love to see both sequels, hahas.
    I enjoyed watching BTROC, cause its full of backstabbing and I love Tavia, though she’s evil, but her acting rawks.
    I enjoyed watching CBML too, cause the 1st half of the series I was laughing all the way and the 2nd half of the series I was crying most of the time. I really love how touching the love between Moses and Charmaine are. And the chemistry between the actors and actresses like the clap and talk together was really wonderful.
    I thought if BTROC were to have a series, it might concentrate more on Tavia and not Charmaine cause she’s married and not part of the palace life. And if CBML was to have a series it might be that Moses and Charmaine daughter grown up to become the Princess (act by Charmaine), or something like that ;D

  • Megan says:

    this show is perfect ! =) and the theme song is niceeee

  • Thoa says:

    Why is everyone hating on Tavia Yeung. I think she did a phenomenal work in BTROC!!!

    I did not like CBML as much as BTROC. Its just way too cheesy for me. You know that stuff in CBML would never happen in the palace but in BTROC, you definitely see all those backstabbing bitches everywhere, in fact you see it around you.

    I really really hope BTROC would have a sequal rather than CBML

    • Jnewin says:

      It’s funny how one of my TVB Buddy also thinks Can’t Buy Me Love is Cheezy whereas some of my other TVB buddies and me like Can’t Buy Me love.

      Actually Can’t Buy Me love does have some backstabbing scenes and Kara Hui did a good job. I felt sorry for Sharon but she asked for it?

      • Thoa says:

        yes it does but its not intriguing as BTROC!!!

        CBML did not hooked me in at all! i skipped a couple of episode so that i can finish the series already.

        It just really depends on ppl’s opinion

  • awso says:

    Actually I prefer BTROC… backstabbing and drama drama drama on every episode is my kind of thing lol.. I can never get tired of it. I too had to skip a few episodes of CBML because some scenes were two exaggerated and therefore boring. The first few episodes of it just got me reeallly, reaally, bored! But BTROC got me hooked since the first episode.

    BTROC had much more depth in it. I liked the little department things! And I hate the clapping things in CMBL -.- toooo cheesy. I’d rather much prefer Heart of Greed’s chants(like the moon represents my heart) (i think thats the song) or Moonlight Resonance’s mustache song thingy, lol.,

    Also, I thought CBML was stretched out tooo much! It couldve just ended with Kara Hui killed. But nooo, they had to stretch it a few episodes for those Duk Kuet people. Too unneccessary.

  • Jamie Ng says:

    I enjoy can’t buy me love more…

  • Christie says:

    I think CBML will have an intersting sequel by focusing on Chiu Yeueng’s daughter and the little boy at the end. It would make for an interesting storyline.

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