January 2008

[Wars of In-Laws II] Episode 8

A very pretty scene for a very sweet moment! I really liked the whole atmosphere of the scene, includng the lighting. It was relaxing, peaceful, simple and Myolie looked really pretty~

This is the scene Bosco and Myolie make up with each other after Myolie got angry at him for returning to “Elva” to work for Liza. Bosco was thinking Myolie was being the unreasonable one, feeling that she only had grudges against his mother. The two went into a cold war, and didn’t speak to each other.

Myolie is in Shanghai for a business trip where she encounters a few problems and was feeling upset after what Joyce had said to her and the things that happened on the trip. She wanted someone to talk to, she wanted to talk to her husband. She thought for awhile whether to call Bosco or not, (who has not called her for a long time) but she eventually does.

To her disappointment, it went to the voice mail. She started talking to him and ended with a smile, when she heard a voice answer her and she turns around ^^ I was really happy for Myolie, because I didn’t expect him to appear either~ everything just seemed to have lightened up.

The Sub Themesong “Thankful for Meeting You” sung by the two started playing in the background and really enhanced everything.

I really felt Myolie’s loneliness as she spoke and left the message for him. That part was quiet (no background music) and felt a bit empty. The time they had separated allowed them both to learn, understand each other and grow. They missed each other, and wanted to be together <3

Myolie: Husband?
Bosco Voice mail (in a funny accent): Friend, I can’t answer your call at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep, ok?

Myolie: Husband, it’s me. Not much, just that you haven’t called me in a long time..so I’m calling you. I’ve encountered some sad things here in Shanghai. Mother in-law is right, being a “Wong Ma Qua” is really hard. No matter how hard you try, they’ll always be people who hate you.

Previously I’ve even said so lightly to Mother in-law that I’ll prove to you I’ll hang on and won’t give up so easily. But when I’ve come across difficulties, I realise that it’s actually very hard to keep going on. Now I know how you feel. Two hours ago, I really wanted to take catch a plane back to find you, but now I’ve thought it through. I must keep going on. I need to give out more than everyone else, then I can advance myself. Then I’ll have the right to set a good example. (Starts to smile). Husband, let’s work hard together. ^^

Bosco: I know, wife.

(The Sub themesong starts playing in the background)

Myolie: Husband!! ( The two hug each other) How come you’re here?

Bosco: Wife.. actually, Mum’s right. I’m just like a kid, I don’t know how to be someone’s husband. I guess its good this way, that we separated a bit. It gave us some space to reflect, we’ll treat it as a test. I’ve thought about things very clearly. Just now I caught the flight with Ryan to find you. Let’s not have a cold war anymore. I promise you that from now on, I’ll work very hard and won’t give up half way…

4 Responses to “[Wars of In-Laws II] Episode 8”

  • j00ky says:

    Ahh,, Myolie and Bosco sound soo cute together!! Too bad it has Liza in this series which puts me off from watching it.. just the sight of her irritates me! haha

  • groovy says:

    I love this scene too, its soo sweet ^^. The dialogues, the music, the scenery and Boscolie’s naturality make it very sweet 🙂

  • Aien says:

    yaa…this scene so sweet…both of them also sooo sweet!!!~

  • stargal15 says:

    I totally love this scene. It was super romantic and sweet. BoscoLie FOREVER! <3

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