Hi everyone! Apologies for the slow update. I’ve been busy watching [Highs and Lows] but now that it’s over, I’ll be focusing my attention on  [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] again! Make sure to check out my thoughts on episode 1-3 here if you haven’t already. For those interested in my thoughts on [Highs and Lows], you can read my comment here.


Episode 4, 5 and 6 of [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] focuses a lot on Damian’s ladies, especially Idy and Tavia. We learn a bit about Idy’s past and her involvement with her previous lover Chai Yat-fai 齊日輝 (played by Ben Wong). My impression of the characters are already changing, and I may have spoken too soon when I said his wives seem to get along. These episodes clearly show they don’t. What makes this series amusing is the way the wives verbally attack one another whilst pretending they have nothing against them. The sheer amount of passive aggressive behaviour demonstrated by these ladies is enough to make one puke. Tavia’s appearance in Damian’s life is already alarming all three of his ladies (Mary, Idy and Elena). Clearly, her mere presence and association is starting to annoy them (due to their status differences), and they aren’t afraid to show it. Even if they weren’t rich, having another lady stick around their husband is bound to get similar reactions. The wives do not like her, including Idy who seems to be the most rational one amongst them. Do I feel sorry for Tavia? A little bit, only because they said such mean things to her when she was “innocently” invited to his party as a guest. However, the fact she actually has a crush on Damian means they’re not just false accusations. I found it funny how they thought Tavia was trying to hook-up with Kenneth..heh. Says a lot about the age difference…

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Mary and Elena give Tavia a dirty while they walk passed..

Idy & Ben’s history

A bit about Idy. Previously I thought of her as an “extremely witty” woman, but now she comes off a little weak. We learn that she previously had a relationship with Ben when they were both young and she even eloped with him. However, Ben was a poor fellow and due to their class differences, she had a hard time coping with the transition. Suffering from the cold and hunger, Idy eventually left Ben and returned home to her mother.  I found this act to be rather cowardly and questions Idy’s determination and willpower. I feel like I’ve lost a bit of respect for her… I guess love doesn’t conquer everything.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Idy and Ben in their younger days

Now her love for Damian is also questionable, and tension arises between the two when Damian finds out Ben had returned to Shanghai from London and was actively looking for Idy. Ben is unaware that Idy has already married to Damian and of course, he wouldn’t let that happen so easily. The two men cross paths on the business side of things and Idy realises Damian tried to send him away. Upset by his lack of trust in her and in the heat of the moment, Idy moves back in with her mother. This leaves Damian rather angry and hurt that his genuine love for Idy is still not enough for him to win her heart completely.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Damian is upset his wife still has feelings for another man..

Tavia’s confused heart and Damian’s mixed signals

Damian is extremely upset over his argument with Idy and becomes heavily drunk while in Tavia’s company. When she takes him back to his hotel room, he forces himself on her, pashing her until he loses conscious . If she really was a slutty low-life, she would have taken advantage of the situation. However, she looks rather uncomfortable though not totally bothered, seeing as she left him a note and didn’t seem too upset. If anything, it stirred up some more feelings inside her. To be fair, Damian was the one flirting with her and leading her on..clearly he was enjoying her company.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Damian forces himself on Tavia in the hotel room

Fight for the first dance… Mary and Elena

What follows after was quite an amusing series of events where Mary and Elena organise a huge western party for Damian; both hoping to have Damian’s first dance. Elena and Mary both missed out on going to Shanghai with Damian (due to an accident cause by the two being petty) so this was a golden opportunity for them to get some spotlight. The relationship between these two character is a little strange to me..in a funny way. They both want Damian’s attention, but they’re still willing to help each other (in this case, Elena spends time teaching Mary how to dance). Perhaps it’s because they both know Idy is Damian’s favourite, so they have the same common enemy. Still, they are both rather childish, jealous little woman. Who could blame them though? If I had to share my husband with several other ladies I think I would be just as upset and jealous XD So glad marriage is monogamous these days…

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Mary tells Elena she wants to learn to dance

And of course, things never work out as planned XD. Tavia shows up at the party accompanied by Kenneth, and they figured she’s trying to hook up with their son. Imagine their surprise when Damian tells them he was the one who invited her and even asks her to have his first dance. This causes outrageous jealousy among the ladies, but the purpose was really to anger Idy. All he really cared about was making her jealous.. because he wanted to her care. Idy eventually shows up to the party (albeit reluctantly) seeing the two dancing but soon collapses due to her illness. Upon seeing this, Damian drops Tavia (while in the middle of the dance) and rushes to his wife’s side. Tavia feels completely used.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Tavia, more than just a chess piece?

After the event, the relationship between Damian and Idy not only mended but grew stronger than before. Meanwhile, Tavia feels more and more confused, disappointed and helpless. She doesn’t understand Damian’s confusing mixed signals. One moment he’s showering her with expensive gifts and compliments, and the next he’s acting like there’s nothing between them. The audience is left thinking.. does Damian actually like Tavia, or is he really just using her? Personally, I think he finds her to be quite the interesting character…

What did you think of episode 4, 5 and 6? Do you like Tavia’s character? Which of the ladies is your favourite so far? These episodes didn’t show Ron or Rebecca much~ something I actually liked, but do you find them more interesting? Post a comment below and share your thoughts!

To those who have watched ahead, please refrain from posting any spoilers in this comment section :D  Let’s keep it spoiler free and only discuss events that occurred in episode 4-6.

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8 Responses to “[Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] Episode 4-6 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    Nice summary and write up! I agree with everything you’ve said haha

    Elena and Mary: I find it amusing watching these two- they’re both so childish; and they both like/dislike each other at the same time. It was amusing watching the fight for the first dance with Damian and how Mary made Elena stay with her at home after their injuries (which Elena claims her one isn’t as serious)

    Idy: I’m a bit disappointed at her character too. The way she treated Ben, and how she doesn’t seem to appreciate Damian’s genuine love for her after all these years. I only hope she would appreciate him more and not do things which would push him away and eventually turn him to Tavia.

    Tavia: I actually don’t like her character that much, but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is (I hope it’s not the nose…XD) Perhaps I don’t like how she tries to come-off as witty and classy. That, or I don’t want her coming into the family XD (which is inevitable) Damian is clearly leading her on though. I think Damian finds Tavia interesting which captures his attention, yet he is using her at the same time. I think it’s all a game to him at the moment..

    I actually dislike Ron’s scenes so I’m glad he had minimal screen time in these episodes XD I don’t care much about Kenneth either..haha

    • Chibi says:

      My thoughts exactly about Tavia.. I can’t seem to like her character 😡 I don’t know if its bad acting or bad scripting, but either way every time Tavia is on the screen, I wish she wasn’t =_=;;

    • JacJac says:

      Ron and Kenneth have small roles. The series seem to focus more on the wives. I don’t really like Tavia either. Damien loves Idy the most but we will see. I doubt if he will like JJ?

  • Daisy says:

    Wow had no idea Idys past was like that.. Is there perhaps more to it than it seems? I guess you can’t judge someone by there cover

    • Chibi says:

      I’m sure there will be more revealed about the past than we’ve been shown so far 🙂 Makes me wonder if Ben will be a good or evil character, hehee… shall see soon!

  • JacJac says:

    Just finished episode 6 of this drama. It is a lighthearted series to watch without having expectation. Idy miss Ben. Damien loves Idy more than she likes him. Tavia wants to win Damien affection.It’s basically a romance series.

    • Chibi says:

      It is pretty lighthearted indeed~ something that I was quite surprised about. I was told it’s like a modern day version of the Palace..but it’s not really happening like that.

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