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8 Responses to “[Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles] Poll”

  • Chibi says:

    My vote has to go to Sire Ma & Adrian Chau. I think they’re just sooo adorable and innocent. It seems like they have the perfect fairytale ending and it warms my heart just watching them so loving towards each other. When they were still dating, I had my doubts about Adrian’s character- he was so thickheaded and temperament..seemed very cold a lot of the times too.. but ever since he went to the Chung’s household and married Sire, his character changed for the better 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      I agree! This couple became more and more adorable as the series progressed and especially after they got married. Adrian eventually did change for her (dressed up for horse riding etc)

      Such a happy couple ^_^

  • AC says:

    My vote has to go to Adrian and Sire as well because they were both able to compromise to make their relationship work.

    Kenneth and Rebecca are a horrible couple. Are people only voting for them because they like Kenneth? I find Rebecca’s acting to be pretty bad and her portrayal of the role is awful. Her character is especially annoying towards the end!

    • KTVB says:

      Earlier in the series, I actually liked Ron/Rebecca/Kenneth love triangle (watching Rebecca’s relationship deepen with both boys)…this was before Ron was taken to get prosecuted..then omg. WORST LOVE TRIGANLE EVER. Hated Rebecca and Ron’s selfish character so so much..ARGH! Turned ridicious and bleh. Total Mess lol

  • aiMiXue says:

    Even though Tavia & Kenneth weren’t a couple…

    Tavia<3Kenneth FOREVER

    Sire & Adrian were cute ^_^
    The rest are just cheaters. (Ron, Rebecca, Damian, Idy, & Elena)

  • ABC says:

    TAVIA AND DAMIEN!!! I mean ok their age gap was yes a bit weird but cant deny that their characters in the storyline was so cool and touching and nice and everything !!!

  • YQ says:

    K, will you be doing a review on this series too? 🙂

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