December 2007

[New Series]: The Building Blocks of Life

The Building Blocks of Life

Starting from December 10 Every Monday to Friday 8:30pm on TVBJ Australia Satelite

Cast: Fong Chung Sun, Tavia Yeung, Christine Ng, Power Chan, Chung King Fai, Natalie Tong, Lam Yi Kei, Hung Tin Ming

Episodes 20


Interior design company owner CHUNG KWOK KEUNG (Alex Fong Chung Sun) used to be a favorite student of renowned architect KWONG SHING YUE (Chung King Fai). He gave up his dream of becoming an architect when his father passed away and he had to take up the family business. As time goes by, the ambitious KEUNG has become an ambitionless man who has no opinions of his own. He has a prosaic relationship with CHING WAI YEE (Christine Ng), an estate agent who he has been going out for six years. He has to rewrite his blueprint in life with the appearance of CHEUNG MAN CHING (Tavia Yeung).

CHING meets KEUNG through work. She has mixed feelings for him, but she forces herself to suppress them when she knows that he has a girlfriend. Yet the unexpected always happen. Firstly, she and YEE become close friends because of a traffic accident. Since then she has to try hard to avoid seeing KEUNG. Secondly, as if it was not worse enough, a new building project brings her and KEUNG together again. Love starts to blossom secretly between the two. Meanwhile, with the help of YUE, KEUNG pulls himself together. He is confident of handling interpersonal relationship, too. But YUE’s help has upset another student of his, who pledges to frame KEUNG up. As for relationships, KEUNG finds it hard to leave YEE, who has stuck with him through thick and thin, for CHING, who he loves truly…

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