I’ve been having quite a hectic week and with TVB Anniversary Awards revealed and a bit of time for the results to sink in, I’ve finally had the chance to put together my thoughts on the final episodes (31-32) of No Regrets 😀


Live Together, Die Together

“Let’s leave together- We’ll live together, or die together”

  • I think most of the drama has died down in these episodes as it was approaching an end- but the most I wanted to see was what would be the fate of our heroes Lau Sing & Gou Goo Leung.
  • Ching Ching’s death scene finally came…. it was quite peaceful and comforting as Raymond was reading out her diary entries. It made me reflect on Sheren’s words when she told Wayne how Fala was actually born lucky…She was cared by her mother, then brother, and then in the care and love of Raymond..now that she has peacefully gone, she will once again be in the care of her mother.  Her dream of marrying Raymond also became a reality and was able to get married, and die at “Ju Long Lei”. We can say she lived her life with no regrets..

    No Regrets

  • I didn’t find  Ben’s scene that dramatic- thought it was a bit silly…he can’t just come back and demand for more money -.- From the previous episode, I believed Susan genuinely changed and it was interesting to see what Ben would do considering he was once such a gangster and didn’t look like he’d just leave like that.  Like Rosy Business, Susan has to suffer the loss of her son. It was interesting that his “father” was the one who eventually killed him. Elliot raised him as his own son and it didn’t look like Ben appreciated or respected him at all..
  • I think Nancy’s character still annoys me even though the series has ended. I don’t think she even changed! I felt she  got away with stuff way too easily. Her rise to become Elliot’s wife didn’t really give her that significant power over Sheren. I actually would have thought it’d be cool to see Nancy go to the real extreme of calling her “Gou-Mui”, removing all respect she had.How could she just tell Sheren’s secret like that?! Then again, even though she curls/ clips her hair up after getting married and wore a lot of makeup, I guess she is just an immature girl trying hard to act like an adult…Maybe there is still hope since she’s still “young”. Towards the end, Elliot just set her free and she went to marry another man..Did she even change?Did she even apologise to Sheren?

No Regrets

  • There were also some sweet scenes like when Sheren was wondering who would be waiting for her if she died one day. Wayne said it depends which of them will go first. If he were to die first, he’ll be waiting for her ^^ The reference to this at the end is kinda like a reminder, but it looked a bit out of place lol

No Regrets

  • I really like how they filmed the scene with the Church breaking down and glass getting smashed- it was really dramatic! I thought it ended quite abruptly though-lol After they determined to  live/die together- I thought they’d run away at that point ^^;
  • I also liked how Wayne said he’ll go wherever Sheren tells him to, and do whatever she wants him to do XD I was suddenly reminded of his argument with his wife near the beginning of the series where he refused to leave his job and move to another city- since he’s been a cop all his life.
  • I think I’m too involved in the series that I hoped a fantasy ending lol I would have likes to see Wayne and Sheren reunite at the Church- if they ever lose contact, they’ll meet at the Church- dead or alive..it was a very “awww…” moment when Wayne – who had lost his memories, remembered that he made an appointment with someone..but couldn’t remember who.. 🙁 so tragic..

No Regrets

  • When I first saw the last episode, I was so angry that they separate Wayne and Sheren from each other for all those year!! I was so upset they had to be so realistic and cruel to them..Why couldn’t they let the two live their 30 years of lives together? ;( My wish of the two expressing their feelings towards each other explicitly didn’t happen either..and they never really got a “get-together” scene. I think its just something I really wanted to see although a lot of it has been implied and we know they have that mutual feelings/understanding for each other. I just think the series would escalated to a whole new level if their relationship just went the extra way…I just felt empty inside knowing they wasted 30 years of being together. Each time they should 10 years later..I was like ‘og…please no…’ It was a very touching when they finally reunited at such an old age..It saddens me to think they suffered so much through their life and were only able to find some peace near the end..And it felt so weird to see everyone so old..(Pierre and Kara are them most convincing ones XD) and to hear they suffered for all those years too..
  • When  they showed the montage of Sheren and Wayne  traveling around the world and happily living together, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside… but I think the fact they still had to  separate for all these years left me quite unsatisfied in the inside..
  • When I watched it the 2nd time, I was slowly convinced it was still a good ending for them I suppose- since they were able to live their last days together and it was a warm feeling watching them grow old together and live the modern world. It left a smile on my face ^^

No Regrets

  • What did you guys think of the ending? Doyou think their separation left a deeper impression for the series? Any other unexplained things in the series..? Overall thoughts about the series? Favourite scenes? Please do share!

Message from K:

I guess that’s it guys! No Regrets has come to an end. It has definitely been the highlight for the last month and half it was airring! Even though it unfortunately did not win Best Series for 2010, it remains my favourite series of the year (and I’m sure for many of you too!) I really enjoyed being so involved in watching the drama, chasing it every night, blogging my thoughts and sharing it with you guys! Thanks so much for everyone who’s been reading and especially to those who have actively commented (chibi, Madeline, Ri, faithict, wewah, hannah, Sharon, saomongmo, dee, Nonny Nu, misstila , Badger, Danette , roselle, An Pham , Britt, Moonriversp). It was a nice little NR community we built here while it lasted =) Hopefully TVB can/will produce more awesome TVB series like NR!! LOVE WAYNE & SHEREN!!! <3

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  • Simba says:

    BEST TVB Drama of 2010 hands down. Sheren Tang & Wayne Lai are just too magnificent for words. Their chemistry was amazing. I am so sad that this series is over, but I guess all good things come to an end. Lol I was crying so hard seeing the two separated from each other, but the very last ending scene when Wayne told Sheren he’d wait for her was very touching and a good closure. 🙂

  • Ri says:

    There are SO many reasons why No Regrets is so good but mainly because it leaves such an impression even after it’s over. I find myself thinking about scenes/episodes after I watch them and missing the characters (especially Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong!) after the show ended.

    Like you, the first time I watched it, I was frustrated that they had to spent 30 YEARS APART. 30 YEARS! That’s just crazy. Then when I watched it again, I realised it’s the realistic way to end things. Poor Lau Sing has had a hard knock life and he only got to really savor his last few years traveling with Sheren. I also found it incredibly sweet how Lau Sing would come back to Guangzhou every time he has a break in order to line up for his visa application :’)

    I can’t remember where I heard this (Sheren’s award acceptance speech maybe?) but the whole not having Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong actually really get together was intentional because they wanted the audience to see and feel that it was beyond words, and on another level of “togetherness” altogether. Pretty cool! Still, it sucks that 30 years just flew by like that!

    I actually really loved the final scene where they replayed what Wayne said to Sheren on the bench at the hospital. Lovely and very poignant.

    As for everyone else, even though Ching Ching’s death was a little too dragged out for me, she did die very peacefully and that itself was very touching. Nancy’s character was pretty needless, if you ask me. It was interesting to see that Elliot was the one who killed Ben, and in such cold-blood too. But when Ben started kicking his wheelchair, I kinda saw it coming. Poor Susan. I think, just like in RB1, she probably went mad from the loss of her son.

    I have to admit – I got a little teary-eyed when the Rosy Business theme song played :’) ESPECIALLY during the montage of Wayne and Sheren’s travels arnd the world. Such a lovely reminder of how this whole franchise started, and how the “underdog” who won Best Drama last year lead to such an explosive drama this year 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout, K! 🙂 It has been really fun to be part of this “No Regrets” community. Even if they didn’t in Best Drama at least we had a place to sound off here! 🙂

    • Chibi says:

      There are SO many reasons why No Regrets is so good but mainly because it leaves such an impression even after it’s over. I find myself thinking about scenes/episodes after I watch them and missing the characters (especially Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong!) after the show ended.

      YES! And lol..I’ve been rewatching NR with my boyfriend now and he loves it too ^^ More people should watch NR 😀

      Nancy’s character was pretty needless

      She got off way too easily :/ I wish she got a harsher punishment for backstabbing Sheren..can’t believe Elliot her off so easily…

      • Ri says:

        Hahah I know what you mean! I even managed to get my dad (who NEVER watched any form of drama, tvb or not) to watch it and he agrees it’s a really good show!

        I was rewatching the Sales Presentation for NR and I think in that version Nancy got a bigger role. Seems like she became a traitor and attached herself to one of the Japs. In this version her story wasn’t really developed enough, like she was there to be the one to expose Sheren’s plan, that’s all :/

        • KTVB says:

          I think it would be interesting if TVB produced another NR series ehhe, but have it follow the same storyline as the Sales Presentation, that would be another interesting watch!

  • benchesandstools says:

    THE DRAMA of the year!!
    All these years i’ve really enjoyed Sheren’s performances, esp from War and Beauty. But NR certainly is the prime series of her career. All my favourite scenes are those with her and Wayne! 😀
    A lil disappointment in the ending – i always thought Ben and Susan will bring a far more dramatic plot. But it all ended with a few gunshots and Susan going insane again (that’s her ending in RB right?)

    I just feel that all the crew in NR did a tremendous job. Special mention to Pierre and Evergreen also… Pai guat zai was magnificent in the first 3 episodes!!

    • Chibi says:

      I feel the same about Ben/Susan too.. and Yes, Susan had the same fate in both series where her son is dead leaving her completely devastated (and lost..) The scene where she drags her son out was really sad I thought- though I hated Ben I felt sorry for Susan :/

    • KTVB says:

      Gou Goo Leung was simply awesome. I loved her character and performance. From watching the series and various interview clips and news articles,I can feel that everyone really put through their best effort and team work- including production crew and minor characters to bring out the series- so touched!

  • An Pham says:

    ahahahah i told myself to not read this and ruin the surprise since im only on episode 8..and YES it’s finally dubbed in vietnames…but i had to anyway lol

  • Danette says:

    Yay! I was waiting for your final thoughts xD I liked them! Again, I agree with just about everything you wrote.

    Fala’s death scene at the end was surprisingly very touching and just thinking that Raymond would have to live the rest of his life without her made me kinda sad 🙁

    I watched the final episode a couple times now and the more I watch it the more satisfied I am about it. I have to agree that the endings with Ben, Susan, and Nancy were very abrupt and not very well planned out. But maybe they were trying to rush the ending before the awards?

    The scene were Wayne and Sheren were sitting on the bench discussing about life was really touching. When that one scene played at the end, I thought they were playing the NG clips >.< So I thought it was kinda random.

    The thirty years of separation nearly killed me. I swear, the director was messing with me. The whole monologue of Pierre was basically testing my patience and I was dying to find out what happened to Wayne. I didn't think that Wayne would show up two seconds later, but it was unexpectedly pleasant.

    The montage at the end had to be my favorite part. Those short couple of seconds made me completely satisfied with the whole story, and made me fall in love with it ten million times more severely.

    Thanks so much for posting your thoughts, and I loved your shout-outs at the end. LOVED NO REGRETS!! LOVED WAYNE AND SHEREN!! YAY FOR A BEAUTIFUL ENDING!! xD

    • Chibi says:

      “The thirty years of separation nearly killed me. I swear, the director was messing with me. The whole monologue of Pierre was basically testing my patience and I was dying to find out what happened to Wayne. I didn’t think that Wayne would show up two seconds later, but it was unexpectedly pleasant.”

      Completely agree with you here! I just thought..’stop yapping Pierre.. is Wayne dead or alive?!”

      Fala’s death scene was touching, though I’m surprised she managed to live all the way to the last episod, hehe XD

      “But maybe they were trying to rush the ending before the awards?”

      Not sure about this since NR finished filming a while before the awards ceremony?

  • Simply Me says:

    ‘No Regrets’ was super touching..
    The pure and true love they shared..
    Their love only grew deeper and deeper each day instead of fading away..
    For more than 30years of wait..
    Where can we find this kind of true love nowadays??
    And I guess.. They missed the 30 years apart to show how deep their love is to each other..
    And indeed.. good things are worth the wait..
    They did not give up on one another.. and continue searching.. for 30 years.. that really showed how strong their love was.. =]
    Glad that it was a happy ending..
    They end off as lovers and not just soulmates..
    A nicer way to end off compared to the previous where they travel together as only soulmates..

    Thanks K-for-TVB for the updates and everything else.. this site is wonderful!! =]

  • wewah says:

    I really like how they put that clip back at the ending with Wayne saying he will wait for her if he dies first. This line reminds you of all the time they were at church sharing their problem and looking after each other. That is just way to sweet, telling us they they are never alone and will be together even after death. We got to admit 30 years of wait is really long, again they made return of condor hero 16 years of wait seem like nothing.

    Thanks for sharing your though K-tvb. We enjoy being part of this forum.

    • KTVB says:

      Hey wewah..haha yea I thought about the condor heros thing too..only cool thing about condor heroes is that she doesn’t really age much..and they’re still quite young.

  • misstila says:

    i really liked no regret but they ended it a bit sloppy >.> and yeah hatew dat fact that were separated for 30 years =[

  • Chibi says:

    I have some mixed feelings about the finale~ I really disliked the fact they made Sheren and Wayne separated for 30 years… 30 precious years!! It’s just so sad and pitiful for them. The ending also felt pretty rushed and sloppy, especially in regards to Susan/Ben/Nancy. I also didn’t like the fact most things were told/explained by Pierre, as oppose to seeing it (like how Wayne had probably died along with her father as well as recounting what happened during the years of separation).
    I find it would be more dramatic if it showed the part Wayne was carrying Sheren’s father as oppose to some quick flashback~ but, it did make me miss Wayne a lot.. but I knew that couldn’t have been the end of him. It was really sad seeing him in the hospital bed so helpless and confused with his memory loss (the idea reminded me heavily of Final Fantasy 8, where the character is trying to recall the promise he had made to someone special..and trying to remember where it was they had a ‘date’) I really thought one day Sheren and Wayne would meet back at the Church but I guess that didn’t happen. I felt a lot of anguish at this point though, especially when Sheren initially refused to leave GuangZuo, sitting inside the church.

    I did quite enjoy RB’s themesong being played several times throughout the last episode, as it gave a really romantic feel (as its focus was on Wayne and Sheren’s relationship & their past experiences) A bit too many flashbacks but it was sweet. They shouldn’t have shown the ending right at the start of episode 1, I think it had too many spoilers (though it was a tinnnny bit misleading as it looked like Sheren did indeed kill Wayne)

    Having said all this though, the ending is acceptable- not perfect but it didn’t ruin the enjoyable experience I had with NR. I loved the part where they finally see each other again, and specially the montage of the two traveling all over the place together as ordinary people =D So so sweet!

    The very last shot of the two sitting there was..a bit strange. Maybe it’s the lack of music or something I thought it looked like blooopers XDD The idea is sweet but they could have simply used a voice over while the old fragile Sheren is sitting in her chair..kinda like she’s thinking what they said back then just before she dies.

    NR is definitely the best series of the yr. Thanks for posting screencaps and thoughts for all the episodes! Great job 😀

  • faithict says:

    First of all i would like to say that thank goodness TVB did not make another sad ending for this series…when i watched the first episode where Sheren shoot Wayne, my heart almost fell thinking that Sheren is actually the bad guy and killed him…was happy to see that that wasn’t really the ending…:)

    Anyway here is my little opinion on these last 2 episodes…when Nancy’s married with all the addition make up on her face, i thought that she would rise in power and do something mean towards Sheren…but all she did is just giving out the red packet showing that she is just the wife of Elliot and spilled out the secret of Sheren….her character doesn’t really play much role in this series and it was annoying from the very beginning of the series and towards the end and still never change…i would think that it might be better if they showed us that finally Nancy’s eyes are open when Elliot told her that she could go and married someone else…but no, they left her character being still as annoying as ever with no repentance…if she wanted to win the best female supporting award, i think they have to show that she repented towards the end of the series…oh well that is just my opinion…

    For wayne and sheren character, i really like the scene in the church when Wayne was telling Sheren that whereever she wants him to go he will go and do whatever she wants him to do…:) yes i have the same opinion with you, KTVB, i was hoping that they will unite again in church as that has been always their meeting place where they shared their thoughts together…still i am not going to complain much since this is a good ending…although they did waste 30 years, but we did see that they had a good several years together travelling round the world and going into the modern age… 🙂

    On the side note I felt that ching ching’s character in this series is still pretty bland (colorless). I know that her character is pretty pitiful with her illness, but i think there should be more to her character aside from writing a diary (which is like narating to the audience). And yes, you definitly have a point here, KTVB. She definitely lives her life with no regrets, she has her family to care for her and has her wish come true that is marrying Raymond…

    Overall, i did enjoy this series, and kudos to Sheren and Wayne who acted so well in here…although there is not much actions between them showing that they did have feelings for one another, but from the audience point of view they did portray it very very well…no wonder they did win the best awards…. 🙂 I think I will missed watching this series, as i was rushing back from work each night to watch it….hopefully TVB will more good series to watch in future… 🙂 Again, thank you so much, KTVB, to write the revies for each episodes although you are busy with your work..i really did enjoy readin them and share my thoughts here..looking forward to more of your reviews in future… 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I guess Nancy’s charatcer could have been worked on a little more..unless the producer’s deliberately left her that way to be, once again..a bit more realistic? i mean she didn’t even look that sad when her mum passed away..

      The only way I see Ching Ching’s diary is to show time pass..

      Your welcome faithict 😉 I really enjoyed chasing and blogging about NR! The series was worth it haha

  • Deacol says:

    I just finished watching No Regrets. Sigh, now I’m going to seriously miss not being able to watch this series each day. I love this series!! Oh yes, I thought after Pierre had said all the stuff about Wayne to Sheren, he was going to say, “But he passed a way a couple of months ago,” or something along the lines of ‘he died.’ If that happened, I would maintain an angry/sad face for a while. Good thing it was a happy ending. I like happy endings.

    Oh, and my favourite scene, there were a lot, but I like it whenever Sheren accidentally drops the fake grenade and scares the hell out of everyone around her. It’s funny. But my favourite scene(s) is everything at the church.

    Sure I liked ‘Can’t buy me love’, but I really don’t see how No Regrets didn’t win. Can’t buy me love is that typical comedy show…but No Regrets is so much more action packed and…awesome. So for me, it was the best series this year.

    Do you prefer No Regrets or Rosy Business. I personally like No Regrets more.

    I love reading your reviews as I agree with most of the stuff you think. But I like the reference at the end where Wayne said he’d be waiting for her if he died first. A nice reminder that they’d be reunited. <3

    • Chibi says:

      I personally enjoyed NR more, but it’s hard to say since it’s been a while since I’ve sen RB (maybe I’ll go and rewatch it!)
      I rewatched the ending yesterday and it made me cry xD (Weird, cause I didn’t the first time I watched it) ~

  • merrychristmasandahappynewyear ! says:

    Ahh . . .
    This was a very enjoyable series…
    And I admit that I really got hooked on to it, chasing episode after episode everyday for about a month . . . lol ?

    I finished this drama early this month , and I’d have to say that I would miss this drama , and it’s as if that it took me into a whole new world set in the 1930’s revolving around Gau Goo Leung and Lau Sing , and Ju Long Lane , and Japanese Dudes , and well , Oldie gangsters.

    This drama did teach me alot of love, kinship, and ” yi hei ” lol. It also did educate me about what Chinese people had to go through when Japanese people took over . I never did like any series revolving around the WW2 era , but I have to say , this drama just breaks my assumption !

    So , for me I thought that the finale was a little bit rushed , I mean, Lau Sing just ending up in a hospital and his memory was washed . . . ?
    I’d rather them make it an episode longer so as to explain a little bit more .

    I also grieved over the fact that they had to seperate for 30 years ?!? I mean, it’s only realistic, but… IT SUCKS ! ! And they just had to get together when they are … old and wrinkly. . . haha . I’d very much prefer them get together when they are still in their 40’s, like when the war ends .

    Overall , I’d say that this drama beats any 2010 drama AND RB( although i shouldn’t compare these two because they are from different eras and their storyline is completely different ) . Great job: cast , directors , script-writers , backstage crew .

    I don’t think I’ll be looking forward to any 2011 dramas.
    -( i also felt ripped off for NR not getting best drama )

  • Martha says:

    What was the song playing in the last ep? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • hannah says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama a lot! thanks for the shout-out K! 😀 absolutely no regrets in watching this drama! 😀

    i have no interest in watching other dramas ever since no regrets ended. 🙁 they’re not as well-executed as NR. haish…

    • KTVB says:

      Yea…me too. i’m not that interested in any series at the moment now that NR haws ended..might just take a bit of a break from TVB until something good comes out

  • LovedIt says:

    I guess the long separation was realistic but it really got me upset because 30 years are a lot and they were so fortunate to even live to that age. And also, the end did feel rushed, I thought they would mention that Lau Sing died of something, but apparently he was still alive since Sparerib was telling such a long story. Yet when he first saw Kau-Mui, all the guys made it seem like he was still missing.

    I also did not like the fact that so many years went by and NONE of them were able to find each other? I was also unsure why she was unable to go back to Gangzhou to find them?

    I also think that Lai-Wah was the most annoying character. I do not think she changed, nor did she look like she changed. It is amazing that someone can grow to be 20 something years old and after all those years, she was still immature and did not learn a thing while everyone else like Ching-Ching who already had her sickness to worry about, this ignorant Lai-Wah drags her into possibly getting raped and treated everyone like trash.

    Also, it annoyed me a lot how the entire household had to lie to each other because they worry for another person. For example, Ching-Ching, sweet and innocent as she is, she constantly LIES about her medicine. If they do not get the medicine for you now and find out you’re running low later, you’re making things so much worse! And then also, everyone tells another person “don’t mention this”, “don’t mention that..”, it’s like no one tells the truth about anything. If it were me, I would have been straight and honest to people!

    I also did not understand the clips that showed Kau-Mui and Lai Sing travelling together.. was it just there to show us what they could’ve done all those years or were they real? I was confused on whether they were separated or not.. sorry if I sound really dumb. I also thought there was something wrong with my tv when they showed the same scene in the beginning at the mass grave, and the same one at the end. But then I found out, it was just a reminder.

    I liked this series a lot and I spent a few days at home watching it non-stop. It is very sad! I enjoyed it a lot… considering I usually like ancient/costume dramas.. but this one was so worth the watch!

    • KTVB says:

      Ditto, I agree! When Kau-Mui saw the guys,their facial expression was…depressing. I thought they didn’t find him, or he had died! Did they go through so much in life that they had no energy anymore? The way Sparerib was telling his long-winded story made me feel as though Wayne was no longer here…

      I thought about that point as well- ie why Sheren didn’t go back to GuangZhou..my guess is that there were some kind of immigration policy (not that I’m aware of- could be making this up completely) and she couldn’t go back to China..until 30 years later when “she finally found the opportunity”

      I think the clips where they showed Lau Sing and Kau-Mui was a reflection of how they spent their years together after they have reunited (although some photos make them look younger than when they reunited lol) I don’t think its what they could’ve done- because they would have shown them at a younger age)

    • Annon says:

      Joining the crowd late because the series airs a year later in North America.

      About Gau Mui not looking for Lau Sing earlier, I just want to add that she escaped China because there were people going after the drug lords/capitalists post-WW2. Also note that the Cultural Revolution happened within those 30 years. So it is very reasonable that she did not have the opportunity to go back to China to look for Lau Sing until 30 years later.

      About your point regarding Lai Wah, I totally agree. I felt like she was a waste of a character. What purpose did she serve other than causing trouble, gold digging, and being annoying? Unlike Fei Fan, who realized his mistakes before his death, she didn’t even develop in the series.

      Haha, your TV did not break. Those flashback clips are just Gau Mui reminiscing about the time she’s spent with Lau Sing as she was crying while she was on the ship to escape. About the travel scenes, when I saw them I interpreted as the time they’ve spent with each other after meeting up again after 30 years (but I also found it odd that some of the pictures made them look younger than when they reunited.)

      All in all, this drama really leaves an impression and I hope TVB produces more dramas such as these.

  • 'Muff says:

    I finished watching No Regrets today XD
    Haha lagging behind everyone XD

    But OMG it was such a good series!!! Full of intensity throughout!

    Yeah, Fala’s passing away was dragged out but sad… or maybe sad because it was dragged out XD But I think the reading out of her diary was sweet; and also how the neighbours were happy when they found they were featured in her diary XD

    … Lol Ben. What an ending for him XD Abrupt, yeah XD Elliot is not a man to be messed with!

    It was sooo sad when Wayne and Sheren got separated 🙁 I got all teary ='( Thirty years! Arghhh D: So happy when they finally reunited but it was still horribly sad T_T

    I thought the montage was beautifully done, especially with the music from Rosy Business – thought that was a really nice touch. And even in the ending, with that scene of Wayne saying “If I die first, I’ll wait for you in heaven” on a bench (except from behind) – I thought it was a nice touch ^^

    Lol I actually liked it whenever they reshowed scenes from before ^^ So those moments could be “relived”/”reexperienced” XDDDD

    By the way, did Wayne and Sheren actually ‘get married’ in the end, when they were all old? I think I saw a picture that kind of looked like it but then I wasn’t sure 😀

    Oh and I watched the sales presentation just to see how different the show ended up being – and WHOA EPIC SALES PRESENTATION XD But I’m really glad No Regrets turned out the way it is; I think I would have been devastated that Wayne gets all heart-broken and Sheren seems ‘evil’ there. (Lol at how the actors were in different roles though hahaha)

    • KTVB says:

      Yea, it was sweet of her to mention the neighbours as it showed she cared about all of them, and they all have an influence on her life..

      I think they got married…lol Well they recognise each other as husband and wife since she refers to him to her adopted granddaugther as “Ah Sing- Ye-Ye” (Grandpa)

  • 'Muff says:

    (also. I finally know where the picture of Wayne hugging Sheren came from, since there was never a scene with that exact shot XD http://www.flickr.com/photos/ever-star/4162529760/#/ – it was from the Sales Presentation version of ‘no regrets’ XD I think they tried to mirror that hug in episode 2o-ish when Wayne was holding Sheren back, trying to break her addiction. heehee I feel like such an obsessed fan XD)

  • An Pham says:

    This might be alil late, but the last 4 episode of NO Regrets just release maybe 5 hours ago. it’s 1:14 in the morning right now and i am finally done. I have to say, i cry like a little cry for almost the entire half of the last episode. This is by far one of the best drama TV have created in a long time.

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    I have just finished No Regrets! and i have no regret watching it! and like An i had to wait for the viet dub too! and it was totrture waiting for the releases.IT was soooo GOOOOD everything! it made me laugh and cry! i love the scenes when Wayne and Evergreen Mak clashes Wayne always comes out the winner!! and i think have WAYNE LAI fever now! his chemistry with SHEREN was just amazzzzzing!!!!!!they can just speak with emotions and their eyes! it was so sweet everything he did and say for sheren!!! he is soo heroic!!! i love sheren too such a witty character! smart smart! i was in awe with her acts, the burning of the opium warehouse was epic! and when he rescued her from the concentration camp!!!!!!
    fala and raymond was ok, i found their scenes a little boring, however her last days were so sad i cried watching it! how much wayne was depressed made me depress too.
    nancy and susan and evergreen mak. hated them all so dam annoying and useless. wish nancy suffered as well but she didnt she got off too easy, after all she did..
    Pierre was also entertaining to watch, watching him grow from a weakling into someone with such strong morals, i love his bond with wayne. brotherhood and friendship, the scnes between the two were very moving, also i was curious to who his wife was in the end, i was picturing him and the girl who taught him how to do the bingo/raffle at the start, who also comes to their house for dinner(dno her name).
    i was also shattered that they were separated for 30 years!!! and he had to lose his memory. i wish there was more scenes between them, like u said and it was obvious they both liked each other but i like to see real images instead of montage at the end. No regrets has def became my fav series of all time! it was so dramatic! i watched it twice! once on my own and second time with my mum and dad.
    and i followed all ur blog entries on it! it was awesome!!!!
    also i cant believe it didnt win best series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and best couple too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • An Pham says:

      ahahahah i watch it twice too1! once by myself nd second with my parents….my whole family are such cry babies. the ending was just sooooo irrestiable to cry too.

  • Lora says:

    Are there any ideas as to why the director decided to make Sheren & Wayne’s characters’ love so implicit???

    I agree with K that the series would have escalated to another level if we as the audience could’ve seen them express their love to each other… but I also see the benefits of having them not do so! Ugh…

    What bugs me a LOT is that there are countless scenes when Sheren tells him to go and leave her alone a bit (at the church mostly) and he goes…turns around looks a bit…(HERE, I expect him to run back to her or something) but no EVERY TIME he continues to walk away LOL.
    Many scenes when they are standing near each other or sitting on the bench, they have this distance and lack of ‘touch’ between them. For goodness sake even the last scene when he passes away on her shoulder they still sat with a sort of proper, respectful position. Aiya..

    Nonetheless, I am so sad to see them die (although peacefully) so old..I wished the happy ending could have been while they were still young.

    • Chibi says:

      Yeah you make a really good point about the distance they seem to have between one -another; which I suppose was intentional. I remember Sheren and Wayne talking about their character’s relationship and lack of intimacy. The idea was that they’re like soul-mates, and that they wanted the audience to feel the love they had for each other. Also, apparently during the 1930s, where there’s war and everything- the characters have too much on their minds to focus on their love ^^; Obviously I wouldn’t mind some fan-service :3

  • Lora says:

    Ohh That makes sense, chibi haha. I wish i understood chinese so I could watch/understand those interview, speeches or whatever they give!

    Does anyone know how long approximately they had to spend time with each other after reuniting? If the war ended in 1945, and presumably they separated that same year, then 30 years later would be 1975..and he died in 1983. So…8 years?

  • Leah says:

    just finished watching no regrets!! definitely the best series of 2010. pity it didnt win. it beats cant buy me love in every way in my opinion :l i think it was so nicely done too. especially the ending. most tvb endings are rushed. but i think this one was wrapped up very nicely. and you can tell its an epic drama just by watching the theme song. seems like everyone put a lot of effort into this drama- from graphics to the actors, and its obvious that it paid off :]

  • sushichan says:

    Never have I watched a series where the two lead characters had so little physical interaction but exuded so much chemistry, love and devotion – more than physical hugs and kisses can ever illustrate. Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai were AMAZING. No other words.

  • Fran says:

    Hi does anyone know what song is it for the last episode, the scene where they are sitting on a bench with their back view facing us? Thanks!

    • Gerald says:

      It’s the same song as Rosy Business Theme 红蝴蝶, except it’s sung by Wayne Lai…

  • Larry says:

    Just finished this drama. It was so intense. I loved the strong Gau Goo Leung character and the theme music. It really pained me to see everyone separated for 30 years as well and it kind of made me depressed about life haha — no matter how powerful you are in your life, in the end we all die the same. This drama also made me think about how many people around us have such amazing stories and never had a chance to share.

    • KTVB says:

      Yup..very thoughtful dramam indeed! The ending was so…sad and touching at the same time (having taken that long to reunite!)

  • Momo says:

    I finished watching this series by 2010….

    But I’ve just rewatched it recently…
    And I’m dying….
    Send HELP!

    • KTVB says:

      haha why are you dying??

      • etst says:

        This show is indeed, I feel, the best show that TVB has ever had. Its 2015 already and I still am reminiscing No Regrets every day. Its so sad how RB3 does not have Sheren in it! 🙁

        • Momo says:

          @Etst: It’s true tho. TVB hasn’t had many good series ever since…Gun Metal Grey was so good, but Jessica and Michael’s love did not move me much, so did Live of Omissions…
          But I think Sheren wasn’t in RB3 is really not that bad. First, the exclusive writer of RB1,2 left TVB right after RB2.
          Second, Lee Tim-Sing (producer) said once in an interview “It would be hard for us to write Sheren and Wayne in another love story. First time they fell in love, it was unclear and unspoken. Yet the second time they fell in love, that love was epic and heart-wrenching and moving and so great since we didn’t hold anything back. We have already given them everything we had then. How can we make them fall in love again, I mean, the third time, without ruining it?”
          RB3 will be about a whole different story, Myolie can nail it.
          I hope RB3 will be good, since TVB makes me disappointed lately, really.
          Even Line Walker – the best series of 2014 – can’t restore my faith…
          I’ve been watching TVB dramas for as long as I can remember, yet I completely lost my interest with TVB new series since 2013!
          These days I keep coming back to old-school TVB’s and waiting for series that will restore my faith and my interest!

      • Momo says:

        Their love is just so epic…

  • etst says:

    Yes! Cheung Wah Biu left so its really sad … but I still would really want Sheren and Wayne to work together , like what they also want a 时装!the chemistry they have with each other and everything else just makes them my favorite on-screen couple! to be honest, I am really not looking forward to RB3 because the storyline is really just a no no for me. I know they want to make it a totally different third installment but I feel since they want to make it totally different, why not just name the series as its own? haha i sound so evil here but i am hardcore 邓萃雯 and 黎耀祥!

    • KTVB says:

      I totally agree and understand where you guys are coming from. Wayne and Sheren have the most amazing chemistry together! Myolie still has a long way to go. I hope it doesn’t ruin the whole RB3 thing, but will still watch it and try to watch it independently..It’s Wayne afterall right (in a interesting genre)? ^^

    • Momo says:

      Yeah, I have the same question as you do!
      WHY DID THEY NAME IT RB3? If it has nothing to do with the previous ones….
      But yeah, I’ll bet money in Wayne, like KTVB does!

      Somewhere deep down inside, I really hope Sheren and Wayne can be in a drama again. It doens’t have to be a sequel of RB!

      I need nothing but a drama where they are two normal people of the 21th century who gradually fall in love with each other and have happy life together. No more suffering, no more wars and deaths.

      Like…can’t they be husband and wife, watching sunset like they did in the past, saying “I need you”, holding hands, saying fucking cheesy things that will give us goosebump all over our bodies…and just being happy together..OH MY GOD WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT? I NEED THAT! I WANT THAT! OH MY GOD!

  • Momo says:

    They’ve had enough in the past!
    I just want them to have a happy lifetime…normal, simple, sweet and soft and cute and adorable….

    • etst says:

      YAS OMG YOU MY TWIN HAHAHA WE BE TWINNING MAN!! They should really start satisfying the fans HAHA we are all enough of all the sufferings and barriers and stuff stoping them from getting together!! I TOTALLY NEED A DRAMA WHERE THEY WILL HOLD HANDS, THOSE STUFF THAT BF AND GFS DO HAHAHA

      • KTVB says:

        Lols! Did No Regrets just finish airring somewhere? I’m suddenly getting comments again for this series which was released a few years ago ^^

        • Momo says:

          Nope, it didn’t..
          I rewatched it, that’s all!
          I’ve been in love with No regrets ever since I first watched it.
          Yet back in 2010 I was soo young and too naive to understand the message and the greatness of their love.

          Moreover, this time, as I was watching, I searched for the theme songs subtitle and totally got HIT while reading it.
          SUCH AMAZING SONGS! Meaningful lyrics and it drove me to tears. I cried histerically…
          Then…google brought me here!

  • etst says:

    really? im not sure about that haha but i do hope it is! you’re from singapore is it?

    • KTVB says:

      No I am from Sydney, Australia 🙂 I watched this series back in 2010, but does remain one of my favourites!

    • Momo says:

      Is any of you Chinese?
      As I was watching the final episode, I couldn’t help but noticing Gau Mui said something right before she died. Her lips moved slightly and her teary eyes kept looking into the distance. I suspect it was “dang ngo” – “Wait for me” but srsly I can’t tell..

      Can any of you read lips?

      • etst says:

        yeap im chinese! huh but really?? i never really noticed that last part thing that you said! wow i should go and watch the last episode again (:

        • Momo says:

          Okay, please do..
          Her lips did moved slightly, the camera pan on her face for a few second…
          OMG I’m dying to know….

  • etst says:

    OHHH yes!! i kinda think she said that too!! but its not really clear leh 🙁 but high chance she said that omgggg the feels #醒九 !ugh but im still very unsatisfied that sheren is not in the third series!!!! i just think lee tim shing wants to include all the tvb actors and actresses but sheren…. although i know for a fact that he said this third series does not suit sheren … hmm .. :/

    • Momo says:

      Well, I think differently…
      I’d rather have another actress than seeing they ruin #醒九 for me…!
      Moreover, after War and Beauty 2…the relationship between Sheren and TVB became so bad I don’t think they’ll ever ask her to be in any of their dramas anytime soon…


      • etst says:

        yeah true actually .. im probably just pissed at the fact thatt there cant be another series of them together :< oh yes, sheren did have some conflicts with tvb 🙁 and YEAPPP I BELIEVE SHE DID SAY THAT OMG THE FEELS SHE's superrrrr amazing like she can act using her eyes!! her eyes also very very mesmerizing HAHAH btw did you watch her on 我和春天有个约会 with ATV? that one also super nice but im kind of unsure about the ending like did they get together or not? haha do clear my doubts if you have watched it! (:

        • Momo says:

          Did I watch 我和春天有个约会??
          I can’t say that I did…
          I couldn’t find it anywhere here…beside I prefer TVB!

          I’ve been rewatching her TVB’s dramas tho, Aqua Heroes, Your Class or Mine and La Femme Esperado, War and Beauty..I have to admit…her characters, each has their own way of behavior…

          I mean, her facial expression, they’re like…her same smile, same eyes, same frown, but so different…It’s like…it’s Sheren but it’s not her the same time and you really have no difficulty to tell who’s who….Kelly (YCoM) or Mother of the two young ladies (AH) or Yu Fei (W&B) or Hung Po-Kei (RB) or Gau Mui (RB2)….they’re so alike (because it’s basically the same actress, Sheren) but so different…

          haha….you know what I mean?
          Sounds dumb…..

  • etst says:

    true, i prefer tvb also! but that one was rly good 👍 hmm try watching it on youku using google chrome? i did that (: and yes, i agree. sheren portrays each and every character very well and thats why i really love watching her shows! ive also been rewatching her shows and one of them is your class or mine! her character in there A神 is so ugh *.* it makes me want her to be my teacher!!! haha dont you feel that way? ^.^ and yes i get what you mean by its her same smile same eyes that part! i agree so much like she can act so well with her eyes and stuff like her facial expressions 👍 but to be honest, up till this day, i still really like no regrets! thats my favourite tvb show. you? whats your favourite tvb show?

    • Momo says:

      I find it odd for me to love most of the TVB dramas in which the female characters are highly respected, by that I mean I like most of the dramas which were written by the same writer who wrote Rosy Bussiness and No Regrets, Cheung Wah-Biu. I love Gods of Honour’s Na-tsa’s MOM(OMG I cried so hard seeing her dying and her love for her sons were so great), and Moonlight Resonance,…

      I didn’t know it was the same writer at first, then I read an article, in which listed the dramas he wrote and I was so surprised to find that I love like…80% of his works.

      Beside those, I also like comedy dramas, as Women on the run and To Catch the Uncatchable(their love story was too cute but he died at the end and I died a little bit inside).

      But I have to say that No Regrets is my top priority. The plot itself is genius and is full of compassion and love of all kinds. But it’s their epic love that makes me love it more than any other dramas. Even though I have to admit the way they used music and instruments in No Regrets is also a key to make it THAT epic.

      From Cheung Wah-Biu’s works, I can tell he really respects women and considers them as human. I hate TVB dramas nowadays because they had lost all of the feminism they used to have during their golden period. Now TVB is all about men.

      I don’t like Line Walker because I don’t like Raymond’s character – every thing was all about him and his pride and I was sick of that, besides, he was a really bad SPY. Chairman’s no better, she’s just not the type of women whom I grew up watching. TVB of the old days taught me that women are strong and beautiful and can do everything with or withour a man but solf and emphathetic at the same time. Men and Women are equals.

      Which is why I LOVE No regrets SOOOOOOO MUCH!

      Asian girls are taught to be their husbands’ shadows, to be by their side (behind men’s backs actually) and support them with all costs.

      And then in No regrets, we have Gau Mui – the ultimate, strong, beautiful and independent woman – who does whatever the fuck she wants. It’s Lau Sing that is her own SHADOW. He sacrifies everything for her, protects her with all costs so she can keep up with her wildest and greatest dream ever. And SHE LET HIM DO IT. They are partners, they are equals, they are love.


      • KTVB says:

        Love the 2nd last paragraph of your post!! Summarized so well~~~^^

        • etst says:

          FEMINISM!!! YES OMG I SUPPORT YOU HAHA for line walker i only like the song HAHAH

        • Momo says:

          @KTVB: thanks, but I know I’m not good enough to put all of the beauty of their love into words, ever….

          @Etst: Haha….same here, the song is nice…:))
          We’re like twins.

          I guess that’s what happened when people grow up watching TVB…side effects…but I love it!

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