October 2011

[Super Snoops] Polls

Super Snoops

Which is your favourite couple in Super Snoops?

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Which is your favourite character in Super Snoops?

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My votes go to:

Favourite Couple: Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
Favourite Character: Wong Cho Lam- he is soooo adorable in this series XD Aimee’s character is pretty cute here too (I think she has some resemblences to Christine Kuo). I love how her personality changes to frequent and the way she constantly stomps her feet lol Linda’s character is pretty boring in the series; at least Ella gets some dancing XD

6 Responses to “[Super Snoops] Polls”

  • Lizzy says:

    My votes:

    * Favourite couple: Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
    * Favourite character: Johnson Lee

    They focused on the background story of Johnson (his mother Griselda and father Shek Sau) and Wong Cho Lam (his mother being beaten by his stepfather). But they never told us about Louis’ background, except for that his father is Gung Sum Gai.

  • misstila says:

    at first i thought this drama was going to be boring but it was actually really cute and funny

  • kes says:

    its kinda hard for me to choose my fav.
    Johnson or Wong Cho lam?

    Wong cho Lam….. *sigh*
    He might not be a good-looking guy, but there is someting about him that makes me like him. – And he never seems to dissapoint me 😀

    Johnson …. I liked him ever since I noticed him in “To Get Unstuck in Time”. – Seeing “welcome to the house” just made me like him more.

    ..eni mini miny mo…. – Yup, I choose Wong Cho Lam

    Still… I do think the rest of the crew does a good job. – its a great drama to watch if one feel likes laughing and relaxing.

  • Ham_Ham says:

    Louis Yuen & Aimee Chan is so cute in Super Snoops!!!

  • zazuki says:

    This show was so funny:D
    ‘Kids, don’t do this at home’..haha!
    I love the casting and it was so funny how Liza was called Mona. LOL

    by the way, I keep seeing Matthew Ko in small roles. what happened to him, does anyone know??

  • Cristina says:

    I just love how Liza is so extreme in the first episode.

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