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  • Which of Kate's role do you like better in 'Relic of an Emissary'?

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    • Relic of an Emissary

    • I think this is one of Kate’s best roles. She plays the beautiful “Chin-Sam Leung” , a brothel owner who secretly appears to be working as an spy/assassin for her master. She is a strong character who is very bold and daring and can appear quite direct/ruthless at times. During a mission Chin-sam fought against Michael and injures him. The “good” Chin-sam ends up treating his wounds and saves his life. The two eventually fall in love and have a one night stand. However shortly after, Michael loses his memories- flashbacks of what appears to be bed scenes with Chin-Sam causes Michael to become very confused as he tries to remember his past and discover who he actually is. He feels that he has an intimate relationship with Chin-Sam when he sees her again, however she denied this and misleads him to thinking his lover is actually another prostitute (by imprinting the same tatoo on her back).
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • It appears as though because of her identity and mission, she was forbidden to be with him because her life belonged to her master. It started to get a bit creepy when Kate kept talking to “herself” in the mirror, where the “good” Chin Sam (who was gentle and caring) appears to be trapped inside. I was misled, along with the other characters in the series, to think that her occassional personality change was due to her suffering from a  condition after witnessing her twin sister getting washed away to sea when they were young. Here and there, the good “Chin-sam” would come out and say things to try save Michael because she was in love with him but the “evil” Chin-Sam would start telling her off again later.
    • Later, Chin-sam was ordered to get close to “Yin-Wong” (Joe) and try make him fall in love with her. I thought those scene were quite interesting because Joe knew she wasn’t any ordinary woman and was there to get close to him for a purpose. He, however, was attracted to this “game” and continued to play along to find out she had planned for him. The two ended up falling in love with each other in the process. Caught in the conflicting dilemma of love and mission, Chin-Sam eventually chooses to betray her master!
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • Episode 20 was so awesome!! Both Joe and Kate’s secrets were revealed to one another when he saved her from dying (also revealing he was only pretending to be crazy) . It was revealed that Kate is , like Michael- a “Gam Yi Wai” (Brocade Guard)..that means she’s actually a “good” person, working to protect the King ..I don’t know how to define the word “good” anymore given that I’m rooting for Yin-Wong (Joe), but Joel isn’t exactly a “bad” King either…sigh
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • I was so moved how Joe trusted her so much that he’d take the risk to save her
    • I was also quite shocked when I found out there were actually two Kates!! The “good” Chin-sam, (who is actually Chin-Sam’s twin sister “Chor Chor”) was around the whole time but Chin-Sam kept her a secret. The one who fell in love with Michael was actually “Chor Chor”- but because no one knew of her existence, Michael thought the one he fell in love with was actually Chin-Sam.
    • It all started to make sense now because- honestly, I thought it was pretty creepy how she fell in love with both Michael (when she was “good”) and Joe (when she’s herself). Every time we see Kate talking to “herself” in the mirror, it seemed like she was compressing the emotional side of her and told her to forget about Michael. We later find out she’s very caring towards her sister and only doing it to protect her.
    • I thought it was pretty sad when Chin-sam was killed by her master! I can’t believe she just died like that!! =( It was sad to see her love Joe so much and she died protecting him- yet just before death, she realised Joe had “betray” her because he lied to her and didn’t fully trust her…AWW!!!!!! After witnessing the death of her sister, Chor Chor was manipulated to take revenge on Joe for her sister’s death. I thought the plan was very clever- she was pretending to be Chin-Sam-turned-ChorChor after being traumatised by his betrayl. Eventually overtime, Chor Chor started to realise Joe did love Chin-Sam deeply and was filled with regrets. In the process, ChorChor also fell in love with Joe and she couldn’t take revenge on him anymore. She reveals the truth to him and eventually stays by his side to be his concubine.
    • Relic of an Emissary
    • I was really hoping Michael will know that the one he loved was “Chor Chor” and not “Chin Sam”, but I guess up to that point it didn’t matter anymore. Chor Chor was already with Ying Wong (Joe) and Michael was already with Siu-Qiu and the Princess. I liked how Chor Chor got the opportunity to tell Michael “her sister did love him” before she went with Joe though.
    • I hoped somehow that Kate and Michael would have some scenes together as a couple but that didn’t happen. The MV lied! XD But yeh..somehow I knew they wouldn’t work out.
    • I think it’s pretty cool how Kat and Michael’s characters are similar as they are”owned” by other people and don’t have their own freedom…At the end, ChorChor saves Michael’s life once again when she stopped Joe from killing him.
    • I think Kate did a pretty good job on this role, playing the double personalities 🙂 Which twin did you guys like better?
    • Relic of an Emissary

    11 Responses to “[Relic of an Emissary] Kate Tsui as 沈千三/ 楚楚”

    • misstila says:

      i liked her better as cheen sam. her as chor chor was juz her usual super annoying roles 😮 i cudnt really stand her as chor chor. i think even at the end she still liked ou siu fung i felt like she never liked zhu dai at all juz looked up to him and stayed with him outta guilt and pity cuz everyone was so nice to her.

      • KTVB says:

        I actually liked watching both of them XD Chor Chor seemed pretty nice at the start, especially in contrast to Chin Sam. However, later on in the series, I started to miss Chin-Sam because Chor Chor was so indecisive XD I didn’t see why she still listened to Yim Chun…

        I think Chor Chor did like Michael more than Joe; but I do think he does love Joe..remember that confession scene (before she slept with Joe?)- I actually think there was some truth to what she said given that Chor Chor was neve really that good at deceiving people

    • Ri says:

      I thought Kate played Chin Sam Leung really well. Kate does evil roles better than her good ones though, in general. Can’t think of a particular good character role i liked her in..

      I thought Kate and Michael would end up together too!! The MV lied!! hahaha

      • KTVB says:

        haha I think because Kate slightly looks more like a “bad girl” in real life XD

        I think a lot of people were looking forward to seeing Kate and Michael get back together but that didn’t happen..

        I was still hopeful to the scene where Chor Chor was protecting Michael from Joe killing him. I thought there would be some form of confession! But yeh..wasn’t dramatic as I hoped. I think it would have made the story a lot more complex and Yin Wong would get even more angry

    • Chibi says:

      Oh wow, that was a pretty interesting read! =) (I didn’t end up watching Relic of an Emissary)

      From what you’ve said it does sound like one of Kate’s better (if not best) roles. Looking forward to what you have to say about the other characters!

    • witnap says:

      definitely chin sam….at least she knows what she wants

    • Linda says:

      (CHOR CHOR) She shouldn’t reject him!!! They were such a PERFECT match!!! When he asked her did they have a relationship? And she started lying ! She could have told him and they could have made it together. But instead she didn’t so she let the Princess steal him ugh.

      • KTVB says:

        It’s been a while since I watched this series so I can’t remember the details much..it was either because she already chose to be with Joe Ma, or her sister didn’t let her..

    • curly_fries says:

      Definitely one of my favourite Kate characters. The mystery of her twin sister kept me captivated the entire series.

      and yes, I was also disappointed when there weren’t any Kate-Michael romance, contrary to what the ending song suggested.

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