Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Last night I finished watching the last episode of “When Easterly Showers falls on the Sunny West” and I’m left with one of those bittersweet feelings. I thought there were two particularly touching scenes of confession which were basically a look back into the whole series, reflecting on Joe’s character and everything he went through, making him who he was today. He became corrupted by power and greed. All the evil things he did which he claimed was for the sake of the “Poon Family” becomes pointless in the end as so many people died in the process. He loses his friends, family and loved ones just for the family’s name. On a wider scale, the Japanese people started invading and the war broke out where they lose everything…it leaves that empty feeling inside, but I guess its for the best. Only when Joe loses everything could he finally let go and find himself again, with no more baggage..and that he could finally start a ‘new’ life with Charmaine and their son 🙂

After finding out Raymond’s death, Liza couldn’t accept the fact and ends up losing her memories of it, returning back to her memories 5 years ago (the start of the series). She mistakens Joe as Raymond and Joe tries very hard not to let her regain her memories. However, one day she sees a photo of Raymond…

Liza’s Confessions

Liza: Do you remember that day? Because you wanted to catch that fish for me, you took off your suit and rolled up your pants and when into the water. At the end, you even injured your toe and it started bleeding. When I saw it, I was very hurt.
Joe: Mother, you remember me?
Liza smiles and nods.
Liza: You are ‘Cherk Hing’, not ‘Cherk Wah’ (Raymond)
Joe becomes really scared and slowly steps back. Liza smiles and holds onto him.

Liza: I also remembered how I abandoned you in the past and then later met you again. After that thing happened to you, I tried everything I could to get your father to save you. Later you came into the Poon family. I haven’t taught you well, so I used a lot of effort to teach/raise you up. You did a lot of things for me and the Poon family and suffered a lot up. When your grandfather and father passed away, the Poon family was left for you to be responsible for. Under your influence, our bank was also doing very well and getting better and better.
Joe: Mother..
Liza: When mother has lost my memories during this time, you’ve taken really well care of me. I know. I remember everything.
Liza: There’s something I’ve kept within me that I’ve always wanted to tell you but never got the chance. You and ‘Cherk Wah’ are my everything. To me, you two are both as important. I love you both the same.Joe: Mother…I’ve waited for this for a very long time. *They two embrace each other* awww…so touching!!

A Japanese man attempts to shoot Joe from a distance but Liza sees and covers for Joe, getting shot herself. Joe kills the man..but it was too late.

Joe: Mother, you have to hang on! I’ll take you to the hospital, come.
Liza: No- it’s useless. I can’t wait til then.
Joe: Mother..
Liza: I owe you, so just think of it as returning it to you.
Joe: No, there’s no need. I don’t want mother to return anything. I don’t want you to go! The country said they’ll give me an award, I want you to see the Poon family receive the-
*Liza dies*

Joe’s Confessions

You are right…I’m wrong. If mother didn’t help block the bullet, if it weren’t for her saving me, she wouldn’t die. It’s all my fault. Since little it has already been like this. Everyone who are nice to me will leave me- godmother is like this, now mother is like this. Why? Why is it that when things are the best, they have to take them away from me? Why does god have to do this to me? Is it because I’ve done the wrong things? Punish me then..From the country side to Guang Zhou, I only hoped for shelter and three meals. I never thought that I could recognise/reunite with mother and father, but lucky I did. Mother said she had a reason which was why she didn’t want me. I never blamed her because being able to reunite with my father and mother, and having a family I was already really happy. I worked really hard at the bank, not because I wanted to climb to the top…I just didn’t want to disappoint them. I never thought about becoming in charge of the family. Before Grandpa died, he said I was the eldest son, so gave me the position, but the responsibility and burden of the position is so heavy. If I do anything wrong, I would become the Poon Family’s criminal. So everything I did was for this family..it was also because I wanted mother’s acceptance, Cherk Wah’s acceptance, Grandfather and father’s acceptance. I just hoped that they would treat me as one family…But Uncle died, Cherk Wah died,..why couldn’t I be the one who died? Why doesn’t anyone understand me? All the things I did, I only wanted a family. Why would I want them to all leave me one by one? Why is it that everything I do end up hurting them instead? Now mother is gone too, everything I do now is meaningless. No one cares how I do. Everything I do will be meaningless…’Hern Cheng'(Charmaine), I know you will never forgive me. Leave, but I want to tell you, no matter how you treat me, I will still love you.
*Charmaine hugs onto Joe*

You’re not alone. You don’t have nothing left, you still have me.

Why is Charmaine wearing clothes..?

Charmaine convinces Joe to leave behind all the Poon Family matters and burden, and to start a new life with her in Hong Kong. He agrees and she leaves to Hong Kong first as he said he’ll catch up to her once he finishes off little things. However, Joe gets tempted by fame/power again and changes his mind, staying in Guang Zhou to fight against the Japanese people with the government…

— 15 years later after World War 2–


Charmaine and Evergreen (her brother) have once again opened up a restaurant. Charmaine’s 15 year old son returns from school and Evergreen gives his nephew some money to get a haircut …XD

Boy: How come you only have nine fingers?
Joe: I was abducted back then and a finger got cut off.
Boy: Er.
Joe: There’s no need to be scared. It’s nothing, later I was really great and even opened up a bank.
Boy: Is that true?
Joe: Of course. Later the government also gave me some financial position, was very awesome. Later a war broke out and then I lost everything. I can only blame myself for being stubborn and couldn’t let go. But now is pretty good isn’t it? I am full every meal and I’ve got clothes to keep me warm…don’t have to think so much, more happy, more free.
Boy: Ouch!
Joe: Sorry, I only started learning some haircutting when I came from Guang Zhou. It’s all good..
Boy: My mum is from Guang Zhou too and she as a ‘Sai Guan Siu Jie’
Joe: Really!? Don’t look at me now like this, I’m also a ‘Dong Sang Siu Yea’ *The boy starts smiling, amused* I also dated a ‘Sai Guan Siu Jie’ and she was so beautiful. But it’s a long time ago, now we’ve both gone our own ways. I don’t think she’ll want to see me again, so it’s pointless if I go bother her. Everyone has their own choice right?
Boy: Ah-
Joe: You’re so small you won’t understand. Finish cutting.
*The boy gets and has a look in the mirror*
Boy: It’s so ugly. (he looked so upset LOL, so cute XD)
Joe: It’s neat and tidy, so its fine. It’ll grow back quickly. Ok..I’ll charge you cheaper. $1.
Boy: Now that’s more like it, thank you!

As Charmaine was walking down the stairs, she sees her son upset about his haircut, and he starts telling her the things the hairdresser was ‘bluffing’ about. As she runs down to find the hairdresser.. she calls out to him ^^

The family finally reunites…

(Charmaine somehow reminds me of her ending in Return of Cockoo XD)

Overall Thoughts

The series was quite interesting and a lot better than I had expected. It has a great storyline which kept me wanting to watch the next episode to see what happens. There was also a lot of character development in the series which I liked. We journeyed through 30 episodes with the characters and there were characters I liked and hated of course lol But in the end, I pity all the evil characters…The ending is satisfying and I’m glad Joe was able to reunite with Charmaine.

A great series. Recommended 🙂

What do you think of the series?

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16 Responses to “[When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West] Final”

  • chibi says:

    Great series! HK audience are really missing out judging from the poor ratings. I followed every episode with excitement, and it was just interesting following through everyone’s journey and constantly switching back and forth between liking them and hating them.

    Definitely a must watch.
    Great summary =)

  • AC says:

    I liked the series overall too! I think I liked the first 20 episodes more than the last 10 though. Also, I kept thinking that Raymond survives and would pop up, but sadly didn’t. I didn’t really like the ending though because it seemed a little rushed. Otherwise, I thought all the acting was really good though!

  • Rin says:

    @AC: Ahh, I agree, I thought that Raymond survives and would come back cus they said that they didn’t find his body at the bottom of the cliff so yeah, I was kinda hoping he was still alive.

    Like I said before, I didn’t really like how Joe’s character just turned evil and stuff.. but I guess if he didn’t then there would be no drama and conflicts. & is it just me or is Liza’s death just.. so.. quick and sudden? o.O

  • chibi says:

    @Rin: lol, I think her death was a little quick too… but it is a bullet and she is kinda old so I guess it makes sense.

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: I agree…or maybe ratings are affected by the financial crisis.

    I mean, I must say period dramas don’t exactly excite me initially, but these ones actually turn out quite decent most of the time~

    To AC: I kept hoping Raymond would live too..that way it wouldn’t be as tragic and that Joe sorta has a chance to redeem himself..sadly he doesn’t.
    I kept thinking Charmaine would become Liza’s daughter in-law in the series but it doesn’t happen.. (when she’s a live I mean)

    To RIn: It’s sad she had to die I think, but somehow it gives that whole complete feeling (since most of the family member have already died) and its only then Joe can really feel the way he does in the end- losing his whole family. So I guess we can say it was expected, though yes..death was a little quick.

  • Juice says:

    The finale is heartwarming. Glad to see them reunited. 🙂

  • Juice says:

    By the way, really appreciate the way you compile the screen captures plus the storyline. Awesome! Bravo!

  • lizzy says:

    i watched easterly! and the series is really good, while in the beginning, when i heard of it, i really thought it would be a boring drama, but it turns out very good, which kept me watching! love the ending, it’s so realistic.. i love it! but some ppl hate the ending, they think that joe shouldn’t end up with charmaine, because he stayed in Guang Zhou (giving up Charmaine)… and because the many things he did.. in the beginning he looks so innocent.. but when he got into a high position, he started to be evil.. then he showed his inner heart

  • 'Muff says:

    Finished watching the series~ <3

    Joe and Charmaine acted well~ <3

    Question: was their “reunion” after the credits or something? T_T I didn’t get to see… ;___;

    And yeah, I half expected Raymond to have somehow survived (fall slowed by tree branch and rescued? [typical]) and to have turned up at his house and… yeah. Oh well, ironically, after all that Joe did for his family, there was nobody left to witness all his deeds and efforts.

    And lol. His son’s haircut was like that of his own. XDDD

  • chibi says:

    To Muff: Yup! They reunite after the ending credits! The first time I watched it I missed it too, but then coincidentally re-watched it, and watched thru all the credits, and tada! Much better than just having him walk off like that ^^

  • 'Muff says:

    Yay~! 😀

    Happier ending! XD

  • SHIRLEY says:

    When I watch the trailer for WESFOSW, it kinda look boring to me. But somehow after reading your summary, I am like interested in it. Haha! Cool yo!

  • Sherry says:

    Easterly showers fall.. is a gd & great drama. Very sad the ratings not so gd in HK. My family appreciate it so much. Singapore

  • Leslie says:

    such a good movie and raymond is so good-looking…mmmm

  • Marcus says:

    Ooohh I feel so sad for Liza to die it just reminds me how krystal died in Beyond the realm of Conscience

  • Caroline says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make
    your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence
    on just posting videos to your blog when you
    could be giving us something informative
    to read?

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