December 2007

Raymond Lam (CD+DVD)

I was so excited when Raymond’s debut album was released (23 November 2007)!! I’ve been waiting so long for it XD From the day it was released, download links were already distributed around the net so I listened to a few because I just couldn’t wait ^^ I loved the songs!! I knew I had to buy it to support Raymond =D I was going to purchase it from YesAsia.com but my sister offered to buy it for me as my Xmas present instead !! Thanks so much sis! I didn’t listen to the songs since that day and waited patiently to received the official thing ^^ And yesh, it finally came through the mail today!! *so excited ^^*

OKIES! It comes with this cool poster, with the lyrics of the songs printed on the back =D hehe..it pictures Raymond putting his face through a TV screen. The hands are starting to look a bit confusing ey? wheee!!

And here’s a pic of me with the cover of the album! I couldn’t choose the cover because YesAsia distributes it randomly (one out of the three), but I’m quite satisfied with this one =) Its a bit weird how the box/cover is cardboard, but hey its different ^^

And inside there’s also a booklet with lots of Raymond photos ^^

Another page~~

First thing I did was watch the two MVs that came with it~ one which I’ve seen online, the sub themesong of The Drive of Life~ featuring Linda Chung. I was surprised to see that the second MV also had Linda in it lol ehehe..the two MV seemed linked~~~Raymond was quite emotionless in the first MV ..it didn’t look like he was singing it so it was a bit bland, the second one better in that aspect I guess =)
I can’t decide which song is my favourite yet, will have to listen to it a few more times because they all sound really nice and soothing ^^ I can listen to it over and over again…ahha =D Its an awesome album and I’m just so happy at the moment lol

Finally, no requests for links to download the songs please. I won’t be putting them up to share and hope all of you will support Raymond by buying the CD!!! ^^ I might do some screenies of the MV though~ they really remind me of Alfred and Seung Joi Sum from Heart of Greed lol

37 Responses to “Raymond Lam (CD+DVD)”

  • chibi says:

    wheeee! Everyone should support Rayond Lam =) If he gets enough sales, they’ll release more!


  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ wow..u really Raymond Fans..any way, his album’s collection is nice leh… all the poster is beautiful ar… haha…

    but i stil dun see it sold in malaysia yet.. wish it come soon…

  • Summer says:

    KTVB: any way.. can u listed down, tis album got wat songs? just write the name only la..
    cos, if mostly is those song fr the series tat he act..then i m thinking, might wan to get 1 while release in malaysia lo.. haha..cos,, alot of TVB series, tat he take part, those songs tat he sang, oso nice..so.. wish to get it lo…

    thanks.. KTVB..

  • uraznhunnie says:

    hey, i got mines in mail last saturday. i was definalty very happy also. i have the same cover as you. Did u get the other big poster also? its the same pic of the cover.

    i’m in love with his album. i best favorite are 7 and 8.

  • Kombatpiggie says:


  • Kathy says:

    i bought one too they sent me mines on Wednesday last week and I have the same album cover
    OMG raymond lam is soo hott!

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : Thanks for putting the songs list over.. here.. ya, dun put any for downloading.. cos, support Raymond.. must buy original… u’re great… and Ray were great too….


  • Carmelida says:

    I love Raymond!!!

    Raymond’s debut album was released 23 November 2007!!!

  • Jen says:

    Raymond’s B-Day

    Raymond’s debut album

    Thanks for the support!!!!

  • Jen says:

    In love with Raymond Lam now…Raymond’s birthday is coming sooon!!!!

  • Jen says:

    Raymond’s B-Day

  • Jen says:

    Raymond’s debut album…Thanks for the support!!!

  • Wah! You’re so pretty K! 🙂 Hehe looks like you got your money’s worth with the album & shipping. 😉 The album seems HUGE (as in you get a lot of stuff). It looks well-produced.

  • Oh yes, please do screenies! 🙂 If possible, can you rip the MV’s for me?

  • chelsea says:

    HEY is it released in singapore yet…!!?

  • kinki says:

    Raymond’s HOT!~

  • Jacinda says:

    It’s Raymond’s birthday today!!!

    28th Raymond’s B-Day

  • Jen says:

    I love Raymond!!!

    Happy 28th Birthday!!!

    Yesterday was Raymond’s Birthday

  • Elena says:

    hello! My name is Elena, whats ur name?? and i am from Australia. i’ve been waiting for Raymonds album for long, and congrates u have bought his album. =]
    um…if ur in his fan group can u have happy b’day to him for me??
    Thank You!! =]

  • truc says:

    can somone plz send a link of where i can buy it/..would luv to own raymond cd!!!!so plz!!!!


  • KTVB says:

    I’m so happy there’s so many people supporting raymond, buying his CD and encouraging others not to dowload them ^^ keep it up!

    To uraznhunnie : I didn’t get the one with the poster, jsut CD + DVD (whateveer you can see in th ephotos above) =)

    To truc : You can buy it online~ I bought mine on Yesasia.com (depending on where you live) Search up “Raymond Lam” and it should come up ^^

  • Ivy says:

    KTVB i finally got Ray’s album 🙂

  • emma says:

    lol ktvb i just listened to all the songs on ray’s album and I LUV ALL OF DEM!! goo ray woot woot

  • peony says:

    hi =D
    ray is going to be doing a concert in Atlantic city and i will be going, i reallllly hope i get a handshake or at least a very nice picture of him.. I’ll be buying his album to support him too! thanks for the great pics you put up, i am very excited to receive mine ~

  • Jessica says:

    hello. =D.
    yea…i love raymond lam…
    he soo cute and voice sounds good too..^^.
    I brought his album..and listened to it for very long time..
    he sounds good..wish i can meet him tho..lols. (besides on tvb..)

  • Kelly says:

    know don’t whether still got his album a not…any idea where can i get his album?

  • KTVB says:

    It should be in most Asian CD shops..from where ever you’re at. But just make sure they’re not bootlegs 9i.e fake ones) else it won’t be supporting him.
    you can always order it online at yesasia.com

  • Kelly says:

    nvm..i just bought his album yesterday come wif his posters the same as urs n i loved all the songs..even though i don’t understand Canto..

  • Tracie says:

    wow those look nice & cool!
    i want to buy that now hahas!
    raymond is soo cool<3
    im going to the atlantic city concert also! i hope i get to shake his hand or something ehhe ;]

  • Sylvia says:

    Hey, so the CD of Raymond on Yes Asia is the right one right? I just want to make sure it is not the fake one before I order hehe

  • KTVB says:

    To Sylvia: Yes the Raymond CD on YesAisa is an authentic Real one ^^

  • Sylvia says:

    Thanks a lot. I just ordered it. So excited to wait huhuhu. I want to get it right away. I will transit at Hong Kong by the end of May. Hopefully I would meet him there (just hoping)

  • mini says:

    Hey…..Raymond is coming to Toronto for the second time!!!! He is coming tomorrow and I got the VIP pass for the signing. I would be up close with him.HEEE…..I have too much things that i want him to sign I don’t know if he would sign it all?

    Reply from KTVB: ^_^ That’s great!! How lucky! How did you get the VIP pass? Best of luck in getting everything you want signed =)

  • kevin says:

    Hi! Seems you are fan of Raymond? Will you join his first ever live show this June?

  • beciee says:

    ur verry pretty!!
    and <3 raymond lamm !

  • Shu ee says:

    Sry…how can I buy all the album of Raymond lam

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