January 2008

[Wars of In-Laws II] Episode 18

I quite liked this episode because the relationship between the three main characters are getting better ^^ (and “Athena” is going down..haha) Liza has turned into a nice person and we can see her change in attitude towards volunteering at the Old People’s place. She also continues to try and bring Myolie and Bosco back together. It appears Liza is deliberately telling off Myolie for what a failure she is at “Elva” and pulling her down but she is actually encouraging Myolie to hang in there and not give up easily. At the same time, she pretends to support Vivien and Bosco together, asking when they plan to get married to make Bosco realise that his love for Myolie was still there. She wanted them to “try”, so Bosco would be satisfied that his relationship with Vivien wouldn’t work out. Vivien and Bosco also always had arguments at work.

This is also the episode Myolie realises and openly admits that she cannot compare to Liza, who has been able to gain everyone’s respect at “Elva”. Myolie now knows why Liza used to yell at people and be really mean to everyone to maintain power and control. Through “Coco”(Joyce), Myolie learns that Liza has protected them all before when the head of the company wanted people to be sacked~ Liza put herself in front, saying that the company can sack her if they wanted to get rid of everyone. She hired them all and knows what they’re capable of. Even though Joyce dislikes Liza because of her past, Joyce won’t forget the time Liza has bravely stood up and defended for them all.

Liza has decided to publish her own magazine and the employees previously under Elva has willingly decided to help her with it after work for free . Even though they were not getting paid, they were more interested, motivated and a lot more happier with their work than at Elva (where “Mark” forced them to somehow combined Elva and the Elva green line into one magazine to cut costs).

Bosco starts to see that Myolie has changed and matured and the two appeared to get along well again. When “Athena’ (Vivien) calls Bosco, Myolie signals that she’ll be leaving where she almost gets run over by a car! Seeing the car approach her, Bosco yells out “Low Por!”(wife) and saves her from the scene. Vivien is extremely jealous that Bosco is still thinking about Myolie and the two get into another argument where Bosco breaks up with Vivien.  Bosco leaves “Athena”‘s house, saying ‘where has the Athena I met at school gone?

At the end of the episode, Myolie goes to see “Mark”, and like Liza, Myolie decided to stand up for the other employees, saying that he’ll have to sack all of them if he wants to get rid of any of them. Keep them all, or remove all of them, including herself. There she learns that “Mark'”s intention was getting rid of everyone so they can sell off the company and change it into an investment! “Athena” (Vivien) enters the room, as Mark introduces her as his financial adviser!

We meet again

**Coco (Joyce) and C.C (Derek) get together in this episode ^^

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