January 2008

[Wars of In-Laws II] Episode 4

I quite liked this episode because I felt some bonding between Myolie and Liza. It may be too early to say but it reminded me of the earlier episodes of WOIL1 where Liza was trying to teach Myolie that dance to perform and Myolie tries really hard not to disappoint her and does not let her down (because Bosco’s other identity taught her to combine her interest in Marital arts with dancing).

Bosco trying to cheer up Myolie with a puppet and bracelet.

After marrying Bosco and staying at home without having to do any house chores, Myolie becomes extremely bored at home so Myolie applies for the vacant position at “Elva”, to be Liza’s personal assistant. She hopes that she will get along with her and in the end, Bosco will be happy if their relationship goes well. All goes well for Myolie (and not so well for Liza) when Myolie is mistakenly hired. Liza wanted to get rid of her when she turned up to work, but Myolie, having being a police before knows the law, saying she cannot be fired unless she has done a major mistake during her first week trial/training period.

Myolie tries really hard to survive the 7 days without doing any mistakes and I’m glad Liza didn’t deliberately blame her for no reason or try to kick her out. All the other employees end up giving “all” their work to her to do. When Bosco tries to get Myolie to relax and ‘bludge’  with him more she does what a harder worker does by encouragingly him to work hard too and impress Liza.

Myolie and Bosco take a short break in the office, making another video recording of them sitting on office chairs and a broom stick, pretending to be sailing a boat XD

All goes well for Myolie for the six days..until day seven came. I liked the twist where Joyce thought she had lost the blueprints, so she tries to pass the blame to Myolie, but the blue prints get passed onto Nancy etc who left it on the table until Derek realises one is missing! Liza gets extremely angry when she hears the news and everyone in the company do a search, however they couldn’t find it. The employees all want Myolie to take the blame because everyone else “needed” the job, while Myolie could pretty much live off her husband and at the end, she agrees…it turns out that it was Liza’s mistake from the start and the “missing” blueprint was in her drawer ehhehe..of course, she did not admit it and told them ” It wasn’t important how she found”. She knew that Myolie took the blame when it wasn’t her fault and tells her that she was disappointed in her to admitting when she didn’t do it, not valuing the job that much.

In the end of course, she lets Myolie stay and later on, Myolie finds out that Liza had it the whole time XD

Bosco comes back from a three day business trip in Singapore and bought Myolie a bikini. The two get interrupted by Liza.

So! Myolie can officially work at “Elva” and Liza wakes her up at 3am to teach her and prepare her for work lol She gave her all sorts of skin care cleansers, makeup, masks etc and even decided what clothes to wear on certain days. The clothes don’t look bad at all lol and I have to say Myolie looks quite decent with the end result. Myolie wasn’t that happy having to do her makeup at 3am, preparing 4 hours for it as she would rather sleep but I thought Liza wasn’t doing it to make life miserable for her. I mean, surely women don’t wake up at 3am everyday to prepare themselves, but Liza didn’t sleep during that time either and was teaching her.

So..after being dressed all all nicely, Liza tells Joyce not to let Myolie bother her and to give Myolie her things to do, and fix it up or redo them if Myolie doesn’t do them properly. because Joyce doesn’t want to do “double” the work, she preferred not to give Myolie anything to do at all and hence Myolie was bored again. Her uncle ended up calling her out to lunch with her uncle and his mates.

Myolie takes off one of her shoes, but it gets carried away by a dog. Liza was with some other ladies and happened to come by . Without thinking, the happy Myolie calls her and runs up to her with a missing shoe and then even her bra falls off XD How embarrassing!!

One Response to “[Wars of In-Laws II] Episode 4”

  • Summer says:

    these few part.. i really cant stop laughing .. haha.. esp, the part Bosco back fr work at oversea and he brought a sexy bra for Myolie.. haha.. they both really wat ever thing oso can make a jokes and play on it… i would felt as a couple if can be like tis, is really sweet and loving forever lo..
    haha.. really wish so, i wil got such bf in future.. haha… 🙂

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