As [Dicey Business] has come to an end last Friday, [Heavenly in-Laws] has been showing in place of it.

Heavenly in Laws Poster

Starring: Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Joey Leung, Yuen Wah, Joel Chan, Winnie Yeung, Rain Lau, Wong Cho Lam…
Episodes: 20

The heavenly mother-in-law destroys the couple
The mortal son-in-law’s spirit and soul are dispersed into nothing!

“Hundred Flower Goddess” Chi Mei (Linda Chung Ka Yan) secretly descends into the mortal world in order to experience love. Her innocent and kind self meets Ding San (Joey Leung Wing Chung), who makes his living as a swindler. This leads Lo Fa (Nancy Sit Ka Yin), who is head of the Hundred Flower Palace, to rush down. She swears to prevent her daughter from falling into the mortal world’s love trap.

Fa strongly believes that love between a mortal and an immortal will not have a good ending. Therefore, she uses magic to break up the lovers. Who could have imagined that she was so silly and created the opposite spell instead? She causes San to marry Mei as his wife! On the other hand, in order to win Mei, rich heirloom Cheng Sau Yip (Joel Chan San Chung) unexpectedly steals Fa’s magic weapon. Things become worse when he accidentally causes himself and San to exchange souls!

The soul switching reaches its time limit, but San still cannot return to his true body. From then on, his soul and spirit disperses. At the same time, Fa, Mei, “Tok Shui” God (Yuen Wah), and Yee Long Sun (Lee Kwok Lun) don’t know the real story. They wrongly believe the words of “Fake Ding San,” pursue “Sau Yip” to kill him, and at any time, the soul and spirit of the “Real Ding San” could disperse into nothing…

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Opening Screencaptures
Episode 15


When I first heard about this series, I wasn’t really looking forward in watching it mainly because there’s Linda Chung in it, but I decided to give it a go anyway since uni hasn’t started yet so I’m still on break. Maybe it would be as good as ‘Wars of in-laws’? It looks comical, and I thought as long as it brings some laughs maybe I’d watch it? I also haven’t seen a series with Nancy and Yuen Wan for a while..(currently re-watching The Legend of Master Chai with Joey Leung). While watching episode one, I wanted to give up on it ..the lighting was too bright and colourful. The graphics were overly done and looked so cheezy!! The acting of the characters looked really fake, but I couldn’t even laugh to say it was funny. The time era wasn’t that appealing either and seeing the same backdrop and setting as used in The Price of Greed and Au Revoir Shanghai was quite annoying too.

The heaven scene where Linda was on a swing reminded me of Whatever it takes where Annie Man was also a fairy on a swing. In Whatever it takes, Annie sees “Ngau Long” and “Jik Lui” (the Cowherd and Weaver Maid) where they meet on the 7th day of the 7th month. Just before Annie descends down to Earth, her other fairy friends warn her not to fall in love with a mortal (and of course she does eventually =P). In Heavenly In-laws, Linda sees “Jik Lui” and they have a conversation as well. I guess they always like using the reference to the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Maid in these types of situations.

Nancy and Yuen Wan appear very childish and immature when they were arguing in heaven and then reporting it to the Heavenly God…

9 Responses to “New Series: [Heavenly In-laws]”

  • chibi says:

    my goodness, this series is soo sheesy, I can’t stand it.. the graphics are horrible and the cast isn’t all that appealing either. No offence to Linda fans but she annoys me every series and ruins them.

    I give up.

  • Yingyi says:

    i qave up on heavenly-in-laws too its rly borin -_- maybe the reason i hate this drama is b/c nancy sit and linda chung

  • Oh well.. you can’t please everyone. 😡

  • 245 says:

    i find this series really interesting and eventhough it is quite nonsense for the 1 n 2 episode…but then after that it started to give me the sense of entertainment….you guys should really watch this series!!so damn hilarious..

  • JenWu says:

    Well I find it really’s funny and cute.. but it’s a short series and does not explain wat really happen at the end….I reqiument you guys to watch it.

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    i Like it..i even finished it=D u just need to give it some time its only the 1st episode u see the really colourfulness

  • AnAn says:

    this is when i was trying to watch some Linda series again after watching her in Heart of Greed, but teh series totally made me sleep

  • Ziling says:

    Where can i watch Heavenly in laws online???Can somebody tell me on my blog

  • unknown says:

    i watched this drama when i was young it was an old drama but is really funny!!

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