I’m pretty confused at the moment. As I was digging through my blog, I found a chunk of “draft” posts I’ve written up from various series which I thought I’d finished and posted up before, but when I search for the posts, apparently they’re not there*scratches head* Weird. I even have my screencapture folders on my desktop which says “Used”, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Feels like Déjà vu right now..but since they’re not up (unless you can prove me otherwise)..I’ll try finish them off and post them up now and then)-Just a heads up in case you’re wondering why I’m posting about older dramas….

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Wish and Switch

Warning: Contains spoilers

  • A mediocre series which brought some form of entertainment while it lasted XD Honestly I wouldn’t recommend this series but since I’ve watched it, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on it XD
  • The story revolves around two friends Myolie and Selena who are quite different in terms of personality and live quite different lives from each other.  A “cursed” online trade site leads them to exchange identities and we watch their friendship and lives go in all sorts of directions.
  • Watching Myolie’s messed up family annoyed me haha- I’d say my personality resemble Selena’s more than Myolie’s because I don’t have that kind of patience and tolerance level to deal with what was going on in the house. When Selena switched lives with Myolie I felt I could relate to her a lot more.  I also felt sorry for Selena because Myolie was essentially ruining Selena’s image XD (I’m also slightly bias since I like Selena more than Myolie) while Myolie was enjoying her rich identity
  • The scene were Rocky died was sad- but I would have thought Vincent would have notice something was wrong with his “wife” (Myolie) since she didn’t seem to have much reaction.
  • Selena also blamed Myolie for Rocky’s death and ended up sleeping with Johnson (Myolie’s real husband) because she was upset and drunk
  • On the other hand, Myolie found out Selena’s secret about Selena and Vincent’s false marriage and she ended up typing it up to blow the cover, causing the two to hate each other. Selena also refused to exchange her identity back with Myolie, as revenge and also because she misunderstood Vincent (her real husband) thinking he never loved her. She lost everything, so she wanted to stay with Johnson (who treated her right)
  • Thinking that the computer (used to switch back identities) had been demolished in the garbage dump, Myolie starts going wild in hope to seduce her (real) husband (Johnson) back to break up Johnson and Selena.
  • To be honest that was so  weird to watch. It was kind of gross but Johnson did eventually fall for Myolie’s…weird act. She wasn’t even her genuine self and nothing like his wife’s usual behaviour…
  • Later on, Selena realises her real husband Vincent loved her but it was too late to go back because Selena was pregnant with Johnson’s child- leaving the two girls helpless.
  • Thinking they were unable to exchange back identities, the two became friends again and tried to “accept fate” with their new identity and partners. Myolie distanced herself from Johnson, claiming she would never be with him because he was poor.
  • I liked watching the scenes when Vincent started noticing Selena (as Myolie’s identity), because he was able to fall in love with her for who she was, and not be affected by the misunderstanding that Selena was with him just for his money. The scene where the couples dressed up as fairy tale characters was sweet!
  • Who would have knew Johnson’s love for the seductive Myolie would drive him evil. When he accidentally found out about the trade website, he wished to became rich, climbing up the social ladder/ranks in hope to win Myolie’s love
  • Myolie and Selena finally switch back lives, however Johnson’s heart is already elsewhere  (chasing after Selena rather than his wife next to him) Johnson turned corrupted and evil.
  • Bad things always end up coming out of the wishes, in which the price he had to pay at the end was his own health.
  • At the end, in order to save her husband and turn him back to who he was, Myolie exchanged her own life to resolve all the problems.
  • In the end, Selena and Vincent end up happily together again while Johnson meets a girl looking exactly like Myolie… XD
  • I thought the 2 hour finale dragged on. It felt like everything that Myolie did was pointless. No one appreciated what she was doing for them. Only after she “died” did people change. It didn’t touch me though. *shrugs*
  • I thought Vincent coming back and proposing to Selena was very forced and random too. I liked how they naturally re-started their relationship though
  • All in all, this is not a series I would re-watch…gets pretty random and all over the place…your thoughts?

7 Responses to “[Wish and Switch] Thoughts”

  • Chibi says:

    Nice summary! hahah, yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen bits of this series and I think you did a good job putting it all together.

    The idea is not very original, and was pretty painful to watch but.. I guess there was SOME entertainment.. but overall not a recommended series.

  • lynne says:

    I thought the series started out good and entertaining but dragged towards the end. The characters sudden changes (Johnson’s) was way too rush and quite…ridiculous. I guess they just wanted to make it “dramatic” but failed 😛

    I personally enjoyed Vincent’s and Selena’s story alot, but agree with you that their ending felt forced. I wish they focused more on their relationship….since I was hoping for more of their scenes.

    Anyways, nice post! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Lynne!

      Thanks =)

      Yes..Johnson’s sudden character change was way too rushed and ridicious lol 360 degree change in personality and he still “kept” those aspects even when things “turned back to normal”

  • Teiji says:

    I agree everything with your summary. Also, the ending is so cliche of TVB–killing off the character and bringing her back as another lookalike just for the sake of a “happy” ending. -_-

    The only reason why I started and continued to watch the series was because of Selena. 😀

  • DB says:

    The storyline is awful. One of the series that I’d never rewatch and don’t mind missing.

  • h.k says:

    i liked this series even though everyone on here is dissing this series.this was one of the funniest mo lei tau series i have seen and some scenes i was laughing so much.Especially the pok chun scenes with jonson.Why does the man with the mo always play the crazy nutcase?
    I really liked haileys character but myolli always kwa cheung.The moral of the story I guess money and power are not everything in life, hong kong people believe in this and health is most important and u should cherish your loved ones.i didnt mind the ending myoli sacrficed herself so her family can make a better life for themselves.

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