I found this drafted up from last year, but never not to finish it   So I decided to wrap it up and here it is: it’s a short continuation from Part 2 of  Maggie, Bowie and Kenny’s relationship in The Gem of Life from around episode 48. [ See part I, IIEnding]

The Gem of Life Episode 48

This was the stage after Bowie and Maggie initially broke up (for some unknown reason as I have mentioned in my previous post). However, it was pretty obvious that the two still loved each other. Seeing this, Kenny decided to help the two get back together even though he loved Bowie himself.

Kenny’s efforts did not go wasted and managed to get Maggie to see Bowie again where the two spent the night together. Unfortunately after that night, negative news about their company started spreading everywhere and the company was facing its biggest financial crisis. After many, many attempts to pull his company out of the mess, Bowie fails. Without having another source of finance, Bowie will lose everything.

The Gem of Life Episode 48

Maggie goes to find Florence and asks her to help Bowie, knowing she has feelings for him as well. However, Florence also knew the one Bowie loved was Maggie.  She refuses to help Bowie when she knew she could not have him…she couldn’t love and help him unconditionally.  To protect herself,  Florence was willing to gamble once more that Bowie would be hers, in exchange that Maggie was to marry someone else so that Bowie will give up on Maggie..Only then when Bowie was hers, she would take out money to save him.

Knowing how important Bowie’s career is to him, Maggie tries to convince Kenny to put on the act with her that they are actually together to make Bowie give up on her. Kenny initially refused because he couldn’t stand seeing Bowie hurt but she eventually convinces him that what they are doing is best for him..

The two deliberately pretend they were dating each other. She made it seem like the night she spend with Bowie was a mistake- she was drunk after she unhappily had an argument with Kenny that night…Aww!! It was so heart-wrenching to watch the couple hurt so much. See Episode 48 Summary for more details.

Florence then approaches Bowie, telling him that if he was to be hers, their companies could merge and it could save him out of the crisis. I thought he would have thought something was suspicious, but I guess some things just end up this way..Bowie has lost Maggie and his best friend Kenny. His company was also at stake.

In one scene, we see Maggie and Kenny getting married. At the same time, we see Bowie in a car looking out the window in thought, and we’re slowly revealed that Florence is acting sitting next to him, holding his hands.

Bowie has a lot of bitterness towards Maggie and Kenny..and I can see why. To him, the two had betrayed him. Later, Maggie finds out that she was actually pregnant with Bowie’s child too but unfortunately has a miscarriage. It was sad that she had to suffer the loss by herself without Bowie knowing. At the end when Bowie found out Kenny and Maggie actually set up the entire situation, he was furious. He was angry and found it pathetic how they decided for him thinking it was the best for him because they had no right to choose what his priorities were in life..(which I totally agree)
He continued to take revenge on them to make their lives miserable.
I found the situation turn into a total mess..can this really be a reflection of what happens in the real world?

5 Responses to “[The Gem of Life] Love Storyline (3)-Maggie”

  • chibi says:

    woow, that was actually quite an interesting read! hehe, even though I haven’t watched Gem of Life and it’s been a while since I read your other GOL posts =)

  • Cara says:

    The only problem I had with this show was that it dragged on too long! >< Other than that, the Maggie/Bowie/Kenny dynamics were the most interesting to watch for me. Interesting post, enjoyed reading it!

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I agree with the draggy bit and the dynamics in that relationship. Thanks for reading! 🙂 I actually have a draft written up for Ada and Gigi too..lol

  • Gyllbane says:

    anyone knows hoe to download the whole movie through internet ?

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