December 2008

Myolie and Bosco’s Debut CDs

Two more TVB Artist turned singers!

From the Neway Star Music (HK) record company, Myolie’s first CD Evolve (CD+DVD) was released on 28th November 2008.

1. 單身旅行 Traveling Single
2. 浪漫世紀  Romantic Century
3. 時間不等我 Time Doesn’t Wait for Me
4. 幸而 Fortunately
5. 豬小姐 Miss Pig
6. 哪時此刻 OT:一加一 (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱) Now and When
7. 感激遇到你 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/黃宗澤合唱) Thankful for Meeting you
8. 最難過今天 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶插曲) (胡杏兒/王浩信合唱) Today the Saddest Day

1. 單身旅行
2. 浪漫世紀 (劇場版)
3. 哪時此刻 (劇場版)

I’ve had a listen to Myolie’s album and I have to say I quite like her voice. It’s much more soothing to the ear, compared to Linda Chung’s. I’ve always wanted the CD version of Wars of In-Laws 2 Sub- “Thankful for Meeting you” so I was quite excited to see it in the list.  The only thing about the album is that there’s only 8 songs, and I’ve heard 4 from previously. I wish they had more song in it.

**Support Myolie Wu by purchasing her album online here!

Having only one week apart, Bosco’s first CD In Love with Bosco is expected to be released on 5 December, 2008!

Publisher: East Asia Music

1. 全角度愛你 Love You Every way
2. Hey Boy
3. 多謝試用 Thank you for trial
4. 忙甚麼 Forgot what
5. 普天同愛
6. 第幾天《賭場風雲》插曲 Which Day (Dicey Business Sub)

With Myolie’s song list being so short, this one has even less! Bosco’s album only has 6 songs, one which includes the Dicey Business Sub Themesong…why 🙁 ?… I am a little disappointed with that thought. I would have also liked it if they added in his themesongs, like from The Price of Greed and Au Revoir Shanghai. News have been around saying he’s been working very hard filming his MV with dancing in it but it doesn’t seem to be released in this album. Perhaps another version may be released later on?

I’m considering purchasing these two albums to show some support but I’m wondering if they’ll release some other versions of it later ^^;

UPDATE: A new version has now been released which includes 3 MVs and a new cover. The one at the top is now no longer being published.

**Support Bosco Wong by purchasing his album here!

15 Responses to “Myolie and Bosco’s Debut CDs”

  • rachel says:

    yay for bosco’s new album! but i’m a bit disapointed that they’re so few songs..they should have added more! i can’t wait to hear his songs!! 😀 so exciting! who’s the girl in the album picture?

    i’m not as excited for myolie though, never was a big fan of hers, i guess i’ll download her songs just to hear her singing, but i don’t really like her enough to buy an album

    is that an earring i see on bosco??? he has pierced ears!?

  • AC says:

    I already ordered the Myolie cd and I can’t wait for it to come! I think she has a very nice voice, especially for slow songs and her live singing has also improved since she probably got rid of her nerves. If she does end up with another version, I’ll probably end up getting that too.

    I’m a big fan of Bosco but I would have never thought that he would release an album because his voice is okay live, better on album versions, and not really a great dancer either… but I guess he’s super compared to a lot of other HK singers out there.

    Either way, I will support both of them since I love TVB.. haha.. I even bought Linda’s cd just because she’s tvb

  • FC says:

    “Rachel Says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 2:40 pm
    i’m not as excited for myolie though, never was a big fan of hers, i guess i’ll download her songs just to hear her singing, but i don’t really like her enough to buy an album”

    ^So much for stopping piracy. *rolls eyes*

  • Summer says:

    Cant wait for Bosco album to release..haha..
    sure very nice..already watch the MV for the song 全角度愛你 Love You Every way.. it is so nice lo..

  • groovy says:

    I think Bosco’s MVs are just for HK mtvs? Bosco and Myolie’s debuts are not album just an EP which explains the less songs. However I’m also bugged that the record company didn’t include the MVs perhaps they want to cut the costs. It’ll be a disadvantage for Bosco. Myolie’s company did better promoting her they even stage up functions to launch her MVs.

    Bosco’s live singing needs a LOT of work -_-” but his songs sounds better on CD version although not great. His first single is better than I expected of his standard
    http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=avB2D9OIkpA (east asia)
    http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=wDrRspjCf1w (tvb)

    Still support him anyway 😀

  • Anna says:

    Even if I am a Bosco fan, I have to agree with groovy. His live performances needs more work (I only realized that when watching him on TV with those Toronto pageants). “Fall in Love with Every Angle” (I wonder why the company named it “Love You Every Way” it sounds funny, I’m gonna stick with “Fall in Love with Every Angle.”) is a pretty good song, so as “Hey Boy.” Can’t wait until the whole album releases.

    I’m personally not a Myolie fan, but her voice is pretty good. Probably will preview the song before buying it. :/

  • chibi says:

    hmm…that clip (http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=wDrRspjCf1w) reminds me of Absolute Boyfriend..I think they copied, actually XD

    Anyways, Myolie has a good voice, but I’m not so sure about Bosco… :/

  • mena says:

    Bosco and Myolie didn’t release album. They released EP.
    I heard both of the CDs in HMV. Myolie has nice voice but her EP added too many old songs. Bosco can’t not sing, no offense Bosco’s fans. His CD version is the worst among all TVB artists which released album: Bowie Lam, Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung and Myolie Wu. Although Linda has horrible weak voice, she sounds better and not as off-key as Bosco in live performance and in CD version. I watched the Toronto pageants and it’s one of worst live performance that I watched in my life. He should sticks at acting. I’ll buy Myolie’s album and Bosco, as much as I love his acting, I won’t buy this album.

  • eigna says:

    myolie song is much nicer than linda song,of cause still can’t compared wif raymond..

  • qing says:

    hi K, i have left my email as required in this comment. hopefully u would be able to retrieve it and email me your email 🙂 thanks! i locked my blog for privacy purpose too haha! 😀

  • Caja says:

    Oh gosh,I luvvvv Myolie album! My favourite so far is Romantic Century 🙂

    You guys should buy it,I’m going to get a copy for myself ASAP.

  • hyn5 says:

    I would have to agree with mena. Bosco sings with a lot of lazy sounds. Take the theme for “The Price of Greed” for instance, he doesn’t finish singing the end of words like, çš„ (dik), 色 (sik), or 力 (lik). For some reason, he doesn’t say the “k” sound.

  • Emotionless says:

    Any idea of the title of the 5th song in bosco’s album in english translation?

    Reply from KTVB: Not quite sure, something like “Sky and Love”

  • sugar says:

    rachel: I think Bosco only has one ear pierced, I noticed a lot of people have from The Gem of Life too. XD

    hyn5: He doesn’t? I never realised. His songs are kinda average. He sang Love in Every Angle a lot of times live. ^^ I love Bosco’s acting though just not his singing.

  • the says:

    love those songs in bosco’s album

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